Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nak kitchen baru

I have always loved a big big spacious kitchen

Which I know is funny considering I don't cook. 

But I might, with the right kitchen? (blame the kitchen hehehe)- the house we were in before had this huge kitchen where you can put a dining table and sit and watch tv and eat breakfast etc. It was surrounded by huge windows that overlooked the trees and pokok pokok kat luar. The dining table proper was only used for mengaji or tution or if we had guests. 

Anyway this house has a small kitchen- alaa more than adequate, except that we have been cooking outside. And attracting sang lalat . And other stuff. I hate flies. So I am very the rimas and want to besarkan the kitchen so that we can cook inside.  Mula-mula pikir nak carik duit dulu then I thought hey why not get quotations right..at the same time, can extend above kitchen to make Johan's room. 

Waa so far I dah speak to about 3 contractors. 1 of them said he is working elsewhere can I wait for 2 weeks . 2 of them gave me their ideas. One thing I find is that they can be quite bossy. They want their ideas. Its MY kitchen, suka hati aku lah aku nak wall camana ek?  i dont want a feature wall or what. Feature wall??With fountains?? Where did THAT come from kan? I don't want to concrete the remaining grass outside . Lagi kita nak tengok hijau lagi laa contractor ni nak simen kan. All i wanted is a big space where I can have the family eat and watch tv . I dont want a wet kitchen dry kitchen. I want a kitchen. 

I spoke to my neighbour who has just completed her nth house and she sighed in agreement - she said you have to insist with the contractors on what you want...otherwise they will either use the fastest easiest money making idea or they will impose their idea on you...on the other hand she built a mansion, me only want to build kitchen...

in the meantime hubby is getting worried....dok pikir bajet and surat cinta dari income tax ...get quotations je bang oiiii relaks la...  hehehe

Monday, August 27, 2012


Semalam I told hubby- susu dah habis..

and he said- i bought susu cair ..i ingat you nak masak kueh ke...apa ke...

then he glanced at me. 

apa kah maknanya itu??


dulu dulu i rajin jugaklah memasak kueh..not cakes, but kueh...takda lah banyak na repertoire nya- yang nak mati punya simple..kueh ketayap, kueh onde onde, kueh bahulu (tu tolong opah kacau telur je dengan pemukul telur dia yang pusing pusing tu) , kueh sago, lepat pisang, agar agar macam macam, puding jagung..etc etc lah dan sewaktu dengannya...

tapi now..er jadi kenangan je lah..nak kueh beli je..tak adventurous langsung nak try ek?

Hmm penyakit M oh penyakit M...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My kids could be monsters but they're not

I love my kids.
They are so happy. Rarely do they fight ..well, i lie obviously. Of course they fight. Usually it involves Sara. Somehow. Either she causes it, or she is offended by someone or she annoys someone or she makes someone cry. She is the most sensitive of all my children! What might go over Sophia's head, is taken to heart by Sara. She hates it when her younger sisters (usually Sophia) don't say please or show respect, She hates it when Nadine is bossy (and she IS)  But she is also very cheeky! She will sakat Daya and Johan , poking them lah apa lah and they will wail maaaaaaamiiiiiiii! And she will giggle hilariously. Other than that, usually they are happy. I love to hear them chat. They can talk about One Direction lar , their teachers lah etc etc. I think it's to do with their ages being so close together, they can talk to each other as equal. Even Johan can join.
Whenever we travel I would be in front chatting to their dad and they would be at the back playing games lar, chatting lar, or singing. This is music to my ears indeed, coming from a background where I would always fight with my brothers for space in the car. Nak letak tangan kat mana also can fight. Yelah sekarang cars are bigger kan. Dulu kecik je.

The last time we were out they were teasing Johan. Johan writes songs. And he wants us all to hear it. He sings it often. So far he has written 4 songs. Then when we were on the way to somewhere he started singing and the girls went NOOOOOOOO and then they started to re-sing his song, using different styles, soul lah, rap lah. It was very funny. but the thing that struck me was, they all know the lyrics of his song! So nice. All of the songs lak tu. 

Nadine is also a good sister. I'm very grateful that she likes her siblings. She is 17 after all (next wednesday) and she could be full of angst . But I 'm so happy that she can lead them in games, and chat with them

All of them can chat with me, I hope. I am very manja with them as well as manja-ing them. They sigh having to go rub my feet . They roll their eyes when their parents are lovey dovey. They find our arguing and calling each other hunnybunny while arguing funny. I can be very strict and loud with them. But I also can be friends with them.

