Saturday, May 12, 2012

Exam week

Tup tap tup tap- it's almost the end of May allready! I overheard a client saying something about going somewhere cuti sekolah ni and I thought - wehey?? So fast meh? But yups, its almost cuti sekolah time. Remember our NZealand planned hols? Husband rupanye dah ambik one week off ok, but I'm not sure whether we are able to go what with Nadine's debating programme etc etc. But pray je lah it comes true. Feels a bit macam buang duit je since kata nak gi Haji kan..might as well wait for that tak ke?

What comes before cuti sekolah is..jeng jeng ...EXAMS. Now, I usually tak lah stress sangat over the kids' normal mid year exams kan.. One of my SIL will not attend any event kenduri ke apa if anak dia exam, even though her kids are under 10 ok! hehehehe. I siap pi jalan lagi when Sophia was doing UPSR..

But NO MORE! I have bertaubat! Ever since I saw one of my daughter's results for her monthly test! Yes she said it was a pop quiz but still I didn't expect it to be like that! Not when the class has 20 kids je ! If my daughter is the playful one, the teacher should have called me, or paid more attention to her! If she doesn't understand, then she should be able to talk to him! Ni tau tau, low marks. I have asked the teacher to return my call. We are going to have us a talk, him and me.

The other day I told them to get top 3 , and all of them groaned. Eh why lah? You mean you cannot beat 20 plus kids?

Sebenarnye I am not an "A" freak. goodness knows how - ahem- relaxed I myself was during my uni years. My final exams - I studied all night in the kitchen with a huge box of Kelloggs Crunchy Nuts and cans of Coke. Which is fine but this is the night BEFORE the exam , after playfully tak tengok buku the entire semester..hish hish hish..what a bad bad student I was.. My bar exams - I actually went to the exam by the tube (LRT) with a friend and I saw the friend reading this subject which I thought was going to be tested the day after . So I asked her-" eh why are you reading that? It's Evidence kan today?" - she looked at me speechless for a  moment, and then shrieked - SHILA! Its Civil Procedure!! - Oh well.  I didn't pass the exams then surprise surprise. However, because JPA was only going to sponsor one resit (i thought ) I passed the next one. To the immense shock of my LRT friend, who didn't make it. See, right incentive there.

(Actually hubs who was bf then told me to go home to do CLP because most of his friends didn't make the Bar exams - he's a year my senior at school- tu yang lagi degil nak stay buat bar tu- NOTHING to do with my allready existing clinginess to stay so I can continue to see him heheheh)

So I guess I cannot lah be a total hypocrite when it comes to my kids hehe - can't scold them over over kan... but then I don't  want them to repeat my mistakes so I have to be a bit harder on them now lah.

SO! No tv and no computer - LOCKDOWN until exams habis.

You think it's going to work?

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Kaklong said...

You forgot the tab. Which everyone else noticed.

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