Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update on ze kids

HAII!! How are you?? Hope everything's fine with you ..

Thought I might update you on my kiddoes-

(kids with AbangIman)
I finally got Sophia her laptop that I have been promising her since she got 5 As for UPSR. At first I didn't want to get it, I mean, if for UPSR she gets a laptop, for PMR what do I get her- a car? by SPM I'd be totally broke lah cam ni! But then she negotiated that it should be for her birthday present sekali...ok then..So I called Uge*sh my friend the computer supplier and he sent over an HP- yah yah I know I can always buy direct from HP , but I know this guy and he's reliable and he is at my beck and call so I'd rather go to him right? Anyway...I rushed him to give it to me by yesterday because I had rashly promised her by 18th.. which is no big deal right. except husband said she has been counting down (4 more days to my laptop, dad!) etc etc- don'tpromise Sophia anything, she remembers! 

So it was a matter of pride that I gave her - DadofSix my partner helped by dropping it off as I was going to go to another meeting and leaving the box in the car may just be a stupid move . Thanks very much Dadof6! She was beaming and beaming everywhere even though the laptop was not pink or girlish. As I guessed she got it up and running without much help from anyone. That kid is a techno kid. She remembers direction v well too. She only LOOKS like me a, memory wise, she's pretty savvy. 

On my other kids--- Nadine is doing well , she's pretty active in her debating . Sanggup tak pi NZ becuase she has debate this June.  She's complaining of being tired from attending extra classes every day. Well this year is the SPM exam year so I told her to stick to the extra classes. Alaah apa pun, up to 6 pm everyday at school, which is like 5 mins away from home. She also attends tuition (which she organised by herself) for chem, physics and bio. There's a geog teacher coming 4 hours a week to teach her - she wants to take that for her SPM..problem is the teacher is RM800 per month oiiiii!! So I'm thinking of alternative (cheaper) option. Father dia , mr moneybags (so he thinks) kata ok jewhat...and maybe Im being cheap. What is RM800 when its her future..right? 

Sara is doing ok too. She's more active in writing and creative arts rather than er- real subjects. I suppose she can be a journalist? Im counting on the fact that JR Rowlings probably didnt get first class at Uni. Sara loves loves loves tumbler , twitter dan sewaktu dengan nya. She is on the PC everychance she gets. She is pretty funny and I think she's very talented..however what happened to that time table I asked everyone to pass up to me? Sara did, it was full of stuff like 8.00 to 9.00 pm- study. 9.00 to 9.30- recite quran. But the reality?? 6pm to 11 pm- computer. 

The one thing BNI taught me is you need to set goals and then you need to measure the goals I am going to call a family meeting tonight, where I will each give them a note book and a pencil, and they have to write their goals, and when they want to achieve it. And I want them to see this once a week...ok tak.. Me too of course. My goal is a book by my birthday next year? 

Yaya and Jojo- are fine...Yaya's sitting for her UPSR this year..aiyoo her help.. I think more books are in order lah.. have to visit the book shop for this. But then the language is pretty high also. Same for Jojo..his BM...hisBM...the other day we had 2 girls from Riau staying with us just for the weekend (they're coming again this Saturday and Sunday) and all the kids were having dinner and I told mine to speak Malay please since they are not that fluent in English,- it was hilarious . Johan came up with "Awak sangat melawak" for you are so funny. I mean, I tell you it's hilarious but I am deeply concerned. This is bahasa...and bahasa jiwa bangsa..language is your identity. Takkan takpaham bahasa melayu, kan?? Nihongo ga wakarimasu, demo, mare go ga wakarimasen. Ottoke??? heheheheh

Will update more often - take care guys!! Mwah! 

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