Weiheyy how are you

My eldest has gone off to a debating thingy in Ipoh....sobs. She left this morning with her schoolmates (all 5 of them) and will be there until next Wednesday, All holiday plans have been rescheduled and pushed back until she returns. However since husband has booked his hols from today, he is itching to go somewhere and so we are going back to Kluang to see his parents, and then maybe go see Universal Studios. We havent booked anything, probably will be disappointed etc but hey lets just go with the flow. Sometimes no plan is good plan. Good to see mak and abah too, selalunya they come up.

Then maybe we can go to terengganu for the sea..I've always wanted to mencandat sotong..catch squids..sounds fun (but also sounds boring if too long)...maybe this time can do? Have invited my parents..actually if ikut I , I rasa macam nak bawak everyone...you know , once they took us sightseeing , now we have to take them sight seing lah. Mak and abah nak pi umrah in ramadhan they said. WAAAHHthey are going abroad...waaaahh saya sedang sangat jeles.

People in fb pulak dok lah mengupdate kan their holiday place. WHYYYY eheheheheh ..no lah, am just kidding. you know that....

Ok now will go call my daughter.


Anonymous said…
Happy Holidays to you and your family.

For USS, you need to book and purchase the tickets online, print your ticket and go. School holidays are peak time, so ticket price will be slightly more expensive than usual.

Thanks v much Anonymous...am actually googling "very cheap tickets" because i just cannot believe how much the tickets cost!
che nor said…
I pun teringin juga nk mencandat sotong tp takut sea-sick :(. Enjoy ur holiday SWW
I pun..tapi macam best kan?? I tak da book apa apa lgiche nor...

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