Monday, March 26, 2012

Diet or die.

Penat  kan think about this topic.

I thought of dieting today.

Instead. i scoffed down cakes

I would nt have actually if i didnt think of dieting

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feng Shui Master

I met one of the B*N*I Members yesterday. She does Feng Shui and has been for 22 years. We are encouraged to meet each other in B*N*I and do a "one on one" chat to see how we can refer business to each other. So I found out what she does, House reading, destiny reading , bazi reading. Ie she goes to your house and then checks the elements . for Destiny reading she did a demo for me and checked out my 5 elements based on birthday place time and date.

She told me based on my wood element i have nO Money in my element. I dont know how to make money you! And she said normally this would be a problem with my bosses but my work element shows that my boss supports me (yeah, he buys me lunches sometimes ahaks!)  What else. Oh yeah she said around age 63 to 73 husband may be having an affair - obviously because he doesn't want to reach 74 .On the other hand,  I can count myself blessed though if husband waits till 73 to do it! hahahaha! JOKE lah korang. 

Yes yes yes..i know...feng shui a muslim I don't believe in it. I can't. I feel its too close to believing that something other than God has the power of God. In fact , I have raised this with her...she said she only reads energy, and doesn't tell people to buy this or that and they will get good luck or what. Still....i have been a  member for going into 3 years and I have only now arranged to meet her....what do you think? Husband thinks its syirik. 

And then I come across something that mom in law give me that if you write the word Bismillah how many hundred of times and then hang it on the door, something something good will happen. Tu pun tak betol kot tak although the word is good. 

Anyway it was a nice lunch and if someone ever asks me about feng shui I know someone . But husband said to refer business to her is also not good. Aishh what you guys think ah. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Eastern Pavillion SO PERGHAQ (so excited!)

Sebab geram I could not find a single picture of the 2 room villa, other than the one measly pic that the hotel provides in the  website .so as soon as we got here I snapped. And its a really huge villa, with a spacious living room interconnecting the 2 rooms. 2 girls got to share a room, but since there are 2 single beds, that still left 3 kids out..So nak tak nak mummy and daddy had to share their room with dahlia and jojo. Where did Sophia sleep? She slept in the living one else dared because its big but Sophia brutal sikit....

Ni its now 9 am and no one is awake. I slept really really early last night so I was up early aswell. I just came back from buying breakfast- 3 nasi minyak, 2 nasi lemak and 2 nasi dagang..all rice and all heavy! And no bread! and no nuttella! and no cornflakes! Lovely!!

Ish ish ish....bangunlah WOI!! 

I have been yelling for them to get up but they're out like logs- could be because they were in the pool sampai malam..that pool is just in front of the villa and is not shared ..and even though it was not lit last night the kids really enjoyed themselves! 

Kalau nak complain of course lah ada benda nak complain lah about this hotel....aircond was so noisy and is dripping the entire night...looked a bit run down...the restaurant service was so slow that we went to get our drinks from the counter ourselves...and we could not enjoy the food so much as there were so many mosquitoes and when we told them they said biasalah its near the sea thats solution given.(then why dont you give us mosquito coils? they said don't have) 

Anyway we had dinner with Mat Bad , our old Nottingham friend who also just arrived - what a coincidence.! dulu we all tak berapa close dengan dia sebab dia tu aksyen sikit..tapi macam ok je sekarang.. we had a good time..

....And my auntie who is doing a tahlil right now as we speak is SO going to kill me if she knows that no, husband is actually snoring away and NOT having any emergency operation as I'm sure mom is telling her ha ha- sorry auntie nanti petang we will visit you ye...alaaa kasi chan lah husband tu sungguh lah sangat stressed...he is soo tired that he asked for a masseuse last night from the spa- but they dont have pakcik urut..all women. So tak leh lah kan..(sebab I ada kan hahahaha kalau belakang I sure hokay je hehe) 

Ada pool ada pool!
Mana nickelodeon ni....
the living room has the all important tv and sophia is busy working out the channels
the mummydaddy's lovenest
This is where Daya the mummydaddy's lovenest tak jadik

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Avert your eyes - mushy post ahead.

