Sunday, April 29, 2012

Short break


I went to Kuala Terengganu last Monday. For work actually, but I managed to persuade the other half to come along..
So the first night we had dinner at AdeqSue's place..which is owned by this Telekom engineer whom I happened to meet on the plane the last time I was there...she did invite me over last time tapi tak this time I made it a  point to go visit the restaurant- its at Jalan Kamaruddin and its open air concept..she's famous for her ikan bakar in asam petai give her a try ok? We had ikan kerapu in asam petai sauce, sotong masak sambal, nasi lemak comel (which was very small nasi lemak) , keropok lekor, sup ekor and kangkung masak ikan masin! I am NOT a food critic but suffice to say that everything was nice! And it helped that she belanja us as well he he..

Thank you , Su!

What we ate :

This is the view from Primula Hotel which we DIDN'T get . since they put us at the parking lot facing room. 

Anyway the next day after breakfast we went to Pulau Kapas. It's only 15 minutes away from KT by speedboat. This is us at the jetty.
 "I'm NOT at the hospital yay yay!"
 The boat dropped us at this resort..simple je..but the important thing is the sea...
 We took a chalet for RM40 for a few hours
The view to the right....the sea was so calm..!

 Unfortunately the reception was good..and work called 
 This is our chalet ...walaupun kejap..

Tulah, pakai kasut heels lagi, kan dah kena bukak kasut....

 Babai pulau kapas,...

It was a goodbreak..definitely recommend it to all!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The IJN trip


So since I came back from Kuala terengganu on Tuesday, I had this massive headache. Ive been popping actifast regularly and still the headache stayed. It came with lightheadedness.,as if seasick tau..

So ive been telling the husband and it's gone in one ear and out the other..yeah I guess when you deal with stuff like cancer and huge tumours etc whats a little headache right?

Anyway then I told him that since Wednesday Ive been having this sudden pounding of the heart. I told him this on Friday at 3 am, when I got up because of the headache. ahahah i was sleeping with this headache, and got up to eat panadol - you'd have thought that sleep would make you forget all pain right? Anyway I had this thudding heartbeat- I had this 2 years ago, if you remember, and the official diagnosis was arrythmia, ie skipped heartbeat- !

My heart is so lazy that it would beat regularly for a while and then all of a sudden it would decide to miss a beat , and then it would remember to beat again, and then it would resets itself ha the result is when it beats again after missing a beat, I would get a superstrong heartbeat. Feels like when you're on a roller coaster and it drops suddenly....

So..suddenly my lepak husband turned into SuperDoctor. He told me to go to IJN after my BNI meeting, infact he told me to MISS my BNI meeting (eh?? when Im the secretary treasurer and have to pay Banker's Club for the breakfast??) - Anyway I couldn't ponteng my BNI meeting , and anyway I had morning meeting with a client at 11. My husband loves to play the husband "you do not go if I dont let you" card (which I secretly love but at the same time hate) and told me to go straight to IJN and cancel my meeting. Because I am a wimp I did what he asked me and cancelled my meeting...I went to IJN. and registered at the ER ...

I was sooo embarrassed as I was there with a lot of OLD people who really looked ill...The lady at the reception told me to wait what and I never knew how to wait and sit still... So I waited..and finally got called in. The lady there (Sister Faridah) took my history and said since I had palpitations and missed heartbeats they can't just dismiss me, (even though I was pooh poohing the whole thing and apologising left right and centre for wasting her time) and she rigged me up to the ECG machine...and waited for a reading---

AND the machine didn't work!! And so she rigged me to ANOTHER ECG machine...which ALSO didn't work! She said the reading was all wonky. She called in ANOTHER lady, who adjusted the machine, and it worked for a while and then it STOPPED WORKING (bear in mind, this is IJN ok, and the ECG machine is not workng?? eheheheh) and then they called in the technician..who wriggled the wires and then touched the pads on my legs (I had so many pads on my body, some on my boobs too!) and the machine STILL Didn't work, and then they called in another technician (total - 4th person) and finally it worked. And then they sent me out to wait some more..

Then husband arrived out of breath from his meeting at the govt hospital (how convenient) and gave me a GL letter (IJN kan...need guarantee letter if need to be admitted) he was very confident that they were going to admit me to do further test as to why I was always having this (could be because I was too fat, honey) . I actually told him to go back to work because yes i felt such a fraud . In the meantime I was still  palpitating away and missing heart beats left and right but I could be a lot worse right.

