Thursday, May 24, 2012

Morning break jap

Rasamacam lamanya tak update blog ..rupa-rupanya baru beberapa hari

So my kids became tv stars yesterday. Sungguh jakun. TV3 cameover to film their tae kwon do and cadet sophia and jojo were roped in. Punyalah anxious , they were nagging to go to school before it was light! Amazing!

The show will air sometime in ramadhan

What's been happening with you ? My kids have gotten their mid term exam results back. I really love the way Daya psyched me up by saying how well she did in other subjects before she glossed over her 70 plus marks in BM and in Maths. Ofcourse lah you say how proud you are kan, and then zoomed in into her weak areas. Johan pulak has a friend he competes in, which is very healthy . He'd tell me the boy scored higher in this and that subject but he did well in other subjects. Sophia did well in geography and dad positively beamed because it was his favourite subject. Sara loves science but so bad in BM Nadine had her bio tuition teacher come over to the house to teach because apparently her bio teacher is so crapppus- i should SO complain to the school. SPM this year woit...

Ok then will chat later. Byee


nizamohamed said...

Hi there..bagus cara anak you use psychology..bagi good news first then the not so good news..but 70 is ok what.. Better than my BM masa sekolah dulu..

Superwomanwannabe said... BM pun..tapi now so hard lah bm...

by the way i cant seem to post anymore!

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