Well, I AM sleep deprived.

Anyway wanted to tell you that Husband told me that he was telling his friends at the hospital the story of how we got this house. he said , mywife found out about the house, my wife went in,mywife called me, and told me to get the money we are buying THIS house.

And the anaesthetist who was listening in  the background said- well we know who wears the pants then!

Funnylar tu.

I tell you though. Its actually amazing when I think about it , how he liked the house as much as I did and at the same time. Hope I don't swallow my words later, but I guess its my jodoh to find such a compatible match. (take out the puke bucket guys, go ahead) So glad that I found someone who have similar taste!! I mean, the alternative is compromising right. which is ok too , but boy am i glad i didnt have to do that in this case. I pandai tell people to compromise but not sure if I can do that myself ! Perhaps I will sulk no end?

He's quite generous in the affection department and the "grateful i married you" department. God knows why cause I always think marrying him was my lucky break not the other way round. And he's still melayaning my A hug a day keeps the divorce courts away policy. Eh its nice to hug me what, im verrrrryyy huggable. hahahaah....Of course you have to catch him at odd hours for the mushiness (usually when Im busy!)....but its there nonetheless- which I love! Hope it lasts and he hasn't realised actually his wife is a hopeless cook= oh wait. he has. Ahaks!

Oxford? Yikes

One of my friends has sent his kids to the UK for her A levels. And I have a renewed respect for his pay packet- must be a lot! Because its NOT CHEAP to send kids over! I just found out today! Saja je lah..went and asked how much it cost to go in Uppingham, where hubby went to do his alevels..mak oi..its 10k . Pounds sterling. Per term. Kali 5--- equals: no way. Even if got a way, can we actually do it, as there are others after her..and anyway let's save up for her degree. She wants to do political something something in Oxford/ Shes been looking up the fees etc. No more scholarship equals= never retiring. hehe!

Boy when I was her age I was clueless about Oxford - was more stressed about passing the blinking exam and praying that hopefully my dad's threat of marrying me off if I didn't pass, wouldn't come true. Brrr.. One of my classmates actually dropped out before SPM because she got pregnant. Wonder what happened to her now. Probably richer than all of us put together. You can never tell one's future from the exam results.

Having said that , a good education is always precious. But then, so is a good head. No point  having 17As at SPM when you're going to go mad and blonde later. eh? Well, not according to me larh.

So Nadine wants to go to Oxford....and the dad wants her in Uppingham...and the moolah??? and the grades???

Whatever it is, she will need to get the grades... for me. kat mana mana pun long as its a good place..and they grow to be useful people. Thats what my mom always told me ..grow up to be SOMEBODY. I am somebody , mom. Im somebody's mom. Somebody's wife. AHAKS! hehehehe

Kids nowadays are more exposed kan.... They know what they want to do.But then that could just be nadine..the others may be like me..clueless....

Anyway Im up now because I have some work to do. so off I go...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Teringat Mak mertua I....on my mother in law...

My parents came over recently. Talked about my in laws. My mother punya pesanan? FOLLOW AND OBEY YOUR MOTHER IN LAW WITHOUT QUESTION ok! Baguslah mymom.

ye lah, kengkadang tu the way is different kan..not necessarily I want to do what she wants to do. But I do je lah! If I dont do, Karang terkedoo! My mother in law is very straightforward and is a lovely lady. She has strong views and clear about what she wants to do. So if she says the thingy must be put in the fridge you had better do it.  Or if she says something is bad and should be thrown away even if you think eh? You just bought it?-  you had  better go and throw it, kapish! Mom said I have to be polite to my mother in law, as she said last time she saw us together she saw that  I showed that I don't agree. This was when nadine's teacher came over and i was preparing the food for them and mom in law asked me to take things out in the big dishes (to save washing ) instead of letting me put in nice nice cute plates...(and sekali my next door neighbour also came aiyo) ..I followed her way of course, but tak agree lar .. And there I was swallowing all the natural retorts I had ..rupanye terlepas gak through conduct...My mother said you can see I was er rebelling..Aiyoo of course larh mom..sometimes you cant help it kan..I'm not like you mom., keep everything in the heart kan..then suddenly meletup. hehehe..But I take her point, I have to be really really respectful (respectfuller bak omputeh kata) to my mother in law...

