Do not come near ....I will bite aww!

yezza...its that time of the month again and I am SO ON EDGE. I am not particularly angry or moody or anything, in fact I had lunch wiht someone and she said I was so mereng. I feel so high. And buzzing. And so ready to either cry, or shout at you- could be because i didn't sleep yesterday? So this post may be a bit weird. Cause i feel weird.

This morning I had my BNI meeting. So anyway it was my turn to do a 10 minute sales  presentation or was it a referral presentation? it was supposed to be simultaneously educational, and entertaining, and telling the audience who would be a great referral for you. Since I am the person in charge of setting the schedule of speakers for this group (Im the Secretary Treasurer this term) I know of my turn way way ahead of time lar kan..Not like I was taken by surprise kan!

But , when did I start to do the blinking power point slides?? at 1 am. This morning. Friday morning. To be presented to 30 odd people at 8 am...Friday morning. I can do it. Come on everyone say it with me- I -AM-SHEEE RAAAAHHH!! (gf He man) remember? No? Oh well. Sheesh must get more old people to read my blog. (me imagining lots of youngsters here hehehe)

Talking of old people- let me tell you about my neighbourhood-

WAIT! Must-finish-story first. Where was I-

Oh yeah my presentation-when my turn came, I remember my mouth moving up and down, and me reading the slides I had made, and some laughter...they said it was very good and very focused. Hope they weren't being kind. This group can be honest and critical so I would take that at face value. (In which case--squeeeeee!! really?? you like my slides? You like the picture of me pointing to that man who never wants to come and visit the networking group and yet has his name on top of the door of the office? hehehehe)

Ok back to my neighbours. Well. My neighbour depan rumah called me last night (yeah same night that I had to do this 10 mins presentation) and ordered invited me to this Datin's house to listen to an ustaz teach. (Who is not a Datin near my house please? I have seriously moved to either the wrong neighbour hood or the very correct one (Awww! I nak jadi diva datin you! heheeh))  I am always eager to learn and meet new friends (until I actually meet them) and so after husband came home,  we went . Kids of course did not mind that we didn't take them and  were even willing to take the risk that we actually WERE going to Midvalley Mega Mall and not the Ceramah (as the father told them seriously)- perhaps it was the malay baju melayu get up that we were wearing that gave us away?

Anyway - after driving about 4 seconds, we arrived at the house. (Oh please, they live down the road, but we have 3 inches heels lah kan. Because we have managed to lose one side of our only decent flat shoes that we bought at the Hong Kong Peak lah kan. That one side fell out of the car :(----- so even though our husband has maybe 10 pairs of shoes he keeps alternating, we only have whatever pair we remember to leave in the car lah kan! So how to walk down the road? )

Sampai je dah lambat- yelah it started at 7.30 kan pm. We were one hour late so I slipped into the girls's side and sat down, sheepishly greeted the girls (I use the term "girls" very loosely) and a minute later my jaw dropped as the topic was ....BIRDZ and the BEEZZ!! nothing erotic , just quite explicit. er.. like the correct way, the etiquette, what to do after, the allowed positions and what not (positions?? As in more than one? Whatchootokingabout Willis?? WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAH ) the ladies pretended to listen but were probably thinking "now you tell us" while the men looked like they were focusing very very intently ! hah hahahahah! Tin tin, careful tau! hehehehe-!

Anyway it was appropriate I guess cause the hosts were marrying off their daughter this Sunday. (I would so be dead with embarrassment if my parents did this just before my wedding, you know-- it's like announcing - ok after this ladies and gentlemen, our daughter will be  doing the marital hokey pokey -! ha ha ha!)

 After the ceramah finished (finally!! The ustaz did elaborate a wee bit too much ha ha) we all went out for dinner. And I got to sit with the kakak who invited me. And the other lady . The 2 people  I know. Although of course you would not be able to tell that, from the way that I was TERSENGEHING at everyone like I know them. Ie, smile like a rotten cockerel. Or was that rotten cockle? Hm whatever.

 I even confessed, I ni memang terhegeh hegeh sengeh pride, no one can ever ever call me sombong.  They laughed. A bit awkwardly. Yezzaaaaa the mad neighbour is here! They are all abt 10 years older than me je. How come I felt 30 years  younger though?? I kept trying to channel all my lovely aloof elegant friends but TAK JADIK. In the end , I was me although diluted sikit lah. Kena lah sesuaikan dengan suasana kan..Tapi kan..if you want my honest opinion..penat ! Phew!

(WAAAHH I just re-read the last para - I  said I was terhegeh-hegeh?? waaahhH!!)

Ok I dont know quite how to end this post- so how about with a BABAI??

Have a nice weekend you all. and take care...

Special shout out to Vinnie who loves meeeeeeee


Iz Ayunie said…
wow..I think only u can blog (or is it rambling) like this and I still find it's like the exact flow of your thoughts and I can imagine you telling it..nice~ -ur ilent reader-
Kaklong said…
haiyyaa mommy. Just be urself. I know what its like (i think i follow you in that aspect) and it is soo tiring.

Baru nak kata hey mommy x bgtau pon! but then i'm glad you didnt since it was about THAT. Phew!
Hi Iz Ayunie

Thanks.. tak confused ke? I normally am very serious ...actually. Betul ..tak tipu...hehehehe
nizamohamed said…
First of all, love the picture!! PMS time is one of the worst times for me is like me against the world right? Anyway, just be yourself, but of course kalau first time jumpa tu, like you said, kena dilute sikit...takut terkezut semua orang but basically for me, kalau orang suka kita for who we are, Alhamdulillah, kalau tak suka, takperlah..tak kisah..hahaha...
Ye betul yourself. walau pun kena tone down takut "tin" nanti terkezut berokz..heheheh
I tink you sound v likable Niza!
nizamohamed said…
I sound likable? You made my day lah... My day yang today penuh dgn berlari kesana sini, tetiba sibuk and buat pulak gatal pakai heels, now kaki lenguh tak reti nak cakap..:))
aishah (adico) said…
shera bukan cousin heman ke not his gf (ahahahaha, am ooooold), as alwaya shila i dont know how u manage to fit everything in ur schedule!
Niza- kan kan?? heels bad for your back! But looks so good kan.

Aishah- I somehow manage to! But very last minuteone lah! hehehe

Mrsnordin said…
You are beginning to sound like Gina when she first moved to Bev Hgts! Hee.. Hee.. Soon you will blend well with them...
NOOOOO.....takndak too young....waaaa ...

anyway thanks for the night last night girl! Hope bdayboy liked the pressie!
edelweiss said…
kak sheila...

i ingat He-Man & She-RAhhhh! heheheh those were the days kekeke
Thundercats!Thundercats woooooooo was it ho or what? but yes, i loved Sherah too!sexy meow!
Anonymous said…
Wow !!! Thanks Sheila Glamour sebentar ! Love love your blog - since the days where your first blog vanished !Think perhaps i was more upset compared to you ! that blog had lots of good memories. Now banyak pulak anons, ur famous in blog world but u deserve it ! Keep making us laugh. Love Love !

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