And I finally got called in to see the doctor, who told me that the doctor I was meant to see is in Korea and he was calling for my file...and he said everything looked ok on the ECG so I told him...Im ok kan. And please tell my husband im fine ok. And then he said ok and then I left

So that was my day in IJN....

Im ok , seriously. There's nothing like being with other sick people to make you realise you are well! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pan Is Envy [ a tribute to KitchenGuardian]

You know,being friends with Kitchenguardian can really really make one feel inadequate ..ha ha ha!
I just visited her blog and got blown away by this woman (again)..and by the way there's that amazingly gorgeous Rainbow cake she baked for my birthday, the most touching birthday present for the day....*** . She is a rainbow cake herself- not only is she nice and bubbly, she cooks like a dream, she bakes the most beautiful cakes, she cooks savoury dishes without a thought, ...she never moans (Don't you just hate that ?? but its true) and she's always positive, . she has SIX kids AND ! AND ! The icing on the cake is--- she is married to my partner at work ! And after working with him, I salute you Yani ! hahahahah

No lah i am kidding (really)..they are both very very sweet people, and I know them from yonks back ...when I was half the person I was (seriously , weightwise). Sickeningly, they are still the same weight, and look the same. Except they have all these people calling them mom and dad. Ha ha!

Why the title of this post is  like I thought..sometimes I wish I was domestic. Why don't I want to go and tinker in the kitchen ye? Why don't I want to try recipes? or even, why don't I want to make this dish or that dish? I love eating , but why does it not enter my head that I can actually do it? The thing is, when I actually do do it, I can do it passably well...but it just is not a natural thing for me! I don't think about going to the supermarket and get blueberries for example. If I buy strawberries it would be because I felt like wallapping it with a huge tub of cream, and not because I wanted to bake tartlets.

I discussed this with mom this morning, while we were on the way to do facial together..****(all these stars mean Imma gonna bore you about this later by the way)- well, I asked her, how come I am not domesticated mom? Did I ever show any interest in baking etc? Mom said - er, no. I was always the dreamer in the room, with my Archie comics and my books around me, and very rarely did I venture down to the kitchen except to wash up. Hmm explains a lot. And God took pity on my mom and answered her prayers to not let me starve when I grow up, and matched me with someone who (a) did not mind and (b) can cook like anything.

I told her its all your fault mom! for being a perfect mommy and cooking all those lovely stuff .and she said no, it was allllll you . erks. ye ke.

I guess not everyone can be a supercook eh..Must find talent somewhere else..

Here's the ***- ok husband tak da present for me on the birthday day.... sobs sobs...because he's been busy. ok ok dah tua pun terhegeh hegeh nak present ke, I hear you say. hehehe..So anyway because of that...guess what he's going to give me..something very very precious! - his time! He's coming with me to KT! I have to go anyway and he's decided to come and stay a day there yay!Sans kids! Another yayyy!! (mom said yes to babysitting for the night!)

**** the facial trip? next post ok!



Wow. u must watch it.

I'm very bad with words so I won't try to describe it- Ok i will lah- here goes!

It's about this special buttkicking soldier from North Korea being paired with a fictional totally spoiled player prince from South Korea...they first met during a fictitious Championship, which they are entering as one country (otherwise they can't enter at all) , and they hate each other and love each other...and they went through a lot together and somehow or other the King (the prince's elder brother) really want them to both get it on, but those 2 are playing mind games with each other..well the prince is like denying that he likes her but he totally cant forget her bla bla and then the king and queen dies - well they got murdered by someone who wants to be king and now they blame the North Korean etc etc--------

OK This story totally sounds crazy when I am writing it out like that...but go check it out! It's worth it- it's still showing

And the site I gave you- it is a subbed site plus has the comments of viewers on the vid as well so I end up watching the comments as well!

And koreans are pretty.....

And yes, boss, I am doing my work.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update on ze kids

HAII!! How are you?? Hope everything's fine with you ..

