Me and MLM

I suck at Multi Level Marketing.

ANY marketing , come to think of it.

I've joined god knows whatever there is out there...all believing fullheartedly in it...

Nuskin?? now ordering everymonth out of sympathy for the guy because if I don't order he will not make his points (I know right??What the heck moment) - first time i know of Nuskin my cousin from dad's side  had a kenduri and at her kenduri HER cousin  (from her mom's side- confused yet?) had a demo on Nuskin..even had this thing where she burnt some normal marketbought stuff and then it like burnt and she said - ahhhhhaaa this shows that its not clean etc etc..ok of course I signed up on the spot. Must say though that I liked the product.

Then I kinda forgot about it for  a while face thank goodness, did not suffer. Too much!

Then recently I joined BNI i met this guy also selling Nuskin the only thing was- he was TOTALLY not like a salesman, more like an accountant and he is so pleasant! And so persistent! So I signed up under him. I liked him even though he did the biometric age thing of me, and staff at work and then discovered that I am  BIOLOGICALLY 54 years old* actually- still, he did it while smiling so I macam dont mind. There was a brief tussle for my membership at the B*NIthing because one of the members was going  into the business - but in the end I stuck to Mr C*hew.  And kept surreptitiously buying the LIfepack tablets..and hiding it in my office dah berkotak kotak,....kenapa tak makan?? Cause the pills are so darn huge..nak telan susah (OKAY I AM A BABY)
** I am actually 43~! which is funny because my body internally is older than the rest of my semua kena resepek okay!

And then there's Melaleuca

Ok in my defence, they are good- non caustic and non toxic and organic and natural and they use a lot of tea tree oil..and then everything smells foreign and very nice...and so I became a member..not only member but PREMIUM member okay ie I went and bought like a HUGE box as a starter..ok this I like but the guy then asked me ..when am I going to introduce my friends to it?? er..i dont know.

I dont know because I don't know how to do the business..yeah yeah I know the money is good. But How do I sell?? I buy pandailah..sell , I not so good. I end up scaring the other person cause Im like so earnest- BUYYLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA from me....(yeah thats what happened when I tried to promote Nuskin)

Apa tu?? Yes of COURSE i have Premium Beautiful ha ha ha...even though it cost me an arm and a leg. Tried it on. Even went to a restaurant with the whole family with it..but found it tobe sooo gatal on turned out that I was simply..too fat. I nearly killed myself everytime I went to the loo trying to get it off, I gave it a rest for a while thinking -- let me lose weight first...then I can get  into it...of course THAT never  happened lah kan??

So er,,,anyone wants a PB set ?? kekekekekekekek

I wonder which MLM I will join next..heheheh


eh magic lar! I saw a comment on my gmail and then when i went was gone! camana ek? anyway yes my kind commenter asked whether the nuskin was good- memang okay.. especially the ageloc one. mau nye tak okay, ada one agent tu, sanggup put cream on one hand and not on the other hand, and show me the results-- satu macam kerepot and satu cantik-- and I asked her-- sampai hati you buat camtu kat tangan you ek?? and she laughed and said -shes making money what! waaa cam tu woit...
Ezza Muffinbiru said…
few days ago my abang ipar cuba pujuk kami join Amwa*....talking talking tak berhenti sambil tunjuk brocurs ...pakai sendiri saja kata nya..
kami pandang dan senyum jer..langsung tak da hati nak beli pun.....yang kat luar tu pun banyak yang baik dan murah...
kadang kadang..u takut nak borak dengan depa ni kan..not that you dont love them...but they cant help but try to sell....

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