Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pan Is Envy [ a tribute to KitchenGuardian]

You know,being friends with Kitchenguardian can really really make one feel inadequate ..ha ha ha!
I just visited her blog and got blown away by this woman (again)..and by the way there's that amazingly gorgeous Rainbow cake she baked for my birthday, the most touching birthday present for the day....*** . She is a rainbow cake herself- not only is she nice and bubbly, she cooks like a dream, she bakes the most beautiful cakes, she cooks savoury dishes without a thought, ...she never moans (Don't you just hate that ?? but its true) and she's always positive, . she has SIX kids AND ! AND ! The icing on the cake is--- she is married to my partner at work ! And after working with him, I salute you Yani ! hahahahah

No lah i am kidding (really)..they are both very very sweet people, and I know them from yonks back ...when I was half the person I was (seriously , weightwise). Sickeningly, they are still the same weight, and look the same. Except they have all these people calling them mom and dad. Ha ha!

Why the title of this post is  like I thought..sometimes I wish I was domestic. Why don't I want to go and tinker in the kitchen ye? Why don't I want to try recipes? or even, why don't I want to make this dish or that dish? I love eating , but why does it not enter my head that I can actually do it? The thing is, when I actually do do it, I can do it passably well...but it just is not a natural thing for me! I don't think about going to the supermarket and get blueberries for example. If I buy strawberries it would be because I felt like wallapping it with a huge tub of cream, and not because I wanted to bake tartlets.

I discussed this with mom this morning, while we were on the way to do facial together..****(all these stars mean Imma gonna bore you about this later by the way)- well, I asked her, how come I am not domesticated mom? Did I ever show any interest in baking etc? Mom said - er, no. I was always the dreamer in the room, with my Archie comics and my books around me, and very rarely did I venture down to the kitchen except to wash up. Hmm explains a lot. And God took pity on my mom and answered her prayers to not let me starve when I grow up, and matched me with someone who (a) did not mind and (b) can cook like anything.

I told her its all your fault mom! for being a perfect mommy and cooking all those lovely stuff .and she said no, it was allllll you . erks. ye ke.

I guess not everyone can be a supercook eh..Must find talent somewhere else..

Here's the ***- ok husband tak da present for me on the birthday day.... sobs sobs...because he's been busy. ok ok dah tua pun terhegeh hegeh nak present ke, I hear you say. hehehe..So anyway because of that...guess what he's going to give me..something very very precious! - his time! He's coming with me to KT! I have to go anyway and he's decided to come and stay a day there yay!Sans kids! Another yayyy!! (mom said yes to babysitting for the night!)

**** the facial trip? next post ok!


nizamohamed said...

Hi there. Happy birthday. .. Sorry belated.. I also am following kitchen guardian's blog, don't know her personally but like you, am super duper impressed with her cooking and baking skills, and she makes it look so easy but I know for me, it is not..:)). I guess I am not that domesticated too, heheh..coming from a stay-at-home mom, pelik kan? I do cook, yelah kalau tak masak, kebulur la anak and laki kat rumah kan? But for me to be cooking and be happy, hmm...not so often..and baking pun baru nak berjinak- jinak..wait..why i am babbling away kat sini..sorry heheh...but she is indeed super great..he macaroons look sssoooo yummy and comey..

P/S: I was also surrounded by Archie comics and books.:))

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi bestnya! over here Archie so mahal...
yeah you know what saved me before I had the maid? Pataks and Sherwoods- hahah..I use them quite often gak...ready made sauces!! ok thats mysecret...

but i remember making a lot of western style food - i do them a bit better than the jerang jerang tumis tumis type...sebab requires less skill kan ha ha..takpa lah, resign to it just drool at other peoples blog je

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