Thought I might update you on my kiddoes-

(kids with AbangIman)
I finally got Sophia her laptop that I have been promising her since she got 5 As for UPSR. At first I didn't want to get it, I mean, if for UPSR she gets a laptop, for PMR what do I get her- a car? by SPM I'd be totally broke lah cam ni! But then she negotiated that it should be for her birthday present sekali...ok then..So I called Uge*sh my friend the computer supplier and he sent over an HP- yah yah I know I can always buy direct from HP , but I know this guy and he's reliable and he is at my beck and call so I'd rather go to him right? Anyway...I rushed him to give it to me by yesterday because I had rashly promised her by 18th.. which is no big deal right. except husband said she has been counting down (4 more days to my laptop, dad!) etc etc- don'tpromise Sophia anything, she remembers! 

So it was a matter of pride that I gave her - DadofSix my partner helped by dropping it off as I was going to go to another meeting and leaving the box in the car may just be a stupid move . Thanks very much Dadof6! She was beaming and beaming everywhere even though the laptop was not pink or girlish. As I guessed she got it up and running without much help from anyone. That kid is a techno kid. She remembers direction v well too. She only LOOKS like me a, memory wise, she's pretty savvy. 

On my other kids--- Nadine is doing well , she's pretty active in her debating . Sanggup tak pi NZ becuase she has debate this June.  She's complaining of being tired from attending extra classes every day. Well this year is the SPM exam year so I told her to stick to the extra classes. Alaah apa pun, up to 6 pm everyday at school, which is like 5 mins away from home. She also attends tuition (which she organised by herself) for chem, physics and bio. There's a geog teacher coming 4 hours a week to teach her - she wants to take that for her SPM..problem is the teacher is RM800 per month oiiiii!! So I'm thinking of alternative (cheaper) option. Father dia , mr moneybags (so he thinks) kata ok jewhat...and maybe Im being cheap. What is RM800 when its her future..right? 

Sara is doing ok too. She's more active in writing and creative arts rather than er- real subjects. I suppose she can be a journalist? Im counting on the fact that JR Rowlings probably didnt get first class at Uni. Sara loves loves loves tumbler , twitter dan sewaktu dengan nya. She is on the PC everychance she gets. She is pretty funny and I think she's very talented..however what happened to that time table I asked everyone to pass up to me? Sara did, it was full of stuff like 8.00 to 9.00 pm- study. 9.00 to 9.30- recite quran. But the reality?? 6pm to 11 pm- computer. 

The one thing BNI taught me is you need to set goals and then you need to measure the goals I am going to call a family meeting tonight, where I will each give them a note book and a pencil, and they have to write their goals, and when they want to achieve it. And I want them to see this once a week...ok tak.. Me too of course. My goal is a book by my birthday next year? 

Yaya and Jojo- are fine...Yaya's sitting for her UPSR this year..aiyoo her help.. I think more books are in order lah.. have to visit the book shop for this. But then the language is pretty high also. Same for Jojo..his BM...hisBM...the other day we had 2 girls from Riau staying with us just for the weekend (they're coming again this Saturday and Sunday) and all the kids were having dinner and I told mine to speak Malay please since they are not that fluent in English,- it was hilarious . Johan came up with "Awak sangat melawak" for you are so funny. I mean, I tell you it's hilarious but I am deeply concerned. This is bahasa...and bahasa jiwa bangsa..language is your identity. Takkan takpaham bahasa melayu, kan?? Nihongo ga wakarimasu, demo, mare go ga wakarimasen. Ottoke??? heheheheh

Will update more often - take care guys!! Mwah! 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!


Imagine...marilyn monroe nanyi kat you..out of tune pun sounds good eh (not that she was)

Its my birthday today! Yee so excited nye

yesterday wasn't so thrilled - turn another year what right.....but thanks to facebook got a lot of wishes today and now feel so spesial lah you!! hehehe-

Apa perasaan turn another year older? Well....

Full of resolutions of course. Am I happy? yes. Am I where I wanted to be? I think so. Can I improve? Definitely.

Lets put down the resolutions:

First the What? I haven't done it yet? list :
1. Solat- no more solat 20 minutes away from the end of the waktu ok! ignore that sms or call to the toilet or urge for coffee- aim to pray within 20 minutes of waktu. Aim to pray. full stop.

