Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weiheyy how are you

My eldest has gone off to a debating thingy in Ipoh....sobs. She left this morning with her schoolmates (all 5 of them) and will be there until next Wednesday, All holiday plans have been rescheduled and pushed back until she returns. However since husband has booked his hols from today, he is itching to go somewhere and so we are going back to Kluang to see his parents, and then maybe go see Universal Studios. We havent booked anything, probably will be disappointed etc but hey lets just go with the flow. Sometimes no plan is good plan. Good to see mak and abah too, selalunya they come up.

Then maybe we can go to terengganu for the sea..I've always wanted to mencandat sotong..catch squids..sounds fun (but also sounds boring if too long)...maybe this time can do? Have invited my parents..actually if ikut I , I rasa macam nak bawak know , once they took us sightseeing , now we have to take them sight seing lah. Mak and abah nak pi umrah in ramadhan they said. WAAAHHthey are going abroad...waaaahh saya sedang sangat jeles.

People in fb pulak dok lah mengupdate kan their holiday place. WHYYYY eheheheheh lah, am just kidding. you know that....

Ok now will go call my daughter.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pasal kawin cerai...cedehhh

Last weekend I  met one friend whose recent divorce shocked me to the bone. When I was at Uni, I met them, this young girl with a baby, she had followed her husband to the UK for him to do his postgraduate studies. The husband was about 10 years older than her. The mother in law also came along if I remember correctly. The friend , Kak A , was barely older than me, and was a giggly person.

Anyway in KL we did bump into them occassionally at malls etc. They had 4 kids in the end I think. 

Tup tup, I heard they got  divorced. 24 years. Seriously. 

So when I finally saw her last Sunday at a friend's son's birthday party I asked her- WHY lah. I always feel like smacking people who get divorced , as if it was their fault that they couldn't sustain the marriage heh heh. Because to me, why do you break what I see as good? Unless of course, it's not good

So she was telling me, that that divorce came out of the blue. They had gone abroad as a family, and had a very good time. Then they came home, and soon after that, she felt such hatred for him, and he for her. Things got very heated. She blamed his mother, and said it was her fault as she had wanted them to separate for a long time now. The mother was seen to have visited the house in their absence for a short while for a mysterious purpose. And that he was a mommy's boy. I told her- you knew that he was a mommy's boy since in the UK! There was one time that the mother had made a huge deal when he bought the wife an expensive present , and he had to buy the mother the same thing. Geram geram lah but on the other hand, she was his mom. So tahan je lah  kan. My friend said she had stood for it for 24 years, but in the end it got too bad. The mother in law had meddled so much and showed that she did NOT want her as a daughter in law. And apparently the mother in law said if her son did not divorce her, she will renounce her son. !!Tak mengaku anak.  Ada kah?? Dialogue drama apa kah ini???

Kesian my friend. From the divorce, she didn't get a lot except a house a car and a monthly allowance. (!!!Kira banyak lah tu kan?? But actually he has so much more sebenarnye ) She didn't get the kids even. And she said the mother in law is still at it with her black magic. trying to make her go mad, so that she can't claim his properties. 

LIKE THAT AH??? ah..macam Tentang Dhia je!! I feel sad because the man is very quiet and soft spoken and actually we all love him to bits. And of course lah, there could be more to this, we only hear her part right. But the breakdown of any marriage is sad. esp when there are children . And got ah mother in law like that! Why would she DO that?? How much of her son's assets can she protect? Even if the wife claims how much can she claim? And if they go to her children those children are the mother in law's grandchildren! 

So sad kan? 

At the party  I also met another uni friend who was there with her boyfriend. She also just got divorced.  She met her husband at Uni, and got together when we did and apparently divorced because the husband's girlfriend refused to share. Haii..the wife so pretty you know. Also tak cukup ah.  The husband was amazingly handsome before whenhe was younger so they looked so good together. But I guess its not meant to be Im happy she has found happiness again. And that he has gone fat. 

