Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A good morning!

PHEW! The storm is over. Daddy is back to  himself, and even took Johan to Maghrib (after he punched the tv), Daddy dah pergi Courts Mammoth (alone) siap, to check prices of  new TV!(I  thought ban tv for 6 months?) ..and Johan is moping around no more although he is not watching tv either. and is doing homework. and is very early to school. Wah good lah! Should be scolded more! DId I tell you he drew a picture of the tv room, with the furniture, and the said tv- and the tv has the same crack on it? Im trying to find the pic to post it here. Dahlia told me he put the time when it happened too! Sad or funny? hehehe

I have to giggle thinking about how, trying to salvage the situation, I had googled "How to repair a cracked plasma screen". Ada, in youtube , a couple of clips ..however one that i opened that unfortunately the first thing that appears in the description is the statement "you cannot repair a cracked plasma screen" ..oh well. 

Anyway Im getting ready for work now- I can smell fried bananas downstairs. Ally Iskandar is on telly for MHI with his new girl partner who is so flirting flirting with him sampai he is left speechless. hehehehe

Ok I better go down before mom in law thinks Im so malas. byee

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nizamohamed said...

Glad the storm is over..had my own storm last night.. And boy it was tiring! Anyway, sedapnyer ade org buatkan pisang goreng..yum..yum..

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