2. Zakat- (tithe)- organise this! Pay to Perlis or someother needy state...i haven't got down to this (hangs head in shame)

3. Puasa- Monday and Thursday - can?? aiyoooo ...feel like cannot....can ah?? (Ramadhan can, other months cannot ke?)

4. Sedekah- Once a day. Even 1 ringgit to the local mosque. Should be ok right. So what if the kids are being used at restaurants by touts, right? (but I hate that , you know, i feel so sorry for them , selling so many things like tissues etc -)

5. Zikir- reduce humming meaningless Korean songs that no Korean would recognise and start praising Him more.  Allahuma Yassir wala tu assir is not just for finding parking at peak hours.

Then, the MUST -be - done list :

6. Read ! - must be a reason why the first verse that came down wasn't PRAY but rather READ. right?? And the gossip of Beautiful Nara etc DOES NOT COUNT I guess. Those management and networking books won't read themselves and will not jump into my brain even if I boil the pages and drink. (I wish though)

7. Exercise- even though this kills 30 - no 20 - no 10 minutes a day. (am thinking of selling the nordictrack- anyone??)

And there's the I-wish-this-can-be-done list:
8. Less berangan (Day dreaming) - hmmmm......good to dream though right?

9. Cook more! - as obviously this is what a mummy should be doing as my daughters say. Whenever my other half tells me he has found a catch when he got me I always bite down the urge to ask him WHY?? heheheh cause it sure aint for my skills in the kitchen!!

10.Take writing classes- ok! will do something creative! Like script writing etc.

Anyway enough of my have given me a big card and baking a nice (and free- gee thanks kids) .Now I will go and see my parents guys take care and have a great day!

A slight moan.

Husband left us at 8 am yesterday and came home at 10 pm. This was me last night k: 

Emo me: Ehhhhh where is he laa . Saturday oso want to work ke? 
Rational me: Issh let him work, he is bringing food on the table
Emo me: Yeah but he doesn't have to work so long right? can say no right? can defer to some other day right?
Rational me: Where got can say no.(I got an A in my 1119- serious)  Are you jealous of the hospital? 
Emo me: Of course lah thats why im the emo me !
Rational me: he is a busy surgeon he is always on call, you can never be jealous of his work
Emo me: Rational me is such a bummer - he got no choice or what. its  a saturday he has 5 kids and a clingon wife so he has to be able to divide his time. he wont have to work long hours if he gives moretime to this he can make lots more moolah in the same time if he gives up the other hospital 
Rational me: which he wont because he loves it and he shouldn't because its his community service
Emo me: Yeah yeah, yeah. Whatev.   I want my husband back. 

Heh...sorry lah...I go through this sometimes. Hate it when husband takes such a long time coming home, know why he has to do that  but hate it anyway . Wish he would stop the University on the one hand, on the other, proud that he has not left government service and that he is there every day no matter how busy he is on the other hospital. Tapi cam ni lar kawin least i kawin doktor - take THAT ms-pretty girl-at-Uni-yang-semua-orang-ndak! ahahahahaha! (eh!! terlepas lak evil side) 

At 10 he came back, I hopped in car and told him- takda ROTI! so we drove to somewhere ridiculously far to get roti (and to talk , really) and then came home. LEPAS TU he eceived 2 or 3 calls asking him what to do with patient x y and z. and talk so long on the phone until I asked him why he didnt give detailed instructions before he lah, the calls came during his dinner (first meal of the day apparently) and he was telling them what to do with the ubat...he said he did tell them in detail on what to do..but they just want to call for confirmation. I told him next call let me pick up, I can tell them EXACTLY what to do ..AHAKS!

Ok terimakasih for listening to my rant...sekian...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

....Was in KT yesterday . for work. Orang KT so nice. they sent me home with a whole box of keropok lekor ..felt bad that I need to charge for work. My partner boss friend (in that order) is complaining of how cheap our (my) service is..aishhh I dont like to charge lah.....can I have another person do that? I want to just do the work ok tak?

Anyway this guy I went to see,  got 2 other directors...both women.. and both were there with this guy for was very ranggi as in glamorous...3 inches heel I think.The other one was quite homely..with a 3 year old child. During the signing he revealed that they were both his WIVES! Terdiam I! Although from the aura I could tell..both had the "wife" aura. You know, possessive . Yes ...I  radiate wife aura like the BOSS, by the way.