I am grateful for my children being who they are, I hope they will remain as they are: good natured, obedient children. Of course lah ada benda yang tak perfect- malas nak bangun, nak mandi kena nag 1000 kali, nak solat pun.., ingat terror (thats you kak long) and always think mommy salah (you too, Kaklong) , always wanting me to get them stuff for cake making (sophia, thats if you get Kitchenguardian as a mom you'd be in heaven) ..suruh study , dia pi surf internet..(daya and jojo) 

But on the whole- Thank you God! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya

Hari raya oh hari raya

I just came back from visiting a friend, at another friend's house..he lives in England now, having married a local lass and now has 3 kids...sorang macam dia , macam Pakistani sikit, sorang macam mat salleh, the youngest and only girl- kulit matsalleh tapi can pass as Melayu. Anyway yeah from morning the plan was to go visit this friend. First, hubby said we can visit him at his holiday apartment (he is only back for a few weeks). Then hubby lak went to work and by the time he came back, it was after zohor so we prayed first, then it was after asar then we prayed that too, then I started getting annoyed takkan nak tunggu maghrib lak kan, bila lah nak kluar ni. LETS GO! Slight problem- Maid lak went  out yesterday - [I let her because of Raya but she did say she was coming back by 1 pm...ni by 5 also no show..how lah to leave - since she didn't take the keys (i wouldnot let her) and she'd be stuck outside in the rain if we went out and she couldn't go in right....so wait we did..in the end she sauntered in past 5 pm...why never call ? got no phone is it for entire KL hah. senang sikit plan kan, if we know for sure what time you come back..bebel bebel bebel.....] Anyway since she came back, we could finally leave to visit this friend, but then he told us he was no longer where we thought he was, could we perhaps meet him at ANOTHER friend's house. This other friend is his good friend and we know him too (from uni) but the last time WE saw him it was 5 years ago I think(unless lah he is my husband's patient- he treats people and never tell me) . So off we went but then husband said hey since we have time to kill, why don't we visit your auntie first. Terkezut my auntie ..we were their first visitors since they just came back from their kampung (my uncle's hometown in PD) -- 

I taknak pergi actually.

This is the thing about me. While I am very spontaneous, if there was a plan that had been agreed, I would be upset if we don't fulfil that plan ..and the plan was to SEE THIS FRIEND! might i remind you , my dear, that this friend was YOUR housemate and I don't particularly mind if we don't see him , except that THAT was the plan...! So  not that i didn't want to go see my aunt, it's just that there was a plan, the plan the plan!

BUT on the other hand, ahh never mind lah...so in the end we did go visit my aunt, had a lovely time and also solat maghrib there and THEN we left to see this friend (Finally) 

It was good, of course, I over borakked lah kan...first time jumpa I want to tell you my life story dah..hissshhh shila, shila bila laaa nak belajar cool and elegant ni...

It's apparent how different our lifestyles are , my friend's wife and I..mat salleh, duduk kat UK, no maid, - she was most anxious to help out and took plates to the kitchen, opened the drawers. While I, sat down like madam .and let the maid do the work. In my defence, this was my first time in the mutual friend's house. Takkan nak bukak almari dah kan. Kalau tak I pun rajinnnnn(eh ehe defensive lak) 

Balik je, Johan counted his money and rushed to put his money in his wallet which he had hid in the drawer upstairs in my room. I went in, surprised to find that the maid had come in to send clothes. (i forgot to lock room) and then johan said his wallet is gone! RM300 plus he had in there. Aiyooo...i went to the maid's room and rather politely (i rasa) said that I was going to have to check it. She stepped aside.  Of course I couldn't find it. I told Johan to pray hard, if it is meant for him, it will be found. And my daughters' IC are gone too. Misplaced I hope. If stolen also I cannot prove.

Sigh....i was talking to the other half- we agreed we need the maid. Otherwise who is going to mop. Only thing is be more vigilant lah.  I asked her and she swore (of course) on the quran that she did not take it. I hope so, lady. 

Anyway yeah now feel very full...ate too much..tomorrow must fast, other than offering it to the Almighty it can also reduce this gluttony....

How's your raya going?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Privacy and the social media

My husband does not do facebook, or any form of social media. His friends are MY friends on FB because that's how they get to see what he's up to and he is not averse to looking over my shoulder and seing their status and posts etc.

His justification: privacy. 

In fact this blog is just barely tolerated I think hehehe and I have a feeling he would be happier if I don't do personal posts. But  my other posts are bawwwrrrring....anyway anyway

Imagine how horrified he would be if he knows.....that he is found on this other website that tracks your genetic history. And the picture put there (i lah yang put sebenarnye) is one I don't think he wants to show his patients. (it's him with a huge flouncy hat)  So off I have gone to change the profile from public to private. But then, there are other pics that other relatives have put-in flickr , or faceboookkk for eg. That, I can't do anything about and they shall remain in the internet world forever (or until I can persuade relatives to take them down). I don't think he minds so much , unless he remembers then he minds heh.

