Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!


Imagine...marilyn monroe nanyi kat you..out of tune pun sounds good eh (not that she was)

Its my birthday today! Yee so excited nye

yesterday wasn't so thrilled - turn another year what right.....but thanks to facebook got a lot of wishes today and now feel so spesial lah you!! hehehe-

Apa perasaan turn another year older? Well....

Full of resolutions of course. Am I happy? yes. Am I where I wanted to be? I think so. Can I improve? Definitely.

Lets put down the resolutions:

First the What? I haven't done it yet? list :
1. Solat- no more solat 20 minutes away from the end of the waktu ok! ignore that sms or call to the toilet or urge for coffee- aim to pray within 20 minutes of waktu. Aim to pray. full stop.

2. Zakat- (tithe)- organise this! Pay to Perlis or someother needy state...i haven't got down to this (hangs head in shame)

3. Puasa- Monday and Thursday - can?? aiyoooo ...feel like cannot....can ah?? (Ramadhan can, other months cannot ke?)

4. Sedekah- Once a day. Even 1 ringgit to the local mosque. Should be ok right. So what if the kids are being used at restaurants by touts, right? (but I hate that , you know, i feel so sorry for them , selling so many things like tissues etc -)

5. Zikir- reduce humming meaningless Korean songs that no Korean would recognise and start praising Him more.  Allahuma Yassir wala tu assir is not just for finding parking at peak hours.

Then, the MUST -be - done list :

6. Read ! - must be a reason why the first verse that came down wasn't PRAY but rather READ. right?? And the gossip of Beautiful Nara etc DOES NOT COUNT I guess. Those management and networking books won't read themselves and will not jump into my brain even if I boil the pages and drink. (I wish though)

7. Exercise- even though this kills 30 - no 20 - no 10 minutes a day. (am thinking of selling the nordictrack- anyone??)

And there's the I-wish-this-can-be-done list:
8. Less berangan (Day dreaming) - hmmmm......good to dream though right?

9. Cook more! - as obviously this is what a mummy should be doing as my daughters say. Whenever my other half tells me he has found a catch when he got me I always bite down the urge to ask him WHY?? heheheh cause it sure aint for my skills in the kitchen!!

10.Take writing classes- ok! will do something creative! Like script writing etc.

Anyway enough of my have given me a big card and baking a nice (and free- gee thanks kids) .Now I will go and see my parents guys take care and have a great day!


1na said...

Happy Birthday kak,

Semoga akak dan keluarga sentiada dirahmati dan dilindungi oleh Allah SWT.


p/s : fb account akak apa yer?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Terimakasih!! shila kasim - cariklah!

Leezas touch said...

Happy Belated birthday to you! May u be that SuperWoman always....n hv a joyful year!

jana said...

happy birthday kak shila,semoga sentiasa diberkati Allah

aizuraawang said...


Happy birthday :-) May you be blessed with good health and happines always insyaallah :-)

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Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks Aizura! will do! Thank you Kak Leeza!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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