....Anyway I drove to KLIA. first time driving ... SO FAR! Thought it was at the end of MEX but after that I had to drive what felt like forever to KLIA. I was so kiasu that I didn't even have time to catch a drink , and arrived at the gate 15 minutes early. Who says sanguine is chronically late....?I cannot have a deadline one...sure I will be super anxious.

Arrived home at 12 midnight ...

Friday, April 06, 2012

Rambling about and romance-

---is what Imma lacking...


You know, a close friend once wondered how I can still be so bothered about wanting to see the other half, lah apa lah, so possessive lah apalah, wherever he goes i want to follow lah, he is not allowed to talk to another human female lah ..non human pun a bit dodgy...still want to send him food to the hospital lah....send him flowers during anniversary lah...apparently its not normal...hmmmm you mean you don't do that meh? (or- doesn't everyone do that?)

I must admit I do get rather disgustingly excited to see the other half, and I do call him like a gazillion times. (okay lah, three times) The other day I told him, that someone told me, that he must be SO irritated I should stop calling him for a whole week ok? and you know what he said ?? No, don't stop calling me-- and before you can go awwww...he continued-  because sometimes you rescue me from boring meetings! - ada ke??

I guess after you have been married, it ain't easy to maintain that Im so  in lurve with you  glow that you had when you first went out. I guess it can be a struggle to view the other half romantically when he happily breaks wind before you (anyone crossed that barrier?)  or when he shares your bathroom and its NOT a mills and boon moment - hehehe!(Orang cakap dengan I lar hehe)  Someone just told me that her  marriage has no romance - POOFT! Her other half is NOT paying any attention! I told her to take a holiday ! Maybe you have arrived at IntheRut land.  But maybe sometimes its the girl who loses interest? when the husband ignores you like that's a 2 way street surely!

In our set up, there's no 2 way street. It's more a roundabout! I keep chasing him! Just kidding! No, actually we are a couple of big kids  if you catch us at our household. We're bad parents I'm sure.  My daughter no 4 told me off for not turning off the tv ok, she said "Mummy, you are wasting electricity! How much lah the electric bill will be?" And I looked at her shocked and asked her- "Mak? is that you in there?"

Ahahahahahhahaha! *(best kan ada blog- sendiri buat joke, sendiri gelak) - point being I have now successfully raised adults to take care of the parents.

Husband's aunt and uncle visited recently-- they are who I want to be! They travel the world together..never fight, and actually have real conversations! I want that! especially the travel round the world part!

So, keep that feeling people! Leaving you with this song - reminds me of when tengah angau.

He he! Goodnite guys!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Buying a house- all you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Yesterday a friend told me to start looking for referrals for self rather than recommending my friends' service all the time heheh...this is when I asked her if she was interested to hold a memory workshop session for her students...actually for school its v cheap and it covers more than memory-----SEE Im doing it again! Dang you B*N*I!

I DO sell myself ...(that sounds wrong kan!) - every week I tell the gang in BNI - do  you know anyone who wants to sell or buy house/condo/office/dan sewaktu dengannya? We can be their lawyer.  Aside from that, we will also connect them to a banker who is ever so happy to receive "referrals". 

Seriously, every other banker we meet tell us to refer them people who want to borrow money for a house etc etc - and this is every bank we are on the panel of ni, ie  (for eg Aff*n is offering 90% for above RM200k and below RM100k purchases. Plus financing legal fees, valuation and MRTA).

Did you know that you CAN choose your own lawyer?  Both for the sale of your house, and also the loan to the buyer. Some agents will insist that you use their selected lawyers or banks, and claim that they are faster...yeah, faster at paying commission to them that is. Jangan tertipu ok guys.. you guys can always ask for your own lawyer. I was asked by a banker recently whether I give "referral fee"..commission lah tu. because they get asked by the developers too. Ie, from what you pay me in fees, a big portion have to be paid to the banker/ and if agent is asking for referral fee , another portion of it goes to the agent. So in the end what do you get, really? So I told this banker no, our practise is not to pay ----sebab macam tak halal rezeki's bribery tak ke? And we have 11 kids between us so how to feed them if not halal right?? Or , am I being too holier than thou guys??  EVERYONE does it you know. 

