Tuesday, April 10, 2012

....Was in KT yesterday . for work. Orang KT so nice. they sent me home with a whole box of keropok lekor ..felt bad that I need to charge for work. My partner boss friend (in that order) is complaining of how cheap our (my) service is..aishhh I dont like to charge lah.....can I have another person do that? I want to just do the work ok tak?

Anyway this guy I went to see,  got 2 other directors...both women.. and both were there with this guy for signing..one was very ranggi as in glamorous...3 inches heel I think.The other one was quite homely..with a 3 year old child. During the signing he revealed that they were both his WIVES! Terdiam I! Although from the aura I could tell..both had the "wife" aura. You know, possessive . Yes ...I  radiate wife aura like the BOSS, by the way.

....Anyway I drove to KLIA. first time driving ... SO FAR! Thought it was at the end of MEX but after that I had to drive what felt like forever to KLIA. I was so kiasu that I didn't even have time to catch a drink , and arrived at the gate 15 minutes early. Who says sanguine is chronically late....?I cannot have a deadline one...sure I will be super anxious.

Arrived home at 12 midnight ...

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Anonymous said...

Wah!! Interesting! About the 2 wives I mean..:-O


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