Saturday, July 07, 2012

Missing kids

This weekend I have an inkling of what life may be like if I had put my kids in boarding school. 

3 of them are gone. 

Nadine is debating, in UTM

Sara and Sophia are in  some eco camp in Janda Baik, I didn't get the memo, I didn't sign anything. Maybe the dad did it. I remember waking up bleary eyed being asked for RM200 each (!!) for this camp, though. 

Anyway yes yesterday we went to the school to give them their black track pants- they were  leaving yesterday and told us about what they needed us to buy the day before. So yesterday the dad and I rushed to the shops and the dad got them their track bottoms. I was entrusted to give them and I went to school just in time to catch them. Although Sara looked mortified that 

(a) I was there
(b) I was going to show her the track pants
(c) i made her kiss me


On theway back I caught the ustaz teaching her Maths and I asked him to come and teach her personally (well I can't not, since he said she need one to one teaching - kinda difficult to not ask him to teach) 

Then Daya has school this morning, so our house was absolutely quiet with Johan still sleeping till noon (I know he stayed up to watch tv) 

And now Daya is back and Johan told me he has a birthday party to go to at 2 can I send him. See ? I dont get asked . I get told.

Oh well...i tell you what...i miss my kids. I may be busy but during the day at least I get to see them..if I get to see them once a week I think its going to be hard on me. they are soo cute. Yeah I know they may be missing loads by not going boarding. but im glad they are here with me. 

tomorrow I will get all my kids back yay yay! 

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