Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feng Shui Master

I met one of the B*N*I Members yesterday. She does Feng Shui and has been for 22 years. We are encouraged to meet each other in B*N*I and do a "one on one" chat to see how we can refer business to each other. So I found out what she does, House reading, destiny reading , bazi reading. Ie she goes to your house and then checks the elements . for Destiny reading she did a demo for me and checked out my 5 elements based on birthday place time and date.

She told me based on my wood element i have nO Money in my element. I dont know how to make money you! And she said normally this would be a problem with my bosses but my work element shows that my boss supports me (yeah, he buys me lunches sometimes ahaks!)  What else. Oh yeah she said around age 63 to 73 husband may be having an affair - obviously because he doesn't want to reach 74 .On the other hand,  I can count myself blessed though if husband waits till 73 to do it! hahahaha! JOKE lah korang. 

Yes yes yes..i know...feng shui a muslim I don't believe in it. I can't. I feel its too close to believing that something other than God has the power of God. In fact , I have raised this with her...she said she only reads energy, and doesn't tell people to buy this or that and they will get good luck or what. Still....i have been a  member for going into 3 years and I have only now arranged to meet her....what do you think? Husband thinks its syirik. 

And then I come across something that mom in law give me that if you write the word Bismillah how many hundred of times and then hang it on the door, something something good will happen. Tu pun tak betol kot tak although the word is good. 

Anyway it was a nice lunch and if someone ever asks me about feng shui I know someone . But husband said to refer business to her is also not good. Aishh what you guys think ah. 


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Fengshui is not abt religion, it is something related to placement of things in the correct direction. Fengshui doesnt predict someone's future and if someone can predict future, then it is not really Fengshui. Muslims don't follow fengshui and it is not tactful of your friend to keep talking to you abt fengshui.


Superwomanwannabe said...


To be honest cant blame her cause lots of her clients are malay too! So she thinks its ok to follow fengshui. Do you think its ok to followfengshui Sally?

MrsNordin said...

Mr & MrsN invited a feng shui master to do house reading when they first moved into the house. Ok je.. he told them to cover certain mirrors, place this thing here, that thing there...

I also used to see a fortune teller before just to gauge what's in store for me, just for fun. But not anymore lah..

Girl, if you wanted her to do house reading for you, go ahead. No one will think bad of you. :)

Tina said...

Shila, your husband is right about it being syirik and about referring business to her. You also got it right about the kalimah Bismillah being hung on the door. wallahua'lam

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