Actually it was a reunion of sorts- because the friend who hosted the party was also from uni so ramai yang datang tu, I kenal, Some I kenal but husband tak kenal. They know OF my husband then because he was active socially (sounds so miang kan, I meant sports) but they didn't know we had gotten together (and then some!) 

Well...pray pray hard lah, that our marriage ni last...and my mother in law tak lah decide to go beserk on me ke...and husband tak lah decide nak bergirlfriend ke..all that in God's hands..but pray lah that that is not my destiny..sebab kesian..! 

Ok bbaaaiii

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Massage experience

Yesterday I went for my facial and got a massage as well.
If you're thinking- wah she is so diva , got facial and all, let me tell you that facials are my only indulgence in life, not having any affinity with handbags, or shoes etc- so facials I go .

plus on a daily basis I dont wash tone or moisturise -- too lazy. So need the facial

Realised that yonks ago the people at SlimmingSanctuary had managed to sell me a package of 6 massages. Because i never have the time to go, I didn't get to use it. Not wanting to waste my money, I asked for the first massage yesterday. So while they were doing the face this Thai woman also started massaging

Which is a bad move.

Because you can't enjoy the experience, You are too bz having your face pulled this way and that, to enjoy the massage.

not that the massage was enjoyable.

Massages are like --- coffee, you thnk you want one, then you have one you realise its actually bitter. Or to me, massages are like the sup tulang of Flora cafe, I yearn and yearn for it, then I eat it THEN only I remember it's hot, and I don't take hot food. Then I'd be sulking because nothing is worse than looking forward to food and not having it. And then I order something else.

Anyway yes WHY do i say massages are like that?? because everytime I go to a masseuse I remember, belatedly, that they FREAKING HURT me. The way they drag their fingers down your muscle- they manage to isolate one part of the muscle - usually the tired one- and then give it a good twist or pull or whatever, so that you feel the fingers effect down to your BONE. And AYYYIIII it hurt . I had to tell her please slow down and make it softer and she was all surprised and said- is this hard ?? Like- baby nye.

And another thing- they make you take off your clothes. Well Im your original prude (Im all talk and no action one) and there is NO WAY im gonna lie down in my birthday suit for some woman . I felt too strange and therefore had a lot of comical scenes where  I clutch whatever towel that they give me very very tightly and refused to comply fully. Excuse me!! hehehehe

And did  you know that even with non muslim women we have to protect our aurat?? Yes I remembered it belatedly again.

The  funniest thing though was when she the masseuse told me I have a lot of cellulite. Breaking news, this was NOT. I was quiet but then she followed with an attempt to sell the BAMBOO massage, which is basically they reduce your cellulite by using bamboo to massage you. What, suck it all out with the bamboo isit?? And here I was thinking its exercise and proper diet that would be the key. Heh.heh  the Slimming Sanctuary people trained their staff well...they are always selling someting. I had to BARK at one of them to get out of the room and let me relax please ......

Ok then after it was done, I went home. I was at Pavillion, and instead of shopping, I went  home.

Boy facials are really my only indulgence huh.

I have 5 more massages - who wants to buy from me...lelong lelong lelong....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Morning break jap

Rasamacam lamanya tak update blog ..rupa-rupanya baru beberapa hari

So my kids became tv stars yesterday. Sungguh jakun. TV3 cameover to film their tae kwon do and cadet sophia and jojo were roped in. Punyalah anxious , they were nagging to go to school before it was light! Amazing!

The show will air sometime in ramadhan

What's been happening with you ? My kids have gotten their mid term exam results back. I really love the way Daya psyched me up by saying how well she did in other subjects before she glossed over her 70 plus marks in BM and in Maths. Ofcourse lah you say how proud you are kan, and then zoomed in into her weak areas. Johan pulak has a friend he competes in, which is very healthy . He'd tell me the boy scored higher in this and that subject but he did well in other subjects. Sophia did well in geography and dad positively beamed because it was his favourite subject. Sara loves science but so bad in BM Nadine had her bio tuition teacher come over to the house to teach because apparently her bio teacher is so crapppus- i should SO complain to the school. SPM this year woit...

