Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My memory horribilis

At the doa selamat, I was like..speed dating. Not that I ever went to speed date, but I had to say hi and bye to a  lot of people at the same time, im sure thats what speeddating feels like.

Yeah the only bad thing about  having lots of guests is, you dont have a chance to speak to them properly. There were people I havent seen in absolute ages, relatives, cousins,who came and I just saw them as they said bye.

There was this girl who came and said hi to me. I looked at her and did not recognise her AT ALL. I know she was familiar., but I could not place her, nor could I remember her name. However I remember that she was a good friend (Hah!) and she had confided in me about her problems before. HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN HER? I thought , this must be a cousin, so I did the safest thing. I asked her to eat.

Unfortunately she didnt eat, and instead stuck by me. It was worse when others came up and then expect an introduction! How, since I couldnt remember her name? I introduced the other person, and prayed she would say her name. She mumbled, so I didnt catch. She was probably going" i cant believe you dont remember me, u horrible horrible friend"

Since she stuck by me, she and I ended up eating at a table ,by then people had dwindled and I could finally eat sitting down. And I sat with her. And another 2 couples came , my good friends. So I was chatting wiht them. and with her, when it HIT ME when I knew her! And boy! I had totally reacted inappropriately! Because she was my husband's friend's wife. and the last time I met her was 6 years ago ish and had I remembered as soon as I saw her I would have hugged her and squealed "EEHH LAMANYA TAK JUMPA AWAK!!"(Haven't seen you in a long time!)  instead of just "Hi,  how are you? senang jumpa rumah? sila makan jom!"

My reaction was totally *blah* when I met her.And when I realised who she was, finally,   when I wanted to hug her and squeal , by then I  could not lah kan. Since that was 40 mins or so after I first met her. And it would be so weird if suddenly i get all warm with her. Hahah nampak sangat aku tak ingat!

She WAS close to me. I cant remember her problems ..involving her employers I think. heheheh teruk betul!!

Sigh..really really need to do some mental gym ler.. In the meantime, must read up on tricks to get by at social events when you can't remember someone's name.

Or else, I should sign up Jeya's memory class that he's running. My kids love it. I should go . Byeee


Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM if you know her, this was Rozita Cherps wife

Sara B. said...

I can't help you on the visual recognition. Not having that must be a nightmare! But the older you get the more brave you can be [brazen even?! at least I am!] at saying, I'm terribly sorry but I'm really bad at remembering names nowadays; you'll have to help me! I used to be a walking encyclopaedia on names & which kid was related to which other kid, when teaching. Now I see my ex-pupils in town, much older of course, but I recognise them. But I can't remember their names at all! It horrified me at first but I've got used to it & now if they strike up a conversation, I confess & joke about it being my age....which it is! Meeting new people, I have to literally write their names down [secretly!] before there's a chance they will stay in my brain. If I can visualise my writing then there's hope!
Good luck!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Sara..i think that's a very goodidea..but i think i dont have the guts to do that! wont they be offended though??

Iwished i had come clean to this girl..because she was a very dear friend a few years back..and had I recognised her, I would have hugged her properly! Instead of just the normal (still warm but not effusive I havent seen you in donkey's years warm) welcome.

Anonymous said...

Rozi... hahaha... I'm in her bad books, lol.


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