Sunday, April 29, 2012

Short break


I went to Kuala Terengganu last Monday. For work actually, but I managed to persuade the other half to come along..
So the first night we had dinner at AdeqSue's place..which is owned by this Telekom engineer whom I happened to meet on the plane the last time I was there...she did invite me over last time tapi tak this time I made it a  point to go visit the restaurant- its at Jalan Kamaruddin and its open air concept..she's famous for her ikan bakar in asam petai give her a try ok? We had ikan kerapu in asam petai sauce, sotong masak sambal, nasi lemak comel (which was very small nasi lemak) , keropok lekor, sup ekor and kangkung masak ikan masin! I am NOT a food critic but suffice to say that everything was nice! And it helped that she belanja us as well he he..

Thank you , Su!

What we ate :

This is the view from Primula Hotel which we DIDN'T get . since they put us at the parking lot facing room. 

Anyway the next day after breakfast we went to Pulau Kapas. It's only 15 minutes away from KT by speedboat. This is us at the jetty.
 "I'm NOT at the hospital yay yay!"
 The boat dropped us at this resort..simple je..but the important thing is the sea...
 We took a chalet for RM40 for a few hours
The view to the right....the sea was so calm..!

 Unfortunately the reception was good..and work called 
 This is our chalet ...walaupun kejap..

Tulah, pakai kasut heels lagi, kan dah kena bukak kasut....

 Babai pulau kapas,...

It was a goodbreak..definitely recommend it to all!

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