Monday, July 09, 2012


A close relative of mine is acting like a diva- we are working on a project together and I am THIS close to telling this person off because in the emails that are sent on this project this person tells you off for the perceived view that no one is doing anything. Hello??

another close relative of mine is emitting coolness towards me. I got eyes also, please dont think I dont notice. Howevef if you are not going to come clean as to what your problem is with me, then it remains your problem Im afraid. I am of course upset and bothered but hey Im 43, Ive got my own problems and I will force myself not to worry about what is worrying you. And I will tell myself that in this world , not everyone thinks you are ms likeable, so there's nothing I can do about that. *shrugs* ...right??

(what?? you dont LIKE me??Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????sobs!-be STRONG shila!)

Anyway I had the small dinner party , in the end. It was such a success, despite all those who came NOT knowing each other at all- that was a gamble..But it worked out. they were all having a blast.

And I let the maid go off for the day. She told me yesterday she was going to go off. Im going - eh?? When did you ask me? She said she did, (she asked to go one weekend she didnt mention which weekend) - lecture lecture lecture etc she still wanted to go see her brother

you know what? I dont care either. go, come back., I dont care allready, You do your job properly. I now have a long list of what she has to do. And iM no longer talking to her. (lets see how long that lasts)

Waah this new attitude of mine is refreshing lar! Makes a change from being nice and caring all the time. So not going to last.

Ok aaaa babai,,,,,,,,,



haha..i read in disbelief, betul ke kak shila ni...takpela..only you know what's best in your situationkan? coz you're the one who has to face it, so it's your call, really.

Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

It is really tough to please everyone, cos there is bound to be one or some who is never going to be happy with you.

Some 12 years ago, a Professor told me, you can never make everyone happy, best is to make yourself happy first, then only think abt making others happy.

I apply this principle in my life and glad to say, I don't feel guilty, even though I know i make some ppl unhappy with my behaviour or action.

All the best to you. I trust you are able to make a good judgement.

Ms V

Diary of a Complicated Girl said...
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