Sunday, March 18, 2012

Eastern Pavillion SO PERGHAQ (so excited!)

Sebab geram I could not find a single picture of the 2 room villa, other than the one measly pic that the hotel provides in the  website .so as soon as we got here I snapped. And its a really huge villa, with a spacious living room interconnecting the 2 rooms. 2 girls got to share a room, but since there are 2 single beds, that still left 3 kids out..So nak tak nak mummy and daddy had to share their room with dahlia and jojo. Where did Sophia sleep? She slept in the living one else dared because its big but Sophia brutal sikit....

Ni its now 9 am and no one is awake. I slept really really early last night so I was up early aswell. I just came back from buying breakfast- 3 nasi minyak, 2 nasi lemak and 2 nasi dagang..all rice and all heavy! And no bread! and no nuttella! and no cornflakes! Lovely!!

Ish ish ish....bangunlah WOI!! 

I have been yelling for them to get up but they're out like logs- could be because they were in the pool sampai malam..that pool is just in front of the villa and is not shared ..and even though it was not lit last night the kids really enjoyed themselves! 

Kalau nak complain of course lah ada benda nak complain lah about this hotel....aircond was so noisy and is dripping the entire night...looked a bit run down...the restaurant service was so slow that we went to get our drinks from the counter ourselves...and we could not enjoy the food so much as there were so many mosquitoes and when we told them they said biasalah its near the sea thats solution given.(then why dont you give us mosquito coils? they said don't have) 

Anyway we had dinner with Mat Bad , our old Nottingham friend who also just arrived - what a coincidence.! dulu we all tak berapa close dengan dia sebab dia tu aksyen sikit..tapi macam ok je sekarang.. we had a good time..

....And my auntie who is doing a tahlil right now as we speak is SO going to kill me if she knows that no, husband is actually snoring away and NOT having any emergency operation as I'm sure mom is telling her ha ha- sorry auntie nanti petang we will visit you ye...alaaa kasi chan lah husband tu sungguh lah sangat stressed...he is soo tired that he asked for a masseuse last night from the spa- but they dont have pakcik urut..all women. So tak leh lah kan..(sebab I ada kan hahahaha kalau belakang I sure hokay je hehe) 

Ada pool ada pool!
Mana nickelodeon ni....
the living room has the all important tv and sophia is busy working out the channels
the mummydaddy's lovenest
This is where Daya the mummydaddy's lovenest tak jadik


Leezas touch said...

Oh so cute!...u n ur children....

Anonymous said...

Thank you ! :)

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