Ok then will chat later. Byee

Saturday, May 19, 2012


My mediaplayer list is alllllllllll korean songs.

Yeah. am slightly obsessed.

I get like that.

I go through long periods of not particularly liking anything v much and then I like something and I will DEVOUR it..and then I go off just like that.

for eg. Harry Porter- all books in one week. Result: had to wear glasses

or  Percy Jackson- book one read, then went and bought all books available. (Still like it though)

Law - ahahahahah jest KIDDING! wish I was able to obsess over this.

K Drama- re-starting

my husband - that is an ongoing obsession. Don't ask me why.

Friday, May 18, 2012



Do not come near ....I will bite aww!

yezza...its that time of the month again and I am SO ON EDGE. I am not particularly angry or moody or anything, in fact I had lunch wiht someone and she said I was so mereng. I feel so high. And buzzing. And so ready to either cry, or shout at you- could be because i didn't sleep yesterday? So this post may be a bit weird. Cause i feel weird.

This morning I had my BNI meeting. So anyway it was my turn to do a 10 minute sales  presentation or was it a referral presentation? it was supposed to be simultaneously educational, and entertaining, and telling the audience who would be a great referral for you. Since I am the person in charge of setting the schedule of speakers for this group (Im the Secretary Treasurer this term) I know of my turn way way ahead of time lar kan..Not like I was taken by surprise kan!

But , when did I start to do the blinking power point slides?? at 1 am. This morning. Friday morning. To be presented to 30 odd people at 8 am...Friday morning. I can do it. Come on everyone say it with me- I -AM-SHEEE RAAAAHHH!! (gf He man) remember? No? Oh well. Sheesh must get more old people to read my blog. (me imagining lots of youngsters here hehehe)

Talking of old people- let me tell you about my neighbourhood-

WAIT! Must-finish-story first. Where was I-

Oh yeah my presentation-when my turn came, I remember my mouth moving up and down, and me reading the slides I had made, and some laughter...they said it was very good and very focused. Hope they weren't being kind. This group can be honest and critical so I would take that at face value. (In which case--squeeeeee!! really?? you like my slides? You like the picture of me pointing to that man who never wants to come and visit the networking group and yet has his name on top of the door of the office? hehehehe)

Ok back to my neighbours. Well. My neighbour depan rumah called me last night (yeah same night that I had to do this 10 mins presentation) and ordered invited me to this Datin's house to listen to an ustaz teach. (Who is not a Datin near my house please? I have seriously moved to either the wrong neighbour hood or the very correct one (Awww! I nak jadi diva datin you! heheeh))  I am always eager to learn and meet new friends (until I actually meet them) and so after husband came home,  we went . Kids of course did not mind that we didn't take them and  were even willing to take the risk that we actually WERE going to Midvalley Mega Mall and not the Ceramah (as the father told them seriously)- perhaps it was the malay baju melayu get up that we were wearing that gave us away?

Anyway - after driving about 4 seconds, we arrived at the house. (Oh please, they live down the road, but we have 3 inches heels lah kan. Because we have managed to lose one side of our only decent flat shoes that we bought at the Hong Kong Peak lah kan. That one side fell out of the car :(----- so even though our husband has maybe 10 pairs of shoes he keeps alternating, we only have whatever pair we remember to leave in the car lah kan! So how to walk down the road? )

Sampai je dah lambat- yelah it started at 7.30 kan pm. We were one hour late so I slipped into the girls's side and sat down, sheepishly greeted the girls (I use the term "girls" very loosely) and a minute later my jaw dropped as the topic was ....BIRDZ and the BEEZZ!! nothing erotic , just quite explicit. er.. like the correct way, the etiquette, what to do after, the allowed positions and what not (positions?? As in more than one? Whatchootokingabout Willis?? WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAH ) the ladies pretended to listen but were probably thinking "now you tell us" while the men looked like they were focusing very very intently ! hah hahahahah! Tin tin, careful tau! hehehehe-!