After all, she gave me my Husband right?? 

I hope she doesn't think I was rude to her?!Here's praying that my "body language" which my super sensitive mom picked up, skipped my mom in law entirely. Good chance of that happening actually.

I think she's comfortable here in my house. So much so that I'm scared she might think I treat her horribly . I come down, she's cooking breakfast. I come home, there's dinner. This when I hear from sis in law no 2 that at HER house mominlaw rarely ventures into the kitchen, in MY house she's happily fixing all types of stuff. Maybe cause in THIS house she knows her daughter in law is a hopeless cook (ok cancel that., a lazy cook) or rather an uninspired cook? Anyway she would be ting tonging cling klanging in the kitchen with Sadriah and voila! Laksa johor. How not to love this woman! And money! If I give money to her, half of it would come back to me as "give the kids!" (I pass money to husband now because maybe she thinks im using my own money and feel shy to take? ) 

Mak- its all his money. Although,his debt to me is uncountable. Hello, 5 children! Uncountable I tell you. Heheheheh
And this is what I hear if stressed.....!!

Ok bye ..get ready for the day tomorrow....

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My memory horribilis

At the doa selamat, I was like..speed dating. Not that I ever went to speed date, but I had to say hi and bye to a  lot of people at the same time, im sure thats what speeddating feels like.

Yeah the only bad thing about  having lots of guests is, you dont have a chance to speak to them properly. There were people I havent seen in absolute ages, relatives, cousins,who came and I just saw them as they said bye.

There was this girl who came and said hi to me. I looked at her and did not recognise her AT ALL. I know she was familiar., but I could not place her, nor could I remember her name. However I remember that she was a good friend (Hah!) and she had confided in me about her problems before. HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN HER? I thought , this must be a cousin, so I did the safest thing. I asked her to eat.

Unfortunately she didnt eat, and instead stuck by me. It was worse when others came up and then expect an introduction! How, since I couldnt remember her name? I introduced the other person, and prayed she would say her name. She mumbled, so I didnt catch. She was probably going" i cant believe you dont remember me, u horrible horrible friend"

Since she stuck by me, she and I ended up eating at a table ,by then people had dwindled and I could finally eat sitting down. And I sat with her. And another 2 couples came , my good friends. So I was chatting wiht them. and with her, when it HIT ME when I knew her! And boy! I had totally reacted inappropriately! Because she was my husband's friend's wife. and the last time I met her was 6 years ago ish and had I remembered as soon as I saw her I would have hugged her and squealed "EEHH LAMANYA TAK JUMPA AWAK!!"(Haven't seen you in a long time!)  instead of just "Hi,  how are you? senang jumpa rumah? sila makan jom!"

My reaction was totally *blah* when I met her.And when I realised who she was, finally,   when I wanted to hug her and squeal , by then I  could not lah kan. Since that was 40 mins or so after I first met her. And it would be so weird if suddenly i get all warm with her. Hahah nampak sangat aku tak ingat!

She WAS close to me. I cant remember her problems ..involving her employers I think. heheheh teruk betul!!

Sigh..really really need to do some mental gym ler.. In the meantime, must read up on tricks to get by at social events when you can't remember someone's name.

Or else, I should sign up Jeya's memory class that he's running. My kids love it. I should go . Byeee

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Done the Do!

