Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Day My Daughter Debated...! (and mummy debated from the sidelines) !!

Sorry sorry many things to you have the time?? okay here goes:

The Debate

Well  my daughter Nadine got into the finals of the Interschool debate held at UIA. Which sounds so hohum normal and ordinary school event right but is actually A BIG DEAL ..She is so keen in debating and you know that she had even asked to stay if we were to go abroad for June as she had some debating thingy right- and right after that, she had this UIA thingy. Yeah, its a "Thingy" to her ever busy parents ..because we support but we kinda take it like- oh its  a school thing..until you know , she like COMPLAINED ! Her dad had said- dah dah lah tu. you have SPM this year (enough is enough! concentrate on exams !)

So when she went for this Interschool debate, we heard about her progress. She had 2 others of course in her team, and she would call me and tell me they got through to the "octo". One night we kidnapped her out of UIA (She was there for 4 days and4 nights) to take her to dinner - hey it was fathers day dinner lar...glad to see Mas my sister in law talking to her about her debate animatedly and I was glad that she had some one interested in her debate. We WERE but weren't really very excited like she clearly was (Edited as my daughter said she wasnt MEGA EXCITED hihihih)

Anyway then she said they got into SEMI FINALS!! Wheeee ! and asked me to go. So the next day not to disappoint my eldest daughter..I went. hey I can please some dumb clients who want me to attend to them on a Saturday I can jolly well make the effort right....

Went to a place that she told me. Drove to UIA. With the estima that we just took out of the workshop (Rm13 k ok) - and found that the car was funny, at normal driving, went at 80, at drive tu! and then, had to break so hard baru stop.

anyway reached UIA. went to the place, climbed stairs (huffed and puffed) and looked for the place. All locked up. Searched for office. Debate started at 10. It was 10. Person in office said it was at Place B. Drove to Place B. UIA makes you drive around a huge round to come back to where you were. Place B - empty. Walk so far empty??  Only kids preparing for the Final there at night. My daughter was in another building! THINK ZEN!! -Went to car, to drive. Car sounded funny. At P was revving crazily. Burning smell. Killed car.  Called MECHANIC NOW! and posted in fb (of course) -- and then waited...and waited -- and sweated like an oink oink (never actually seen them sweat or come to think of it,  in close range at all) -- and then finally came , and then finally repaired, turned out some wires on some cable frayed..and he repaired but did not replace..need to replace..until replace, please drive slowly. 

Waaa? by the time finished repair...finished debate...daughter and team had gone back..I suppose..cause i went home. a prayer upstairs to PLEASE LET MY DAUGHTER WIN THE SEMI SO THAT SHE CAN GO TO FINALS SO THAT HER PARENTS CAN FINALLY SEE HER DEBATE because I didnt get to watch waaaaaaaaaa

Then!!! As I was doing my docs (i always have work to so disorganised that work follows me everywhere) - i got a call from a friend whose daughter was also in UIA and she said.--

Congratulations!!! Nadine is in Finals! !Adni won Semi against KDU! (talk about the power of mom's prayer!)

Wooohoooo! woohoooo!! woohooo!!

Who was the opponent??


Aiyoo..that is one powderful team man..been in the finals like four years or was it 2 years in a row..and had established themselves in the debate track...and my Adni kids are going after them??
Adni., who only entered the debate thing LAST YEAR for the first time ever?? Adni, who NO ONE knows? Not a boarding school, not an elite school, but a small cikoonanan school by the highway (whose fees I am paying slowly argh)

So come to the finals...

Nadine came back briefly to take her clothes change for the finals..hehehe must loook nice. Pity Adni did not even have a school blazer....anyway never mind.

Come to the finals. I took the kids to UIA and we were excitedly waiting for it to start. Even Husband came from hospital. Kids were banished to the u pper stands while parents get to sit in front. Met the parents of the other 2 debaters =-one i allready know as she rides as well with my kids and one is the parent of the only boy (who I think Nadine has a slightttt crush on shhhhh)

anyway started jeng jeng..the two teams came down....and went to their places.. the boys from SDAR  were all nicely dressed ...they were the government supporting the motion " It should be the legal responsibility of a captain to be the last one on the ship"

Ok where did THAT topic come from...

The Chair was a bit was a debating competition right..and serious..and final some more..why was the Chair acting like its a gameshow?? Because after one speaker got up, she would introduce him/her and say stuff like" so and so likes to cook and when asked her ambition is to be a masterchef but she actually..does not know how to cook ha ha ha!" in an Im so funny voice. Which is nice,. but not appropriate I think.

Anyway the first speaker went on. And then the first from Adni..a small girl called Alia - while she was talking the other side kept standing up- it appears that this is common for parliamentary debates-- no ethics at all..biasa lar... hehehe (although they might want to throw chairs if they really want to follow govt style debates ha ha ha)  Alia told the other guys - SIT DOWN..which is hilarious because it was so firm and she sounds so serious when she is so small.

Overall....the kids did well. I know, I know, they had a few grammatical mistakes plus they created new words ..ha ha..the whole thing was not clear at all and I think its because they did not understand the responsibility..they thought it meant death, crime, jail etc anyway never mind- two teams who had noo idea of where to go with this as who knows what the legal position is?

So I put the blame on the topic.

Anyway the delivery- the SDAR had their points - a lot , and they delivered it okay. Adni had their star debater , a boy who was cocky and grinned his way through the debate.. i guess when its parliamentary style its ok. I would deck him, ha ha ha! But he had the best delivery method of not knowing anything about debating..but at least he summed up the points and tied them up so that the listener understood where he was going with what he was saying. Yeah you have a lot of points pun no point if no one understands right..yeah. mummy was doing a lot of underbreath commentary. I told the teacher next to me- this is why i dont come-- i am a disruptive should see me at their sports day..i am the one that would be jumping up and down and yelling muslimah - NOT.

Then it was Nadine's turn...we were excited when she got up. Her voice broke ! She was nervous I think!

Then it was over....and the poor SDAR speaker had one more thing to say..this was his second(?) final and he will make damn sure government (which they are) wins. Damn sure? in a debate ??

Ok ok im too harsh !

SUSPENSE after the debate..everyone was on a high..everyone said even reaching the finals was an tak menang is oso okay, result was the next day...

The next day I had an appointment of one an hour okay so it was mad..

but in the middle of it I got an sms - WE WON!


So excited
and havenot come down yet

poor Sdarians.....never mind.

And now getting questions- where's Adni school anyway?? hehehehhe

So now Nadine - STUDY!! !


Anonymous said...

Best post in a while! I laughed so hard!!! Car rosak fb as well!!! 13k!!!!! Nadine has a crush on guy? Now study ...... Its like ur talking u shd do a vlog!
The debates bow days r BP style the results shd hv been given on that day. Am curious what r some points from nadine's team?

kaklong said...

What?! Nadine has a crush? Where did that come from?

Hey mommy you make me sound so jakunla, i dont think i acted MEGAexcited..

You forgot to mention how disappointed i was afterwards btw

Superwomanwannabe said...

hehehe kaklong...thats mummy's personal opinion hehe

oh yeah i just dont like to remind you of how disappointed you were thought you didnt do well..apa lah..

and yes you were mega excited lah ...but that does not mean jakun.

nizamohamed said...

Congrats for winning!!!:)) a very enjoyable read..macam tengok movie baca your entry.. Entertaining..:))

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hii Niza! Thanks very much....suka i u suka i ...hehe

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