Victoria pun taknak tau this secret

You know you need to go shopping when you speak aloud: I need to throw away all my underclothing lar, and your husband overhears and chips in: Yes you do.


Aiyoo, whats wrong with granny pants lar..very comfortable what...and above navel button lagi..haa tak sejuk and tak masuk angin kan?

and grey is the new black isnt it?? hehehehehehe

Ok ok im kidding !



Anonymous said…
SW, underclothing ni mcm kena beli baru once every year. not comfortable to wear em once they wear out. I don't handwash em. Just toss them into laundry bag and wash in the laundry machine, so they wear out pretty fast.

Happy Shopping.

MrsNordin said…
I bought fresh new ones for 2012 and discarded the old ones. Tapi, macam sayang pulak nak pakai yang baru sebab dah terbiasa pakai yang lama! Hee.. hee... Come! Let's go shopping for undergarments! *wink*
nizamohamed said…
I pun baru beli a few new undergarments, but so uncomfortable..yang lama and lusuh tu lagi comfy..hahaha..
tireless mom said…
Mrs Nordin and Superwoman WB

Jommmsss!!! beli yang not meant to be worn for long kot? ahaks !!
Mrs N...i pun sayang nak buang ....keep for emergency (apa tu ye)
Sally...kan. I havent bought for like 2 years..

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