Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oxford? Yikes

One of my friends has sent his kids to the UK for her A levels. And I have a renewed respect for his pay packet- must be a lot! Because its NOT CHEAP to send kids over! I just found out today! Saja je lah..went and asked how much it cost to go in Uppingham, where hubby went to do his alevels..mak oi..its 10k . Pounds sterling. Per term. Kali 5--- equals: no way. Even if got a way, can we actually do it, as there are others after her..and anyway let's save up for her degree. She wants to do political something something in Oxford/ Shes been looking up the fees etc. No more scholarship equals= never retiring. hehe!

Boy when I was her age I was clueless about Oxford - was more stressed about passing the blinking exam and praying that hopefully my dad's threat of marrying me off if I didn't pass, wouldn't come true. Brrr.. One of my classmates actually dropped out before SPM because she got pregnant. Wonder what happened to her now. Probably richer than all of us put together. You can never tell one's future from the exam results.

Having said that , a good education is always precious. But then, so is a good head. No point  having 17As at SPM when you're going to go mad and blonde later. eh? Well, not according to me larh.

So Nadine wants to go to Oxford....and the dad wants her in Uppingham...and the moolah??? and the grades???

Whatever it is, she will need to get the grades... for me. kat mana mana pun long as its a good place..and they grow to be useful people. Thats what my mom always told me ..grow up to be SOMEBODY. I am somebody , mom. Im somebody's mom. Somebody's wife. AHAKS! hehehehe

Kids nowadays are more exposed kan.... They know what they want to do.But then that could just be nadine..the others may be like me..clueless....

Anyway Im up now because I have some work to do. so off I go...

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Anonymous said...

Hi SW, Nadine seems to have a clear direction of where she wants to be. That's good. Hope she can achieve her dream of going to oxford.

All the best to Nadine. Hope she gets the best.


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