Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's never boring when you have a maid


Tom Cruise and Katie divorce because of ....?

Aiyoo..another one bites the dust...

ok ok firstly i dont know them.

secondly they are "mat salleh"

and thirdly they are blooming hollywood stars..maybe their standards are different

but love is love and marriage is marriage and having kids is having kids- and the breakdown of any marriage is always so sad kan

The thing is when they went into this marriage people doubt them, and throughout their marriage people doubt them and kept waiting for their divorce...and then they go divorce..for once cant they just buck the trend and NOT break up???



Anyway. On the home front I have one er - shockingg bombshell. I was up at 5 am and was chatting with maid on our ages...and I asked her - eh Im  older than you right?? And she looked at me and she said- she is actually 26 and not 38 like she declared in her passport. And she is not a mom of 4 but rather a mom of 1 boy. Who is 12.  She was indeed pregnant at 14.

I listened to it amusedly. I wasn't upset because it was like- long as you do the work im ok. YOu can tell me you are a fairy from the land of fairy land and I would be ok

And then she told me later that evening- Bu, (madam) Im going to see my brother tomorrow at 9

me: EH? You are telling me or asking me?

She: I allready asked you the other day?

Me: I dont remember you asking to SEE him? I remember you telling me you have 12 brothers and sisters in Malaysia which you had conveniently forgot to tell the agent, or me. Now you tell me you are going to see him?? Whats happening??

So anyway I sat her down and this is the story: Take a deep breath everybody!

She has brothers and sisters in Malaysia. She has found 2 . One brother contacted her. How? By giving a letter to a friend who worked in Ulu Klang, and who then knows the lady who worked in the mamak shop down the road, Magically that friend knows her and said to that man holding the letter, eh i know this person she works so and so place and HER PHONE NUMBER (my home number) is this . And so the brother has been calling my  home number. A coincidence. She told me another brother has also contacted her.  the guy got our number by dialling random number This is the number that husband went to the TM shop to get THIS year. If I were to forget my own number and decide to dial randomly I OSO cannot get it right!!!  Woaaahhh these Indons...James Bond pun kalah! 

Anyway...she now wants to go to Kotaraya where her brother will meet her, and then take her to Klang, to meet her sis ter in law before she goes back for a month. Maybe she will need to stay at her brothers place overnight, if the sister in law decide not to go back. Flight at 5 pm, can decide not to go back meh?? Tony Fernandez your uncle is it?

Okay, if in the morning I was fine...then this time around I blew my top. You lied to me about your age, you lied to me about your basically lied and lied..and you want me to trust you? Never mind that the agents are asking you to lie, you had the chance to tell me the truth. you hold the keys to my house, you take care of my can I trust what you say if  you lie? All the "demi tuhan"- can I believe them??

She really really really wanted to go.. but if i said no, its ok.

Sigh...i pondered and pondered. Nak je say no but feel like against the" Human Rights Code of Ethics For Stupid Employers"- yelah, she has her brother and she wants to see cruel am I not to give right??

Then I spoke to @Mrsnordin and the agent and they both laughed their heads off at my silliness....they said:

"She is meeting her boyfriend, silly!! She is a widow., she has been here for several months (8) and now she has friends - neighbour's maids, the restaurant down the road. the sweeper etc...they have introduced her to a man -  one of the house even had construction workers for sveral months (now dah takda)- and now she wants to go meet him to have fun time! And she is being coached about what to say! Where she knows about Kota raya?? "Silly silly me.

So im saying no, and of course I apologise profusely while doing so- I am still me, right. And im taking her wiht me today to cut her hair etc etc

unless she is gone by the time I go downstairs...

BTW my agent said its very very hard to get a maid nowadays...he has not brought one in since February. If you guys can teach me how to mop, I will gladly send her away. (that , and give me the contact number of a day maid) 


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

this is really their grandmother grandfather story and they will make it sound so pathetic to win your sympathy. helpers nowadays are not like 20 yrs ago where they did a good job and can be trusted upon.

Btw,, you can contact Zarin at she has some weekly helper coming to clean her house like 2 times a week. I saw her mentioning this in one of her blog post.

Can also try procleaners. if you take regular service from them its much cheaper -

Ms V

IDA said...

oh dear...i too has been conned by previous maid (the one and only), I believed her story till she got caught by my BIL, talking to a guy at 12 midnite kat belakang rumah, yet she still denied it..i had no otherchoice at that time ( as I wasn't able to walk by myself) so i have to bring her to KL. I controlled her every step, even brought her along to work. I told her that I have to be nasty towards her because she ruined my trust on her. She got fed up eventually and told me that she can only work for me for one year. I sent her back last May, and its not even a year.. but i feel so good about it..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Ms V

grandmother and grandpather story kan?? sounds like it lar... i have one year left - paid like 8 kfor her so rasanya we will close one eye for 1 year. but then allready discussed with kids what to do if we have no maid. my kids are big ..shd survive right???

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ms V- thanks for the tip!! I will contact zarinn!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ida...u r right jugak - if she is gone takda dah headache..i think this will be my very very last maid...

tapi kan..tonight someone is coming if no maid I will be the one tunggang langganging ...sorang sorang..but ...berapa kali lah sangat right...we can cope...

Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

I m positive your kids can survive without a maid :)

Ms V

Anonymous said...

well..mine got pregnant, try to abort the baby herself and got into a whole lot of mess that almost cost her own life and being responsible employer, i'm 'koyak' by a few thousands but one's perfect!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...