Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Done the Do!

We had a small doa selamat do last Sunday. 
Although...some may dispute the "small"- ehehehe.
Maybe the house was small ...but it did feel like there were a LOT of people ! My family on dad's side, my mom's side. husband's family on dad's side , and mom's side. Neighbours. Friends of my husband - he never told me we could invite friends! I would have widened the invitation list then! 
Anyway I catered the food, thinking it was going to make my life easier, I can go to my kursus haji and breeze in , and have a nice long shower, direct the catering people where to put the food, and then float around greeting my guests. 

Instead I rushed home from the kursus, one hour early because it was "just" a talk about Health and was given by the Tabung Haji doctor, and Im sure I can read up or something, only to find my in laws, who arrived the night before, hard at work doing laksa johor! While I love laksa johor, it aint stir fry beef thats for sure. So tedious to make, the cucumber has to be cut in a special way, so many things to dice , so many components. I soon found my self deboning the incredibly bony fish Ikan Parang, which should be called Bony Fish or Ikan Tulang, it had so many bones, its bones had bones. 

Anyway it was while my fingers were fishy that our first guest arrived. Husband's friend, who came early (2 hours early) and saw the carpets to be rolled, tables to be assembled etc etc...panicked and I called hubby. Husband was on the road, sending and fetching Nadine - I called him to tell him about his friend and he said he's near the house allready. 20 minutes later ...he arrived, walhal nadine dokek jo jang!. Heeheheh lots of small talk I had to do with this friend, all the while thinking  of the fish Im deboning!

Anyway anyway.  the do kicked off about 2.30..people came after the DOA, typically. hehehe..but the makan stretched until after maghrib. I played the hostess and can only count myself lucky to have so many co hosts..mom, sister in laws (shida, thanks for making coffee) and aunties...And thank you to the many many food brought...cakes lah, kueh lah..murah rezeki...and ada bagi present! Thank you! This felt like a rehearsal for wedding anak! My husband even got an angpow packet! Tau I go around with handbag, incase orang nak "donate" - ahaks!

Met some of my datuk datin datukseri neighbour..not so comfortable ...although some of them are nice...some ada air..must watch what I say..cannot be too frank lar kan...aiya I dont like to have to control "macho" lar...

Had a nice nice time,. in the end fell asleep sprawled on the carpet. My super efficient mom in law chased me out of the kitchen..and organised everything , thank you so much. I think because otherwise I would be arguing with her as to where she wanted to keep stuff ! I always let her have her way! Its easier! hehehe..*(love you really mak!) 

And definitely have to do this again and invite other friends ..although on a smaller scale k!!  


Anonymous said...

congrats Shila and Family, tak sabar nak tengok rumah baru...jemput kitaorang for house warming lerrr.....secretarial dept, tri/celcom...hehehe....rgds lorraine :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

definitely ...why not buat reunion here kan?? but lorraine datang lah anytime!


no wonder you didn't answer sms that day. was near ur place,terasa macam nak singgah nasib baik tak..eh..if not i can help debone the boney fish.funnylah even the bones have bones..hilarious!

Anonymous said...

insyaallah....kalau tak segan...hehehehe!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Bon missed it. I was in Uni (as I normally am). Will make it there, soonish (I will tell myself to make the time). Glad that all went well.

Much love

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