Friday, July 20, 2012

The Break (not from blogging I mean)

You ever had one of those days when you just gotta GO?

I dont mean "go" as in go to the loo but GO as in go out of KL, go on a break - just GO.

Well I've been having that feeling for a while now. So last Friday I grabbed my little chicks and we went to Double3 for the night. I used the free night I got for renewing the premium membership and all of us squeezed in the room! Nadine and Sara brought sleeping bags. Daddy pun join even though half the time he had to go to the hospital. We all enjoyed the "melantak" session at Makan Kitchen...semua nak makan-!

Then, we went home, prayed and packed for the next phase of the break--- off to Kuantan and Terengganu! Yaaay!! I managed to get the only remaining room (so it seemed) in Kuantan- at this place called Sanctuary Resort...on paper it sounded ok...flat screen tv, kettle, tea coffee making facilities, fridge, aircond, hot water, 3 rooms, one room with double bed, 2 rooms with 2 beds each. Perfect lah kan! Overlooking sea AND have a big pool. RM165 saja punyalah rezeki I......! was definitely run down, things  were old, need refurbishing , smelled musty... and not Double3 laa kan..but hey- it was clean and I was so grateful for the room. Siap ada gerai outside lagi...

Bapaknye punya lah penat...he crashed out till 10 am - aside from Subuh I could not wake him up at all! I think when the mind knows its on leave kan, the body relaxes and crashes out.

Next, off we went to Terengganu- immediately after waking up actually! First stop- buy me shoes! I had left my shoes at HOME. I had no shoes. I had to wear someione's HUGE clown imitation pink crocks FUSCHIA pink ok ..and coupled with my slacks and dressy blouse I looked like BOZO the CLOWN. Heheh - we saw this supermarket on the way and I stopped quickly to get the sandals...alah murah punya pun ok..tapi my kids and my husband also turun it was 1 hour later that we went back in-- and the damage included tshirt lah, slippers for the others lah, pen lah , bag lah, nailclipper lah. Even a ream of paper . (that was me)

And NOW we were ready to go to Pulau Gemia! BUT! Ternampak the famous Hai Peng coffeeshop by the stop lah...baguspun sbb tak makan lagi..ramainye lah orang....considering it was a Sunday and working day for was full !
We had about 10 eggs (!! there goes the cholesterol!~) and nasi dagang and nasi lemak and french toast and fancy coffee and also kopi tiam....yummm!!

Then, we dragged ourselves out of there , tummies full...have to stop at a computer shop because I needed to get a mouse. To work kan- got to bring laptop everywhere --what to do, so disorganised ! But hey, I'd rather be working at  a beach than at the office right? hehehehe

Anyway 2 hours later...we finally reached Pulau Gemia..after finding out that (a) we missed the boat and had to get another boat- and (b) we were booked for 1 room for 2 nights instead of the other way round. That was soon sorted out...what a relief to finally arrived.

Gem Island Resort - or Pulau Gemia- what an underated gem.  

It's a smallll island, with only one resort...but it's perfect and I will go again. You feel like it's your own house., the beach is small and so private., and there are 3 beaches to go to (3 sides kan) 1 side tu is rocky,. and the water chalets over look them. If you turn right from the room you eventually get to one beach, which is rocky but has a cave that opens up to the other side ! Rocky lah and not really suitable for swimming but even without snorkels I could see fish! One bit johan. Then we went to the beach on the other side of hte island (near the reception) and that has less rocks and corals so can swim. At 6 we took theboat to the nearby island Pulau Kapas and spent 1 hour really swimming and frolicking in the sea. I love sea because you dont have to wear proper swimwear to go in! Tshirt pun ok!

 Views from our room  (below)

Below :  Dinner time at the (only) restaurant. Reasonable prices ! Had rice and several dishes like lemon chicken , beef and ginger , chicken wings etc...

 Anyway after dinner something magical happened- we were walking to the villa and passed this small sanded enclosure where they had buried turtle eggs . 2 men were crouching over a bucket..the eggs hatched not 5 minutes before we passed! The kids were so excited and so was I lah kan, tak pernah tengok. Orang puteh kata excited...I kata jakun hehehe.. we counted them -76. And we went to the temporary salt water pool that the resort has just for turtles and the kids let the turtles out themselves. The new turtles shot out of the bucket into the sea and swum around like mad in the pool for a good 10 mins before they settled down. One died.....(tu lah I did ask whether it was ok for all of the turtles to be in one bucket on top of each other) and another one also died after being given mouth to mouth (no kidding ok) 

Then seeing the kids so excited, the men (who were workers at the resort) took them (and us) to see Nemo. Because of low tide, we saw anemones, with nemo (bright orange and white striped fish) darting in and And also sponge corals. Amazing since we were all NOT nature buffs at all. and this was the first real encounter since they left toddler hood,  with anything NOT requiring a socket.

We went to bed happy and buzzing with excitement. I shooed them out into their own room so mum and dad can pretend to be on our honeymoon a hahahahaha! Don't worry, they had plenty of space...2 huge beds and 1 sofa bed the size of a single bed! 

View from outside our room the next morning (that's Pulau Kapas)- Tell me you don't want to go here: 

 When Johan looked down , he can see the fish in the water:  

 Pulau Kapas: 
 Breakfast! (below)
 All too soon, it was time to go...not before dad and the kids kayaked around the island- (took them 20 minutes) , and we had seen 8 or more types of fish in the sea (even me , who did not have the guts to venture more than 2 metres away from the beach) My other girls probably thought their mom was such a wuzz, they were happily snorkelling in the middle of the sea (well, far out anyway) - saw eels lah, puffer fish lah, baby sharks lah..yikes!

I would definitely come again

Pics below: leaving the island......
 Our chalet is at the right !


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

Selamat Berpuasa to you and your family.


Sarah said...

I loves it that you can go for a holiday anytime you feel like it..that just inspire me to be more spontenious. Selamat Berpuasa

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Frieda!

Thank you ! You too! (if you are fasting!)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sarah - its all to do with the hub's time..whenever he is free, we will GO. we can plan to the death but if he is not free...then we can't.

Having said that, yes, MUST BE spontaneous- sometimes too much planning will kill the holiday! hehee

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