Sunday, May 27, 2012

Massage experience

Yesterday I went for my facial and got a massage as well.
If you're thinking- wah she is so diva , got facial and all, let me tell you that facials are my only indulgence in life, not having any affinity with handbags, or shoes etc- so facials I go .

plus on a daily basis I dont wash tone or moisturise -- too lazy. So need the facial

Realised that yonks ago the people at SlimmingSanctuary had managed to sell me a package of 6 massages. Because i never have the time to go, I didn't get to use it. Not wanting to waste my money, I asked for the first massage yesterday. So while they were doing the face this Thai woman also started massaging

Which is a bad move.

Because you can't enjoy the experience, You are too bz having your face pulled this way and that, to enjoy the massage.

not that the massage was enjoyable.

Massages are like --- coffee, you thnk you want one, then you have one you realise its actually bitter. Or to me, massages are like the sup tulang of Flora cafe, I yearn and yearn for it, then I eat it THEN only I remember it's hot, and I don't take hot food. Then I'd be sulking because nothing is worse than looking forward to food and not having it. And then I order something else.

Anyway yes WHY do i say massages are like that?? because everytime I go to a masseuse I remember, belatedly, that they FREAKING HURT me. The way they drag their fingers down your muscle- they manage to isolate one part of the muscle - usually the tired one- and then give it a good twist or pull or whatever, so that you feel the fingers effect down to your BONE. And AYYYIIII it hurt . I had to tell her please slow down and make it softer and she was all surprised and said- is this hard ?? Like- baby nye.

And another thing- they make you take off your clothes. Well Im your original prude (Im all talk and no action one) and there is NO WAY im gonna lie down in my birthday suit for some woman . I felt too strange and therefore had a lot of comical scenes where  I clutch whatever towel that they give me very very tightly and refused to comply fully. Excuse me!! hehehehe

And did  you know that even with non muslim women we have to protect our aurat?? Yes I remembered it belatedly again.

The  funniest thing though was when she the masseuse told me I have a lot of cellulite. Breaking news, this was NOT. I was quiet but then she followed with an attempt to sell the BAMBOO massage, which is basically they reduce your cellulite by using bamboo to massage you. What, suck it all out with the bamboo isit?? And here I was thinking its exercise and proper diet that would be the key. Heh.heh  the Slimming Sanctuary people trained their staff well...they are always selling someting. I had to BARK at one of them to get out of the room and let me relax please ......

Ok then after it was done, I went home. I was at Pavillion, and instead of shopping, I went  home.

Boy facials are really my only indulgence huh.

I have 5 more massages - who wants to buy from me...lelong lelong lelong....


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

I hate these kinda massage or facial place. they are always trying to sell something. I try not to buy those packages. May seem like worth it, but if I encounter bad service and don't wanna return there, then I would have to waste the rest of my session which had been paid for. If they stopped harassing customers, I am sure they will get many more customers.

they have this scanner where they say free scan of skin and later they show u a monitor and will say u have xxxxx skin, etc and they will encourage us to buy more products.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Kan kan kan...memang stress.. esp dengan i yang senang terbeli dan termakan kata kata yang manisni

I told them if you kacau me i wont go again.

Anonymous said...

Thats a good one SW. Hope they dont kacau you anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Superwoman, since you don't like to take off your clothes during the massage, suggest you to try Thai Massage whereby they will provide you with a pants and shirt. You should try Thai Oddesyy Thai Massage...

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