So if we dont pay...we dont get so much work lar! They'd rather give to those who can pay right?? Anyway I did say that  we will try to recommend your bank to others. So that's what I am doing here..anyone wants a loan?? Anyone? Aaaaaanyone?? He he. are the common faqs I get asked:

1. Can one lawyer act for both seller and buyer? - Er  no. 
2, Whyyyyy???- Ans: Er because no 1- allready in our rules say cannot. no 2- because whose interest should I protect lar. 
3. No different waaat- Ans: yes, agreement from purchaser's perspective and agreement from vendor's perspective is different you know. The seller wants money fast and wants interest if one nanosecond late than usual time. the buyer wants property quick and reduce time that can incur interest. 
4. Er how much ah you charge? - Ans: Ok guys, there are legal fees, and then there are expenses ie disbursement (which before I practised, I had no idea meant what) = I found a website that can help you calculate yourself :,  ada calculator lagi. This will not be the complete fee, because ada some other charges. 
5. What do I do first if I want to sell my house? Answer- get some sort of booking fee paid to you. and then call me. Easy kan? hehehehehe
6, What documents do I need to give you? Answer- well, the old agreement for your house, the ic of both parties, the income tax number and income tax office, the loan agreement for your house.
7. How long will it take? This depends. sometimes to sell your property you need to get the approval of the state authorities. so need to get that first. usual time given in the agreements are 3 months, free from interest, with 1 automatic month with interest charged. But nothing to stop you from agreeing to a period of say 1 month. or 1 year. 
8. Is sale and purchase agreement standard?  Ahahahahah - I thought this too you know, Then I found out that there are so MANY types of agreement- if you got title to your property. if you dont. if you need consent, if you dont. if you are selling for cash, if the buyer wants a loan, if property got tenant, if property got no many many many things . every agreement still have to look every line. Clerk can do lah but can only fill the details must do. 

Sekian lah ceramah saya pagi ini. So to summarise, the steps to buy a house or sell a house or get a loan adalah seperti berikut: 

1. Call us. 

Heh heh heh! 

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Catch up post!

Sorry lah this blog has been neglected...nothing much has happened.
Or rather...nothing I remember

Except I got totally excited at being described to a tee in wikipedia as a classic sanguine.. ha ha so there are other people like me too . how nice. And i thought I was unique eh? Wonder if we can have a sanguine club. Im sure we can entertain each other! Except i dont get chronically late. Any more. Well, not too chronically anyway. 

And the trip to Holy Land will be pushed a year , insyallah kalau ada umur lagi lah. This is at the request of my girls who are taking all exams this year and frankly, I dont feel ready. Knowledge so cetek, fasting to ganti and nazar to do , have to get used to doing lots more prayers than now, ye lah, takkan pi Mekah pas tu sembahyang fardu je kan? There's isyrak and dhuha and solat rawatib and tahajud and taubat... takkan sembahyang lambat kan? Or buat ZoSar lagi?? ek? Malu lah kat His Land macamtu... Lots of habits need to be corrected. habis tu macamana orang lain pi macam so senang je? .Agaknye depa dah prepare mentally and spiritually kot...

And the trip to Nzealand looks in jeorpady too..daughter no 1 has a big debate that same week. Her dad said cancel. tapi she said this is the last year she can do it as a secondary student

And ive gone pretty quiet with the uppingham thingy as well. Not when the fees can actually BUILD a school over here. ha ha. 

And my brother in law tak jadik (sikit lagi!) Raja Ashman passed away..tu lah ye, i bet he didnt think that at 54, he would go. thats it. No more seing the sun, planning things, meeting people after 30th March 2012. I had the hugest crush on your brother , Raja Ashman. This was of course long long ago...and I was told much much later that he was quite a player. eeee tobat lar oiiitttkita ni..our time anytime maybe.

And i finished (or rather -rewatching) - Secret Garden korean drama..thanks to the husband who uploaded all episodes...and out of 10 dramas, only 3 are subtitled. Thank you lar kan. Ha ha i told him to delete the non subtitled ones unless he wants me totake up Korean. Hmmm maybe i should . Hahaha. Although there's one that he protested DOES have subtitles. Yes honey, in GERMAN. 

Ok lets listen to the hero Hyun Bin singing's called That man and i cant stop humming it. Hmm i wonder if sanguines get easily obsessed? 

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...