Anyway it was appropriate I guess cause the hosts were marrying off their daughter this Sunday. (I would so be dead with embarrassment if my parents did this just before my wedding, you know-- it's like announcing - ok after this ladies and gentlemen, our daughter will be  doing the marital hokey pokey -! ha ha ha!)

 After the ceramah finished (finally!! The ustaz did elaborate a wee bit too much ha ha) we all went out for dinner. And I got to sit with the kakak who invited me. And the other lady . The 2 people  I know. Although of course you would not be able to tell that, from the way that I was TERSENGEHING at everyone like I know them. Ie, smile like a rotten cockerel. Or was that rotten cockle? Hm whatever.

 I even confessed, I ni memang terhegeh hegeh sengeh pride, no one can ever ever call me sombong.  They laughed. A bit awkwardly. Yezzaaaaa the mad neighbour is here! They are all abt 10 years older than me je. How come I felt 30 years  younger though?? I kept trying to channel all my lovely aloof elegant friends but TAK JADIK. In the end , I was me although diluted sikit lah. Kena lah sesuaikan dengan suasana kan..Tapi kan..if you want my honest opinion..penat ! Phew!

(WAAAHH I just re-read the last para - I  said I was terhegeh-hegeh?? waaahhH!!)

Ok I dont know quite how to end this post- so how about with a BABAI??

Have a nice weekend you all. and take care...

Special shout out to Vinnie who loves meeeeeeee

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's day

Semalam Hari Ibu kan

So the TV showed several interpretation of what a mommy is. Some clips on telly showing mommies with their toddlers, snuggling their babies, and changing their nappies...and then I saw on KitchenGuardian's blog the clip for Olympic London abt Mothers around the world's persistently and tirelessly coaxing their kids, attending their training, always encouraging them, always going to their events, watching them bloom into the olympic stars that they are...while doing their laundry and housework. 

and then there's the old mothers in the kampung , waiting for the successful sons or daughters who they have raised and fed out of their sweat and blood...

and I got to thinking- 

where's my kind of mom? 

the one who goes to work all day. but tries to spend time with the children when coming back. but then because have little time, ends up barking at them for not doing this or that,

the one who leaves the maid to cook. or pick kids up when it rains (cause said mom is not at home) or iron clothes or clean the beds etc

takda kan? heyy we are mothers too you know , the ones that have maids or yang tak buat laundry..hehehehe...

So.. all moms should be celebrated...except for moms who abuse their children of course- that one, cannot say happy mothers day lar!

Let's do a list of mommyness before I end kay?

Why I think I am a good mom:
  1. I talk to them all the time. I mean ALLLLL the time. They pun dont want to talk to me as much . 
  2. I give a lot of hugs. Whether they want to or not. Inf ront of people. Sometimes I even hug their friends. Much to their embarrassment. sorry Ibraheem. 
  3. I give them money-- to the point that they can take from my bag,Credit to them they never take more than they said they want
  4. I yell- er I remind them to pray and eat and bathe and do other normal functions that they of course cannot do without such reminders (unless they go to other people's homes where suddenly they are model children) 
  5. I make them laugh (when I am not doing no 4 above) 

Why I think I am a bad mom:
  1. I don't cook for them (except for last night when I cooked Nasi briani at husband's request and it turned out ok except very dark brown(?) - maybe spices from south india or maybe somalia? Husband had two helpings and even for breakfast but that could be pity he eh.) 
  2. I very rarely help them do their homework (too hard for me!) 
  3. I don't clean their bedrooms or do their laundry (although please see Item no 4 above) 
  4. I don't watch their events - I have to go see Nadine debate, and Johan at his archery. 
  5. I bribe them a lot - if you massage my feet I will give you RM10.  (child labour or is that called a job?) 

