Monday, July 30, 2012

Singa(Never a )Bore

One of the perks of being a government (or otherwise) doctor, is you get invited to give talks or attend seminars etc and usually its in a nice swanky hotel or some exotic location. these seminars are usually organised by the "drug" companies and they usually pay for the doctor's fare for them to come. It's a perk because hey,  its very expensive kan, hotel etc.  Some of my friends have gone to Milan lah, Japan lah, and some doctors I know are out of the country every other month. If not every month. My other half is relatively homebound because in his line of work the drug companies don't really find him useful. But he is useful to some companies whose tools he uses. Anyway yes I do tell him the difference between BRIBE and REWARD. must be very careful woit because it is also the difference between our  kids ROSAK and JADIK (insyallah) ..heheheheh...

Anyway yes, once in awhile he gets invited and his wife of course lah menggelitik (*ever heard of that word) want to go right..but usually local or regional je lah....very very rarely overseas. He got sent to Barcelona years ago. And then Pune India. I wanted to go -  got  shot down due to cost..hehehe ...but otherwise local or paling terror , Singapore. I sometimes ask him to have less pride and ask for these drug companies to send him further but my husband very sombong one...dont want to ask. Actually he very lazy to go and mingle mingle. He said he doesn't like to have to talk to people (another one!)

So anyway..he got invited again and so here we are in Singapore- again. Didn't really know what hotel we were going to be in and  didn't care, having just had a buka puasa at home for 25 people (all my brothers and mom's siblings etc) the day before and still pooped from that. Almost missed flight because left home so late. Only has one hour and a half to spare before flight and then husband decided to stop by the hospital to see his patient. EEKK! Iwas freaking out then I decided,,,tawakallah..ada ada, takda never mind God's will right..and wallau! We made it for the flight! I was also not particular about accommodation, then WALLAU! Intercontinental the most favourite favourite ever hotel in Singapore. I was soo delighted I was whooping! 

Which has improved from not even knowing where the kiblat is, to having special SAHUR menu ok! I am impressed - Peter the old concierge was the one who showed direction of kiblat and he's chinese! 

I know I know...I should not have followed. Kids at home, fasting month, Nadine unwell etc etc. Husband also actually malas to go ...but I think its good for him to go away once in a while. The past week he was on call and he was home after maghrib and then had to leave for work at 10 pm to operate or something.  And me? I just like airplanes and sad. 

Penat nye ada orang tu ...  as soon as he landed at hotel-whammo- out like a light -while I do all the normal stuff I do when Im in a hotel- check out pantry, jakun over the stationery, etc (never gets old) . He had very kindly sneaked in some food for me to eat in the room so I was munching away and was a happy bunny (eeee tak malu) ..

After that, we went to GardensbytheBay and let me tell you- it was worth it. It is an engineering feat and I am proud that we have it in this region. I think Singaporeans are small micro people while Malaysians are the grandiose big picture people. The project is to create 2 conservatories, one with flowers round the world and the other one is a cloud forest- oh go look it up--.

Today second day: I am of course trying to finish my work in the hotel room waiting for him to come back from the hospital here (old story eh) and after that its PARTAY time..JUST KIDDING! Bulan puasa..kena hormat..But he is getting us tickets to Cirque Du Soleil. which he says is cheaper to watch here than in Montreal (you dont say!)

In the meantime. kids have called with long list. 

Will update later. Byee!

Friday, July 27, 2012


My basic self is lazy. Don't want to do stuff. Unless its stuff I really love and also unless extremely pushed. 
hence I will read 7 books of Harry Porter in one week, and I will traipse all around KL looking for Rick Riordan's latest book and I will wake up at crazy hours to go to BNI and I will go to funny places looking for fabric. ..but generally and basically, I am too lazy to do stuff ..tak suka shopping because cant bebothered to walk and not buy. tak suka exercise because its too much effort.Have 5 children because cant be bothered to eat pills or do anything. Breastfed cause cant be bothered to make bottles of milk in the middle of the night... I tell you...lazy.

but my basic self is also full of good intention. I want to complete my solat tarawih every night, is one of them. But my lazy self dah tertidor twice allready. And my lazy self is now arguing that I should do tarawih at home again today. I need to be pushed and thank goodness my neighbour in front of my house is a tiger lioness dragon angel of a lady and she is pushing me to come. The terawih in my area is done in one of my neighbour's house. Something about disagreeing with the local surau. Anyway if I dont come one night and I come the next day I will surely get asked one..and my reaction had so far been that of a child kena marah. or being scolded by boss- I guess you can take a lady out of the corporate world, you cant take the corporate world out of the lady.  That day we went to a restaurant and came home just as they left for tarawih and we stayed home and the next day she asked - why go to party is it??

