Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's day

Semalam Hari Ibu kan

So the TV showed several interpretation of what a mommy is. Some clips on telly showing mommies with their toddlers, snuggling their babies, and changing their nappies...and then I saw on KitchenGuardian's blog the clip for Olympic London abt Mothers around the world's persistently and tirelessly coaxing their kids, attending their training, always encouraging them, always going to their events, watching them bloom into the olympic stars that they are...while doing their laundry and housework. 

and then there's the old mothers in the kampung , waiting for the successful sons or daughters who they have raised and fed out of their sweat and blood...

and I got to thinking- 

where's my kind of mom? 

the one who goes to work all day. but tries to spend time with the children when coming back. but then because have little time, ends up barking at them for not doing this or that,

the one who leaves the maid to cook. or pick kids up when it rains (cause said mom is not at home) or iron clothes or clean the beds etc

takda kan? heyy we are mothers too you know , the ones that have maids or yang tak buat laundry..hehehehe...

So.. all moms should be celebrated...except for moms who abuse their children of course- that one, cannot say happy mothers day lar!

Let's do a list of mommyness before I end kay?

Why I think I am a good mom:
  1. I talk to them all the time. I mean ALLLLL the time. They pun dont want to talk to me as much . 
  2. I give a lot of hugs. Whether they want to or not. Inf ront of people. Sometimes I even hug their friends. Much to their embarrassment. sorry Ibraheem. 
  3. I give them money-- to the point that they can take from my bag,Credit to them they never take more than they said they want
  4. I yell- er I remind them to pray and eat and bathe and do other normal functions that they of course cannot do without such reminders (unless they go to other people's homes where suddenly they are model children) 
  5. I make them laugh (when I am not doing no 4 above) 

Why I think I am a bad mom:
  1. I don't cook for them (except for last night when I cooked Nasi briani at husband's request and it turned out ok except very dark brown(?) - maybe spices from south india or maybe somalia? Husband had two helpings and even for breakfast but that could be pity he eh.) 
  2. I very rarely help them do their homework (too hard for me!) 
  3. I don't clean their bedrooms or do their laundry (although please see Item no 4 above) 
  4. I don't watch their events - I have to go see Nadine debate, and Johan at his archery. 
  5. I bribe them a lot - if you massage my feet I will give you RM10.  (child labour or is that called a job?) 


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

I think it's okay if a mom doesnt do housework. after all, it is not a value add thing. some of us can't afford a maid, so we do it ourself. some have the benefit of hiring a maid, so they need not do housework :)

Hugs are good way of showing affection, caring, warmth.

happy Mother's day to you :)


Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Freida! Hugs to you for your kind reply- I did feel that I was less motherly than stay at home moms...tapi betol lah, stay athome moms have a stronger bond with their kids...daripada the working mom (in my opinion lar) - I was one for absolutely ages when they were smaller. enjoyed it tremendously tapi penat!!

nizamohamed said...

Hi there! Happy belated mother's day to you too..:)). I yang stay at home mom ni pun sometimes feel that i am a bad mom..sometimes i feel that i am not doing enough for them and the fact that i tak keje, i feel that i should be doing more..ntahla..i guess it is in our bloodstream that we feel we have to be and do perfect for our kids..we are mothers but we are also human, so to err is human and to forgive is divine, kan?

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