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Random. need to print. Loads of pics.
Maybe should do a book:

Possible Caption: Mom and Dad posing again...when can I go home mom ni??

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Exam week

Tup tap tup tap- it's almost the end of May allready! I overheard a client saying something about going somewhere cuti sekolah ni and I thought - wehey?? So fast meh? But yups, its almost cuti sekolah time. Remember our NZealand planned hols? Husband rupanye dah ambik one week off ok, but I'm not sure whether we are able to go what with Nadine's debating programme etc etc. But pray je lah it comes true. Feels a bit macam buang duit je since kata nak gi Haji kan..might as well wait for that tak ke?

What comes before cuti sekolah is..jeng jeng ...EXAMS. Now, I usually tak lah stress sangat over the kids' normal mid year exams kan.. One of my SIL will not attend any event kenduri ke apa if anak dia exam, even though her kids are under 10 ok! hehehehe. I siap pi jalan lagi when Sophia was doing UPSR..

But NO MORE! I have bertaubat! Ever since I saw one of my daughter's results for her monthly test! Yes she said it was a pop quiz but still I didn't expect it to be like that! Not when the class has 20 kids je ! If my daughter is the playful one, the teacher should have called me, or paid more attention to her! If she doesn't understand, then she should be able to talk to him! Ni tau tau, low marks. I have asked the teacher to return my call. We are going to have us a talk, him and me.

The other day I told them to get top 3 , and all of them groaned. Eh why lah? You mean you cannot beat 20 plus kids?

Sebenarnye I am not an "A" freak. goodness knows how - ahem- relaxed I myself was during my uni years. My final exams - I studied all night in the kitchen with a huge box of Kelloggs Crunchy Nuts and cans of Coke. Which is fine but this is the night BEFORE the exam , after playfully tak tengok buku the entire semester..hish hish hish..what a bad bad student I was.. My bar exams - I actually went to the exam by the tube (LRT) with a friend and I saw the friend reading this subject which I thought was going to be tested the day after . So I asked her-" eh why are you reading that? It's Evidence kan today?" - she looked at me speechless for a  moment, and then shrieked - SHILA! Its Civil Procedure!! - Oh well.  I didn't pass the exams then surprise surprise. However, because JPA was only going to sponsor one resit (i thought ) I passed the next one. To the immense shock of my LRT friend, who didn't make it. See, right incentive there.

(Actually hubs who was bf then told me to go home to do CLP because most of his friends didn't make the Bar exams - he's a year my senior at school- tu yang lagi degil nak stay buat bar tu- NOTHING to do with my allready existing clinginess to stay so I can continue to see him heheheh)

So I guess I cannot lah be a total hypocrite when it comes to my kids hehe - can't scold them over over kan... but then I don't  want them to repeat my mistakes so I have to be a bit harder on them now lah.

SO! No tv and no computer - LOCKDOWN until exams habis.

You think it's going to work?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Overprotective mom or reality?

You know, my kids walk to school every day.

Which is fine, and is part of the perk of buying this house.

However, in light of the kidnapping of Nayati..macam takut pulak kan? The boy was walking to school kan? Ye lah you feel safe cause you walk to school every day and nothing ever happens, and then WHAM! someone is asking you for ransom. If you are lucky. If not, no news. at all. Erks.

It only takes the one time. and where am I going to find RM300,000 if  ever comes to it (heheh assuming lar i ni "high profile" macam Nayati tu) . And with their co-co lah, apa lah , I can't keep track of their schedules

Actually this is a real time there was a rumour that a child in Adni had been pulled into a car and driven away..although it ended up to be a hoax(really??) and most probably a custody issue (divorced parents both wanting to get the kids?)- it did highlight how easy it could have been real. when parents are busy queuing up to get their kids, it's chaos- and then kids pun, they dont exactly sit where they should be sitting, they're all over the place. I don't know whether a child is in school still, or has been picked up, its chaos at end of school--!