The entire tarawih time I was stewing and thinking of alternative answers. 

Yeah , I have a problem concentrating during the tarawih..i try to though! I catch myself looking at the socks in front of me..or wondering why the lady next to me is pushing me, or wondering why the ustaz paused ..(turned out that he forgot the line ) and why the lady on the other side of me felt the need to recite her verses in a loud  whisper (very distracting) and then I TELL  MYSELF TO STOP! And then I concentrate..and then I think of my to do list...then the emails I need to send...

So anyway ... I will keep on trying. Any tips??

I told my dad this and he told me a funny story of how one time, a mouse ran in front of a congregation of praying people . One guy said EH A MOUSE! and the guy next to him said - DONT SAY ANYTHING LAH YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK WHILE PRAYING! and then the guy behind him piped up- PHEW THANK GOODNESS I DIDNT SAY ANYTHING


Sunday, July 22, 2012

The basic of Solat! (syariah compliant post he he)

You know...Im solat ni..betul ke ah? Selama ni I buat kan..masa tu belajar kat Labuan dalam kem askar...I remember in the madrasah, the ustazah ask us to bring a kain pelekat..a we all put it over our heads, and then pull one part over our head, so that we now have a ninja style I still know how to do it even if no problem!
(of course that was the time I was mixing with the boys in da hood. and playing soccer .hard to know i was a girl) 

Anyway entah entah tak before its too late i have no shame to tell you I am now watching this man:  on niat, berdiri tegak etc etc-- babai!! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Selamat Berpuasa!

Bila makan kurma tu.....
Credit to Facebook : himpunan gambar lawak

The Break (not from blogging I mean)

You ever had one of those days when you just gotta GO?

I dont mean "go" as in go to the loo but GO as in go out of KL, go on a break - just GO.

Well I've been having that feeling for a while now. So last Friday I grabbed my little chicks and we went to Double3 for the night. I used the free night I got for renewing the premium membership and all of us squeezed in the room! Nadine and Sara brought sleeping bags. Daddy pun join even though half the time he had to go to the hospital. We all enjoyed the "melantak" session at Makan Kitchen...semua nak makan-!

Then, we went home, prayed and packed for the next phase of the break--- off to Kuantan and Terengganu! Yaaay!! I managed to get the only remaining room (so it seemed) in Kuantan- at this place called Sanctuary Resort...on paper it sounded ok...flat screen tv, kettle, tea coffee making facilities, fridge, aircond, hot water, 3 rooms, one room with double bed, 2 rooms with 2 beds each. Perfect lah kan! Overlooking sea AND have a big pool. RM165 saja punyalah rezeki I......! was definitely run down, things  were old, need refurbishing , smelled musty... and not Double3 laa kan..but hey- it was clean and I was so grateful for the room. Siap ada gerai outside lagi...

Bapaknye punya lah penat...he crashed out till 10 am - aside from Subuh I could not wake him up at all! I think when the mind knows its on leave kan, the body relaxes and crashes out.

Next, off we went to Terengganu- immediately after waking up actually! First stop- buy me shoes! I had left my shoes at HOME. I had no shoes. I had to wear someione's HUGE clown imitation pink crocks FUSCHIA pink ok ..and coupled with my slacks and dressy blouse I looked like BOZO the CLOWN. Heheh - we saw this supermarket on the way and I stopped quickly to get the sandals...alah murah punya pun ok..tapi my kids and my husband also turun it was 1 hour later that we went back in-- and the damage included tshirt lah, slippers for the others lah, pen lah , bag lah, nailclipper lah. Even a ream of paper . (that was me)

And NOW we were ready to go to Pulau Gemia! BUT! Ternampak the famous Hai Peng coffeeshop by the stop lah...baguspun sbb tak makan lagi..ramainye lah orang....considering it was a Sunday and working day for was full !
We had about 10 eggs (!! there goes the cholesterol!~) and nasi dagang and nasi lemak and french toast and fancy coffee and also kopi tiam....yummm!!

