Saturday, April 28, 2012

The IJN trip


So since I came back from Kuala terengganu on Tuesday, I had this massive headache. Ive been popping actifast regularly and still the headache stayed. It came with lightheadedness.,as if seasick tau..

So ive been telling the husband and it's gone in one ear and out the other..yeah I guess when you deal with stuff like cancer and huge tumours etc whats a little headache right?

Anyway then I told him that since Wednesday Ive been having this sudden pounding of the heart. I told him this on Friday at 3 am, when I got up because of the headache. ahahah i was sleeping with this headache, and got up to eat panadol - you'd have thought that sleep would make you forget all pain right? Anyway I had this thudding heartbeat- I had this 2 years ago, if you remember, and the official diagnosis was arrythmia, ie skipped heartbeat- !

My heart is so lazy that it would beat regularly for a while and then all of a sudden it would decide to miss a beat , and then it would remember to beat again, and then it would resets itself ha the result is when it beats again after missing a beat, I would get a superstrong heartbeat. Feels like when you're on a roller coaster and it drops suddenly....

So..suddenly my lepak husband turned into SuperDoctor. He told me to go to IJN after my BNI meeting, infact he told me to MISS my BNI meeting (eh?? when Im the secretary treasurer and have to pay Banker's Club for the breakfast??) - Anyway I couldn't ponteng my BNI meeting , and anyway I had morning meeting with a client at 11. My husband loves to play the husband "you do not go if I dont let you" card (which I secretly love but at the same time hate) and told me to go straight to IJN and cancel my meeting. Because I am a wimp I did what he asked me and cancelled my meeting...I went to IJN. and registered at the ER ...

I was sooo embarrassed as I was there with a lot of OLD people who really looked ill...The lady at the reception told me to wait what and I never knew how to wait and sit still... So I waited..and finally got called in. The lady there (Sister Faridah) took my history and said since I had palpitations and missed heartbeats they can't just dismiss me, (even though I was pooh poohing the whole thing and apologising left right and centre for wasting her time) and she rigged me up to the ECG machine...and waited for a reading---

AND the machine didn't work!! And so she rigged me to ANOTHER ECG machine...which ALSO didn't work! She said the reading was all wonky. She called in ANOTHER lady, who adjusted the machine, and it worked for a while and then it STOPPED WORKING (bear in mind, this is IJN ok, and the ECG machine is not workng?? eheheheh) and then they called in the technician..who wriggled the wires and then touched the pads on my legs (I had so many pads on my body, some on my boobs too!) and the machine STILL Didn't work, and then they called in another technician (total - 4th person) and finally it worked. And then they sent me out to wait some more..

Then husband arrived out of breath from his meeting at the govt hospital (how convenient) and gave me a GL letter (IJN kan...need guarantee letter if need to be admitted) he was very confident that they were going to admit me to do further test as to why I was always having this (could be because I was too fat, honey) . I actually told him to go back to work because yes i felt such a fraud . In the meantime I was still  palpitating away and missing heart beats left and right but I could be a lot worse right.

And I finally got called in to see the doctor, who told me that the doctor I was meant to see is in Korea and he was calling for my file...and he said everything looked ok on the ECG so I told him...Im ok kan. And please tell my husband im fine ok. And then he said ok and then I left

So that was my day in IJN....

Im ok , seriously. There's nothing like being with other sick people to make you realise you are well! :)


nizamohamed said...

That sounds scary..hope you are feeling much better now! I pun pernah kena pergi buat chest x ray coz I was having difficulty breathing and the feeling of tight chest sometimes. But then Alhamdulillah everything was okay, I only had to control my stress level..hahaha..and kena control my over-thinking of everything under the sun.. Take care!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

actually ive learnt to shush up heheheh incase kenahantar balik ke IJN..! eh I hope you are ok now?? Jangan stress sangat ok!

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