Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Avert your eyes - mushy post ahead.

Well, I AM sleep deprived.

Anyway wanted to tell you that Husband told me that he was telling his friends at the hospital the story of how we got this house. he said , mywife found out about the house, my wife went in,mywife called me, and told me to get the money we are buying THIS house.

And the anaesthetist who was listening in  the background said- well we know who wears the pants then!

Funnylar tu.

I tell you though. Its actually amazing when I think about it , how he liked the house as much as I did and at the same time. Hope I don't swallow my words later, but I guess its my jodoh to find such a compatible match. (take out the puke bucket guys, go ahead) So glad that I found someone who have similar taste!! I mean, the alternative is compromising right. which is ok too , but boy am i glad i didnt have to do that in this case. I pandai tell people to compromise but not sure if I can do that myself ! Perhaps I will sulk no end?

He's quite generous in the affection department and the "grateful i married you" department. God knows why cause I always think marrying him was my lucky break not the other way round. And he's still melayaning my A hug a day keeps the divorce courts away policy. Eh its nice to hug me what, im verrrrryyy huggable. hahahaah....Of course you have to catch him at odd hours for the mushiness (usually when Im busy!)....but its there nonetheless- which I love! Hope it lasts and he hasn't realised actually his wife is a hopeless cook= oh wait. he has. Ahaks!


miSs inTerpReted said...

kalau ada button like macam kat facebook, i would have clicked it! *super like*

Superwomanwannabe said...

And there I was on the verge of deleting this post for its pukemakingness hahahahaha

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