Sunday, April 15, 2012

A slight moan.

Husband left us at 8 am yesterday and came home at 10 pm. This was me last night k: 

Emo me: Ehhhhh where is he laa . Saturday oso want to work ke? 
Rational me: Issh let him work, he is bringing food on the table
Emo me: Yeah but he doesn't have to work so long right? can say no right? can defer to some other day right?
Rational me: Where got can say no.(I got an A in my 1119- serious)  Are you jealous of the hospital? 
Emo me: Of course lah thats why im the emo me !
Rational me: he is a busy surgeon he is always on call, you can never be jealous of his work
Emo me: Rational me is such a bummer - he got no choice or what. its  a saturday he has 5 kids and a clingon wife so he has to be able to divide his time. he wont have to work long hours if he gives moretime to this he can make lots more moolah in the same time if he gives up the other hospital 
Rational me: which he wont because he loves it and he shouldn't because its his community service
Emo me: Yeah yeah, yeah. Whatev.   I want my husband back. 

Heh...sorry lah...I go through this sometimes. Hate it when husband takes such a long time coming home, know why he has to do that  but hate it anyway . Wish he would stop the University on the one hand, on the other, proud that he has not left government service and that he is there every day no matter how busy he is on the other hospital. Tapi cam ni lar kawin least i kawin doktor - take THAT ms-pretty girl-at-Uni-yang-semua-orang-ndak! ahahahahaha! (eh!! terlepas lak evil side) 

At 10 he came back, I hopped in car and told him- takda ROTI! so we drove to somewhere ridiculously far to get roti (and to talk , really) and then came home. LEPAS TU he eceived 2 or 3 calls asking him what to do with patient x y and z. and talk so long on the phone until I asked him why he didnt give detailed instructions before he lah, the calls came during his dinner (first meal of the day apparently) and he was telling them what to do with the ubat...he said he did tell them in detail on what to do..but they just want to call for confirmation. I told him next call let me pick up, I can tell them EXACTLY what to do ..AHAKS!

Ok terimakasih for listening to my rant...sekian...


mamasita said...

AsSalam..Don't worry..there are so many pretty nurses looking after him..hish! hehehe..^_^

Happy Birthday darling Shila..:)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thank you Mamasita!!

Anonymous said...

Shila, would it help if I told you that my dad's neuro told him that Prof Jab was the best in town, and that my dad was in good hands? I can not thank Jab enough for taking care of my dad, much less to repay him.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Awww really May? best in town? he'll be so pleased to hear this! Thanks very much.

Ah shaddap you ...your dad is virtually family.

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