Thursday, May 10, 2012

Overprotective mom or reality?

You know, my kids walk to school every day.

Which is fine, and is part of the perk of buying this house.

However, in light of the kidnapping of Nayati..macam takut pulak kan? The boy was walking to school kan? Ye lah you feel safe cause you walk to school every day and nothing ever happens, and then WHAM! someone is asking you for ransom. If you are lucky. If not, no news. at all. Erks.

It only takes the one time. and where am I going to find RM300,000 if  ever comes to it (heheh assuming lar i ni "high profile" macam Nayati tu) . And with their co-co lah, apa lah , I can't keep track of their schedules

Actually this is a real time there was a rumour that a child in Adni had been pulled into a car and driven away..although it ended up to be a hoax(really??) and most probably a custody issue (divorced parents both wanting to get the kids?)- it did highlight how easy it could have been real. when parents are busy queuing up to get their kids, it's chaos- and then kids pun, they dont exactly sit where they should be sitting, they're all over the place. I don't know whether a child is in school still, or has been picked up, its chaos at end of school--!

I memang the very over protective anyway.(understatement of the Year)  But Im seriously thinking of getting my kids one of those mini GPS tracker that my friend Jag 's company is selling- the one that can show on your phone where your kids are. Even though we are not expats! Its as small as a remote control and its RM1k plus  and battery change only once in 2 years . But hubs not so sure because again, we think we are "low" risk. Yes but the way these kids are walking with nary a care on the roads with absolute no supervision (and not just my kids, I saw other kids too walking and playing on the road - and after school time the road gets very quiet)- if it happens you bite your fingers je lahhhh ..gigitjari!

Insyallah everything will be ok with our kids, and in the meantime, in lieu of the tracking device, we shall ask them to be more alert.


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Prevention is definitely better than cure. Crime rates have gone up. Many people are desperate for money and they will do anything to obtain it, especially the jobless/heartless people out there.

With teenage kids, it is quite hard to monitor them 24/7 as well as accompany them all the time. Best will be to remind them on weekly basis, teach them how to be alert when walking on road, not to walk alone, quickly join a group of people/run and seek help if they see any suspicious character/car approaching them.

Teach them some self defence method. Electrical gadjets such as GPS and pepper spray may help, but the kids should not talk to their others that they do have this device. Sometimes kidnappers just dont kidnap but they do their homework before kidnapping.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks Freida for your comments. sometimes you take safety so much for granted. Kids are reminded not to talk to strangers, but sometimes (often) I see they dont have any problem talking to say, mamat yang datang to the house to sell stuff etc. Takpa..constantly remind them thats the key. - Shila

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