My basic self is lazy. Don't want to do stuff. Unless its stuff I really love and also unless extremely pushed. 
hence I will read 7 books of Harry Porter in one week, and I will traipse all around KL looking for Rick Riordan's latest book and I will wake up at crazy hours to go to BNI and I will go to funny places looking for fabric. ..but generally and basically, I am too lazy to do stuff ..tak suka shopping because cant bebothered to walk and not buy. tak suka exercise because its too much effort.Have 5 children because cant be bothered to eat pills or do anything. Breastfed cause cant be bothered to make bottles of milk in the middle of the night... I tell you...lazy.

but my basic self is also full of good intention. I want to complete my solat tarawih every night, is one of them. But my lazy self dah tertidor twice allready. And my lazy self is now arguing that I should do tarawih at home again today. I need to be pushed and thank goodness my neighbour in front of my house is a tiger lioness dragon angel of a lady and she is pushing me to come. The terawih in my area is done in one of my neighbour's house. Something about disagreeing with the local surau. Anyway if I dont come one night and I come the next day I will surely get asked one..and my reaction had so far been that of a child kena marah. or being scolded by boss- I guess you can take a lady out of the corporate world, you cant take the corporate world out of the lady.  That day we went to a restaurant and came home just as they left for tarawih and we stayed home and the next day she asked - why go to party is it??

The entire tarawih time I was stewing and thinking of alternative answers. 

Yeah , I have a problem concentrating during the tarawih..i try to though! I catch myself looking at the socks in front of me..or wondering why the lady next to me is pushing me, or wondering why the ustaz paused ..(turned out that he forgot the line ) and why the lady on the other side of me felt the need to recite her verses in a loud  whisper (very distracting) and then I TELL  MYSELF TO STOP! And then I concentrate..and then I think of my to do list...then the emails I need to send...

So anyway ... I will keep on trying. Any tips??

I told my dad this and he told me a funny story of how one time, a mouse ran in front of a congregation of praying people . One guy said EH A MOUSE! and the guy next to him said - DONT SAY ANYTHING LAH YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK WHILE PRAYING! and then the guy behind him piped up- PHEW THANK GOODNESS I DIDNT SAY ANYTHING



Anonymous said…
Hi SW,

You are being so honest. Actually it's not lazy, but I guess as age catch up, we just get tired and not so energetic. Afterall, woman nowadays have to manage kids and have to go to work too. Go also difficult, never go also difficult. Maybe can inform your neighbour you can only go twice a week cos the rest of the days you need to coach your kids studies or homework or prepare reports for following day's meeting at work :)

Anonymous said…
It's PoTTer.......The Boy Who Lived....

aishah said…
hey, my dad told me that exact same story when i was a kid!
Yeah..she means well I think..and I always have very good intention! But yeah, I have to push myself to do it.I think you are right..age has a lot to answer for
@anonymous- ooooopps typo! Its harry POTTER!! Harry porter was some OTHER guy! hihih- thanks for pointing it o ut!
@aisyah- ye ke?? that story funny kan??

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