I memang the very over protective anyway.(understatement of the Year)  But Im seriously thinking of getting my kids one of those mini GPS tracker that my friend Jag 's company is selling- the one that can show on your phone where your kids are. Even though we are not expats! Its as small as a remote control and its RM1k plus  and battery change only once in 2 years . But hubs not so sure because again, we think we are "low" risk. Yes but the way these kids are walking with nary a care on the roads with absolute no supervision (and not just my kids, I saw other kids too walking and playing on the road - and after school time the road gets very quiet)- if it happens you bite your fingers je lahhhh ..gigitjari!

Insyallah everything will be ok with our kids, and in the meantime, in lieu of the tracking device, we shall ask them to be more alert.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A good morning!

PHEW! The storm is over. Daddy is back to  himself, and even took Johan to Maghrib (after he punched the tv), Daddy dah pergi Courts Mammoth (alone) siap, to check prices of  new TV!(I  thought ban tv for 6 months?) ..and Johan is moping around no more although he is not watching tv either. and is doing homework. and is very early to school. Wah good lah! Should be scolded more! DId I tell you he drew a picture of the tv room, with the furniture, and the said tv- and the tv has the same crack on it? Im trying to find the pic to post it here. Dahlia told me he put the time when it happened too! Sad or funny? hehehe

I have to giggle thinking about how, trying to salvage the situation, I had googled "How to repair a cracked plasma screen". Ada, in youtube , a couple of clips ..however one that i opened that unfortunately the first thing that appears in the description is the statement "you cannot repair a cracked plasma screen" ..oh well. 

Anyway Im getting ready for work now- I can smell fried bananas downstairs. Ally Iskandar is on telly for MHI with his new girl partner who is so flirting flirting with him sampai he is left speechless. hehehehe

Ok I better go down before mom in law thinks Im so malas. byee

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Dilemma of a young mom!

My in laws made a surprise visit yesterday!

They're here babysitting my sister in law's baby while she went abroad - she went abroad to sit for an exam and if she pass it she will get one of only 2 position and she will be working there.

Kesian dia..its in Hong Kong, and it'll be for 3 years...and her son is 1 yrs plus only. The husband is in Kelantan at the moment and may himself be posted outstation. Mom in law and I discussed this and at first we said no lah, ask her not to take the position but since only 2 positions are available and there were50 applicants, its a big achievement if she gets the job and I somehow feel that she will get's not in my in law's genes to fail ! Can't tell her not to take her dream post right??

but if she gets it..she will have to stay there..and what about the baby? MIL and DIL are allready thinking of maybe taking care of the baby for the period that the parents are away! Kesian gak kat depa..I felt sorry for them and tried to relieve them of their baby sitting duties while they were here..come on, I have 4 girls and a son who were all directed to play with Mwamat (nama dia Mohammad) - they did a great job and at one point we even put him in a tub half filled with water - he had a fantastic time splashing water about and playing with cups etc (under strict supervision of course)- this was my secret in the UK then when the kids started to be restless- water play!! And because of my lovely kids the grandparents had time to pray, and read quran etc.

Anyway back to the sister in law's dilemma..she's ok je..she's quite prepared to be separated with her husband for the sake of continuing her education..and getting her training..(not sure if she is so prepared to be separated from the baby though!) and anyway a lot of parents do this right? A lot of couples separate for a while for the sake of education/training etc right??

However , I cannot do it. If it was me, I know I'd be resigning and do all sort of stuff to remain together..either get hubby to come wiht me, or me go with him ..and of course the entire train will have to come as well lah! Am I not liberated ? or am I clingy? Yes (ceh tak malu pulak mengaku ye) but then I think it's very important to be together..and there's nothing more precious than family time together and I would keep every single one with me as long as I can. Selfish? Hmm yeah kot.

But! Different people different here's wishing for all the best for my young sister in law..I prayed that she will get what is the best for her..

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...