Monday, July 30, 2012

Singa(Never a )Bore

One of the perks of being a government (or otherwise) doctor, is you get invited to give talks or attend seminars etc and usually its in a nice swanky hotel or some exotic location. these seminars are usually organised by the "drug" companies and they usually pay for the doctor's fare for them to come. It's a perk because hey,  its very expensive kan, hotel etc.  Some of my friends have gone to Milan lah, Japan lah, and some doctors I know are out of the country every other month. If not every month. My other half is relatively homebound because in his line of work the drug companies don't really find him useful. But he is useful to some companies whose tools he uses. Anyway yes I do tell him the difference between BRIBE and REWARD. must be very careful woit because it is also the difference between our  kids ROSAK and JADIK (insyallah) ..heheheheh...

Anyway yes, once in awhile he gets invited and his wife of course lah menggelitik (*ever heard of that word) want to go right..but usually local or regional je lah....very very rarely overseas. He got sent to Barcelona years ago. And then Pune India. I wanted to go -  got  shot down due to cost..hehehe ...but otherwise local or paling terror , Singapore. I sometimes ask him to have less pride and ask for these drug companies to send him further but my husband very sombong one...dont want to ask. Actually he very lazy to go and mingle mingle. He said he doesn't like to have to talk to people (another one!)

So anyway..he got invited again and so here we are in Singapore- again. Didn't really know what hotel we were going to be in and  didn't care, having just had a buka puasa at home for 25 people (all my brothers and mom's siblings etc) the day before and still pooped from that. Almost missed flight because left home so late. Only has one hour and a half to spare before flight and then husband decided to stop by the hospital to see his patient. EEKK! Iwas freaking out then I decided,,,tawakallah..ada ada, takda never mind God's will right..and wallau! We made it for the flight! I was also not particular about accommodation, then WALLAU! Intercontinental the most favourite favourite ever hotel in Singapore. I was soo delighted I was whooping! 

Which has improved from not even knowing where the kiblat is, to having special SAHUR menu ok! I am impressed - Peter the old concierge was the one who showed direction of kiblat and he's chinese! 

I know I know...I should not have followed. Kids at home, fasting month, Nadine unwell etc etc. Husband also actually malas to go ...but I think its good for him to go away once in a while. The past week he was on call and he was home after maghrib and then had to leave for work at 10 pm to operate or something.  And me? I just like airplanes and sad. 

Penat nye ada orang tu ...  as soon as he landed at hotel-whammo- out like a light -while I do all the normal stuff I do when Im in a hotel- check out pantry, jakun over the stationery, etc (never gets old) . He had very kindly sneaked in some food for me to eat in the room so I was munching away and was a happy bunny (eeee tak malu) ..

After that, we went to GardensbytheBay and let me tell you- it was worth it. It is an engineering feat and I am proud that we have it in this region. I think Singaporeans are small micro people while Malaysians are the grandiose big picture people. The project is to create 2 conservatories, one with flowers round the world and the other one is a cloud forest- oh go look it up--.

Today second day: I am of course trying to finish my work in the hotel room waiting for him to come back from the hospital here (old story eh) and after that its PARTAY time..JUST KIDDING! Bulan puasa..kena hormat..But he is getting us tickets to Cirque Du Soleil. which he says is cheaper to watch here than in Montreal (you dont say!)

In the meantime. kids have called with long list. 

Will update later. Byee!


Ezza Muffinbiru said...

akak pun nak bagi list yang panjang kat you ya...nak carpet,dozen of laicy tins,kain baju..apa lagi ya...will updet soon laa..
selam ramadan n selamat berhoneymoon laaa..hehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Heheheh haii kak ezza - kapet saya pun ndak! sayang tak bawak keta.nexttimekita boronggggg

Salam ramadhan ----muwah mwah!!!!

MrsNordin said...

You made Singapore sounds very inviting! I never really liked it there - the food is "so-so", accomm. is expensive, barang2 also so mahal (if you convert). But now I'm thinking twice. Splendid!

(btw, i heard on the radio this morning: "Don't put your life on hold just because of your kids/parents/ etc. Go if you must!" There... that's a big YES for you!

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