We had a small doa selamat do last Sunday. 
Although...some may dispute the "small"- ehehehe.
Maybe the house was small ...but it did feel like there were a LOT of people ! My family on dad's side, my mom's side. husband's family on dad's side , and mom's side. Neighbours. Friends of my husband - he never told me we could invite friends! I would have widened the invitation list then! 
Anyway I catered the food, thinking it was going to make my life easier, I can go to my kursus haji and breeze in , and have a nice long shower, direct the catering people where to put the food, and then float around greeting my guests. 

Instead I rushed home from the kursus, one hour early because it was "just" a talk about Health and was given by the Tabung Haji doctor, and Im sure I can read up or something, only to find my in laws, who arrived the night before, hard at work doing laksa johor! While I love laksa johor, it aint stir fry beef thats for sure. So tedious to make, the cucumber has to be cut in a special way, so many things to dice , so many components. I soon found my self deboning the incredibly bony fish Ikan Parang, which should be called Bony Fish or Ikan Tulang, it had so many bones, its bones had bones. 

Anyway it was while my fingers were fishy that our first guest arrived. Husband's friend, who came early (2 hours early) and saw the carpets to be rolled, tables to be assembled etc etc...panicked and I called hubby. Husband was on the road, sending and fetching Nadine - I called him to tell him about his friend and he said he's near the house allready. 20 minutes later ...he arrived, walhal nadine dokek jo jang!. Heeheheh lots of small talk I had to do with this friend, all the while thinking  of the fish Im deboning!

Anyway anyway.  the do kicked off about 2.30..people came after the DOA, typically. hehehe..but the makan stretched until after maghrib. I played the hostess and can only count myself lucky to have so many co, sister in laws (shida, thanks for making coffee) and aunties...And thank you to the many many food brought...cakes lah, kueh lah..murah rezeki...and ada bagi present! Thank you! This felt like a rehearsal for wedding anak! My husband even got an angpow packet! Tau I go around with handbag, incase orang nak "donate" - ahaks!

Met some of my datuk datin datukseri neighbour..not so comfortable ...although some of them are nice...some ada air..must watch what I say..cannot be too frank lar kan...aiya I dont like to have to control "macho" lar...

Had a nice nice time,. in the end fell asleep sprawled on the carpet. My super efficient mom in law chased me out of the kitchen..and organised everything , thank you so much. I think because otherwise I would be arguing with her as to where she wanted to keep stuff ! I always let her have her way! Its easier! hehehe..*(love you really mak!) 

And definitely have to do this again and invite other friends ..although on a smaller scale k!!  

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dating !

Apa kena hubbs I ni. lately very the lahving. Ajak makan lar. ajak teman lah. Of course im pressing the LIKE button..and I am not going to wonder why ok ...hehehe just enjoy it! 

I must say. I wait around a lot for him. My laptop and me are a familiar sight at the hospital. I cant imagine serious career women will do that but I AM a serious career woman, and do work anywhere hehe..As long as I can be with youuuuuu. Tak rimas pulak dia ye? He said he likes my company (hey and why not kakakakakakakah) . Anyway we had dinner at this place called BURP in BSC. Toksah lah pergi. dont bother. Its a food court concept. The food totally tak sedap...sorry. But hey I was on a date! So I was happy. The day before pun we were at Plaza Damas tepi tu ada warong- small outdoor stall next to Plaza Damas. And the food sucked then too. I really need help guys ..where to eat?? ok yes I know. Publica is one. The day before tu  actually I was so sleepy...seriously no mood. But since its rare that I get asked out to eat by Mr Hubs, setuju je..petua saya ialah, never say no. And since that seems to be  transferring to work, I am now inundated with small stuff that I wish I said no too! 

I actually can feel my daughter's simmering at the fact that we came back late - sbb she has a lot to tell us and we are gone..kesian dia mummy and daddy dia  takda..sekali sekala Nadine..! Takpa will make time for you ok.  And start cooking !(protests are getting louder from kids at the cook's single recipe) heheheh
Will both be good parents to you, promise. Sekali sekala je kena lari and pretend we are still that couple at Uni yang go on a date..hihihih

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...