Then, we dragged ourselves out of there , tummies full...have to stop at a computer shop because I needed to get a mouse. To work kan- got to bring laptop everywhere --what to do, so disorganised ! But hey, I'd rather be working at  a beach than at the office right? hehehehe

Anyway 2 hours later...we finally reached Pulau Gemia..after finding out that (a) we missed the boat and had to get another boat- and (b) we were booked for 1 room for 2 nights instead of the other way round. That was soon sorted out...what a relief to finally arrived.

Gem Island Resort - or Pulau Gemia- what an underated gem.  

It's a smallll island, with only one resort...but it's perfect and I will go again. You feel like it's your own house., the beach is small and so private., and there are 3 beaches to go to (3 sides kan) 1 side tu is rocky,. and the water chalets over look them. If you turn right from the room you eventually get to one beach, which is rocky but has a cave that opens up to the other side ! Rocky lah and not really suitable for swimming but even without snorkels I could see fish! One bit johan. Then we went to the beach on the other side of hte island (near the reception) and that has less rocks and corals so can swim. At 6 we took theboat to the nearby island Pulau Kapas and spent 1 hour really swimming and frolicking in the sea. I love sea because you dont have to wear proper swimwear to go in! Tshirt pun ok!

 Views from our room  (below)

Below :  Dinner time at the (only) restaurant. Reasonable prices ! Had rice and several dishes like lemon chicken , beef and ginger , chicken wings etc...

 Anyway after dinner something magical happened- we were walking to the villa and passed this small sanded enclosure where they had buried turtle eggs . 2 men were crouching over a bucket..the eggs hatched not 5 minutes before we passed! The kids were so excited and so was I lah kan, tak pernah tengok. Orang puteh kata excited...I kata jakun hehehe.. we counted them -76. And we went to the temporary salt water pool that the resort has just for turtles and the kids let the turtles out themselves. The new turtles shot out of the bucket into the sea and swum around like mad in the pool for a good 10 mins before they settled down. One died.....(tu lah I did ask whether it was ok for all of the turtles to be in one bucket on top of each other) and another one also died after being given mouth to mouth (no kidding ok) 

Then seeing the kids so excited, the men (who were workers at the resort) took them (and us) to see Nemo. Because of low tide, we saw anemones, with nemo (bright orange and white striped fish) darting in and And also sponge corals. Amazing since we were all NOT nature buffs at all. and this was the first real encounter since they left toddler hood,  with anything NOT requiring a socket.

We went to bed happy and buzzing with excitement. I shooed them out into their own room so mum and dad can pretend to be on our honeymoon a hahahahaha! Don't worry, they had plenty of space...2 huge beds and 1 sofa bed the size of a single bed! 

View from outside our room the next morning (that's Pulau Kapas)- Tell me you don't want to go here: 

 When Johan looked down , he can see the fish in the water:  

 Pulau Kapas: 
 Breakfast! (below)
 All too soon, it was time to go...not before dad and the kids kayaked around the island- (took them 20 minutes) , and we had seen 8 or more types of fish in the sea (even me , who did not have the guts to venture more than 2 metres away from the beach) My other girls probably thought their mom was such a wuzz, they were happily snorkelling in the middle of the sea (well, far out anyway) - saw eels lah, puffer fish lah, baby sharks lah..yikes!

I would definitely come again

Pics below: leaving the island......
 Our chalet is at the right !

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mom and dad

mom and dad in law are had a check up on his heart..

his doc said he had diffused disease-- ie his heart dah banyak rosak that cannot be repaired he will get increased bouts of chest pain..

husband is resigned to the fact je..i yang upset.

you don't think of your parents going , do you. I mean, I think I'd be lost without my  parents. Despite my dad being so pushy sometimes he he ...the other day I was having a small dinner party kan, I called my mom. My dad said - why do you keep askingpeople over for dinner when you don't know how to COOK?

har har har daddy.. verrrrryy funny.

Anyway yeah my mom was such a gem- she cooked !

I seriously cannot imagine life without her in it.

And my dad! what happens if he goes ? I can't imagine having no one call me and ask me "kau bila nak datang jumpa aku....." in a sad wayy but he's only kidding.

