Sunday, June 10, 2012


Tomorrow Im sure life will be heckk because today it is HEAVENLYYYYY

I am at Carlton singapore wiht the other half who is swimming his heart out in this lovely deep pool and I am surfing this FREE internet and after this we are going out to either Arab St or marine bay sands I am loving it ! On the Queen In Hyun man's front the drama is officially over and I have not yet seen the last 3 episodes because Im waiting for the English subs to come but the actor who acted as the hero went and confessed publicly 3 days ago that he has fallen in love with his co actor the heroine SWOON

On a very somber note my young cousin who was 27 died  in his sleep. He was the only son  of my mother 's sister. He went to bed at 8 and then by the time they woke him up for subh he was allready gone and gone for quite a while from the look of it. Hubby and I were woken up at dawn and hubbs went first and certified the death..awwww his mom was soo heartbroken because this boy was such a good boy and never did anything that his mom did nt like and also didn't work for 3 years after his degree purely so that he can fetch his mom and sister here and there  and run errands for them...and his dad was hardly home and now the dad (i hope) feels like such a heel...still I would not wish a death of a child for anyone no matter how horrible they are. And they refused postmortem which finally the police allowed although it is routine procedure to investigate if a young man who had no previous illness died for no reason. I also found out that life insurance cannot be claimed if there is no cause of death. And no post mortem means cannot find cause of death. But I am wondering--what the heck is cause of death? Could it be black magic (his mom had been a victim) but can black magic kill??

Anyway we shall never know and I pray the little family will recover and my auntie stays strong and grounded ..she is ever such a tiny person if you see her. but the burden she shoulders/.wow. I told her that your son thinks you are strong enough thats why he left you. You must go on. And not collapse. Senangnye I cakap...if it was my child would i still stay sane enough to hold a tahlil or would I go into a room and cry and cry??

Anyway yes. the swimming man has forgotten his goggles and so is waiting for the pool to clear so that he can swim without fear of hitting people.


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

My deepest condolence to you and your family on the demise of your cousin brother. Sometimes life seems unfair that all the good person goes first.

Yes, strong black magic can kill. 7months ago, my cousin brother died for nothing, but not in his sleep. He just fainted and died. No prior illness. Post mortem probably could not detect anything but doctors suspect due to silent heart attack. But later his mum and siblings consulted "someone" and they found his wife and her boyfriend had done black magic to him to kill him, so that they can just take his insurance, CPF, etc and have a jolly good life without him. Sounds sadist right? This is life, we all need to be careful cos sometimes we won;t know when someone will cast a black magic spell on us.

Enjoy ur holiday in Singapore :)

Anonymous said...

THAT is SOO BAD!! I hope God will punish the wrong soon....

tak boleh percaya lah nowadays....orang macam macam..and the drama adn film yang promote witchcraft ni pun should be reduced...get the idea out from society..

Anonymous said...

god will just punish the bad people, its just a matter of time. if you notice, those bad people who had done bad to others, they usually have a slow and painful death, or they don't have a good, peaceful life.

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