Saturday, April 21, 2012



Wow. u must watch it.

I'm very bad with words so I won't try to describe it- Ok i will lah- here goes!

It's about this special buttkicking soldier from North Korea being paired with a fictional totally spoiled player prince from South Korea...they first met during a fictitious Championship, which they are entering as one country (otherwise they can't enter at all) , and they hate each other and love each other...and they went through a lot together and somehow or other the King (the prince's elder brother) really want them to both get it on, but those 2 are playing mind games with each other..well the prince is like denying that he likes her but he totally cant forget her bla bla and then the king and queen dies - well they got murdered by someone who wants to be king and now they blame the North Korean etc etc--------

OK This story totally sounds crazy when I am writing it out like that...but go check it out! It's worth it- it's still showing

And the site I gave you- it is a subbed site plus has the comments of viewers on the vid as well so I end up watching the comments as well!

And koreans are pretty.....

And yes, boss, I am doing my work.

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