How about my in laws. Who on earth would be doing my kids' exam kenduri...except my thoughtful mom in law. Lets not think about it ok.

Sigh...I guess we should always appreciate our parents now Im going off to see  her today lar.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

merapu petang

What? what?? im blogging?? inthe middle of the day?? when I have a TON of things to do??

I  just felt so powdersful tadi..cause I was negotiating a big loan insyallah..insyallahh.......insyallah come to our firm...

actually my daughter said- your job looks sooo boring mummy- she was watching me do a document.

i said- yes it does. and it is.

so why do you do it?

i donno how to do anything else?

cant bake , cant arrange flowers.....and i dont think theres a job called googling or surfing the net

what if I become FTM. A friend of mine says she is but she is soo bz ! (as if lah Full time moms are not busy I remember my time as one, I was always thin. Of course that time i thought I was fat. )

hoohooo feel sooo restless. Rasa sungguh berjaya telah mempersuadekan the husband to take me to the seaside!! monday ni kita cotiii

but then now kuantan lak full.....


ada ada je...

so kalau tak cuti..buat je lar kerja...

bye bye...

Monday, July 09, 2012


A close relative of mine is acting like a diva- we are working on a project together and I am THIS close to telling this person off because in the emails that are sent on this project this person tells you off for the perceived view that no one is doing anything. Hello??

another close relative of mine is emitting coolness towards me. I got eyes also, please dont think I dont notice. Howevef if you are not going to come clean as to what your problem is with me, then it remains your problem Im afraid. I am of course upset and bothered but hey Im 43, Ive got my own problems and I will force myself not to worry about what is worrying you. And I will tell myself that in this world , not everyone thinks you are ms likeable, so there's nothing I can do about that. *shrugs* ...right??

(what?? you dont LIKE me??Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????sobs!-be STRONG shila!)

Anyway I had the small dinner party , in the end. It was such a success, despite all those who came NOT knowing each other at all- that was a gamble..But it worked out. they were all having a blast.

And I let the maid go off for the day. She told me yesterday she was going to go off. Im going - eh?? When did you ask me? She said she did, (she asked to go one weekend she didnt mention which weekend) - lecture lecture lecture etc she still wanted to go see her brother

you know what? I dont care either. go, come back., I dont care allready, You do your job properly. I now have a long list of what she has to do. And iM no longer talking to her. (lets see how long that lasts)

Waah this new attitude of mine is refreshing lar! Makes a change from being nice and caring all the time. So not going to last.

Ok aaaa babai,,,,,,,,,

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Missing kids

This weekend I have an inkling of what life may be like if I had put my kids in boarding school. 

3 of them are gone. 

Nadine is debating, in UTM

Sara and Sophia are in  some eco camp in Janda Baik, I didn't get the memo, I didn't sign anything. Maybe the dad did it. I remember waking up bleary eyed being asked for RM200 each (!!) for this camp, though. 

Anyway yes yesterday we went to the school to give them their black track pants- they were  leaving yesterday and told us about what they needed us to buy the day before. So yesterday the dad and I rushed to the shops and the dad got them their track bottoms. I was entrusted to give them and I went to school just in time to catch them. Although Sara looked mortified that 

(a) I was there
(b) I was going to show her the track pants
(c) i made her kiss me


On theway back I caught the ustaz teaching her Maths and I asked him to come and teach her personally (well I can't not, since he said she need one to one teaching - kinda difficult to not ask him to teach) 

Then Daya has school this morning, so our house was absolutely quiet with Johan still sleeping till noon (I know he stayed up to watch tv) 

And now Daya is back and Johan told me he has a birthday party to go to at 2 can I send him. See ? I dont get asked . I get told.

Oh well...i tell you what...i miss my kids. I may be busy but during the day at least I get to see them..if I get to see them once a week I think its going to be hard on me. they are soo cute. Yeah I know they may be missing loads by not going boarding. but im glad they are here with me. 

tomorrow I will get all my kids back yay yay! 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Today ada some people datang rumah makan

Why do I do this to myself?? why??

I invited them over.

They are the lawyers from the UK. So I invited some other friends as well

So now I tak tau what to do

To eat in, or buffet

To bring table out (neightbours will see- and I am not inviting them, is that ok??)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...