Anyway I think it's something he has to live with lah in this modern world. I can set profiles to private but somehow or other you can be tracked. I have an appointment with someone this morning and thanks to google and the like, I know what he looks like, that he's married, has a child, who just celebrated a birthday , came from Kluang and is young! Creepy stalker , kan  I ni? But it wasn't difficult at ALL! 

I wonder what you would get if you google ME. Jangan jangan this blog would appear? if friends, ok lah...if clients- EEEEEPP!!

So now betul lah what they say: be careful. You are being watched. (Allah swt is watching you , tak pulak takut kan heheheheheh) 

Monday, August 13, 2012


Iman ni macam tide kan.. high one minute . low the next.  I suppose that's why people pray for strength of iman..and preservation of iman..because it is so supsceptible to change..and so vulnerable.

What is iman... faith? Can you have iman if you don't practise ? Can you have iman if you take your religion for granted? 

If iman is strength of belief, then yeah, mine has been like a tide.sometimes pasang, sometimes surut. Of course, I believe. But how much do I follow? how much do I feeeeeeeell the lurve? Sometimes, a lot. Usually after a ceramah, taskirah etc . Sometimes , not at all- other than routine prayers etc. Sometimes when I pray I realise, what the heck am I muttering nih, where is the lurve....For heaven's sake I'm facing God nih, how can I just read the recitations praising him with no feeling? Ah thats during high tide I guess.. when the realisation strikes you .Haa masa tu berkobarkobar ler.

I've always said half jokingly and then not so jokingly that my religion needs a rebranding- people should love it the way the Christians do, you know the way they sing in Gospel and go "the LOOOORRDD loves you!!"" heheh. well takda lah like them but I suppose i want the religion to FEEL real and be more than just rules and what we have to do etc. I want  to WANT to do it because I am truly afraid of hell or  truly want God's blessing. 

I guess that's what is meant by sincerity..i want to have sincerity in my ibadah.. or "ikhlas" ..but with distractions of day to day affairs...how ikhlas or sincere are my good deeds? And what am I doing to make sure the iman stays on the high side? Am I reading? or attending classes? or am I just waiting for it to land on my lap? (can ah,pls)

I even suggested to the other half. if only there was a simulation game or a 3 D transformers style experience where you get to see what hell could be like. There's plenty of mentions of what punishments await us kan.Sure no one will leave their solat one.. 

Oh well! jealous jugak tengok orang yang dah receive "nur" or the "light" and have so much faith ..for me. everyday I will try to make sure that the iman will at least, not surut. Macam pakaitudung I guess...ikhlas tak ikhlas buat sajalah sebab tuhan dah suruh, insyallah the Ikhlas will come.

ehehe dont judge me tau! 

Raya to do

How do other moms with kids at boarding school do it ye? I haven't seen my eldest 2 kids since last Thursday and now am missing them ...house not right without them. mealtimes also not complete. Of course there is less bickering. hehehe. They are still atUIA mosque.. will be joining them insyallah for one prayer. I got woken up by Nadine this morning for sahur! How nice considering that I was sotired I might have slept on if not for her call! 

Anyway yes. things to do:

1/ Change duit raya- i heard banks are running out or have run out . Have to find 
2/ get new baju raya- for the kids. I tak yah kot...rotate je yang ada. If only I remember which ones that my relatives havent seen yet. 
3/ start organising cookies.. without me realising it I have bought 4 jenis- tart, simpul kasih, batang buruk and one more I cant remember. I was thinking of baking (hah) but then no oven (GE Mall tak jual oso)

4/ start getting nasi impit packets--- and meat! 
5/ think about what to give to aunties and uncles-- duit?
7/read quran and know what you are reading.
8/ get fairy lights or pelita- tonight could be the night you know! 

How's your preparations? 

Btw i have no  new curtains or cushions to change to..is that ok ah. 

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Terawih at Taman Tar and other membebeling

Yesterday Mak B jemput kita join majlis iftar at Masjid Taman TAR where she has sponsored for Iftar last night. Hubby picked me up after 7, nak pergi how right.,,but go we did, we went home, coralled the kids , got to the mosque in time to pray Maghrib , and then suffered the embarrassment of being shown special treatment by the ever kind Mak B my husband's auntie who goes by the title Datuk..we were shown to our table where Im sure the seats were allready taken (it was a full house last night) but anyway we were thankful we could share iftar - ada Orphans from Rumah Anak Yatim and they were being celebrated as well, donations were given  . Someone had sponsored a whole lembu (cow) and therefore we had sup tulang , kurma daging etc. 

That was the first time this month that I got to pray in a mosque. Selalukan kat my friend's house. Much though I enjoyed it, its different when in a mosque kan. because there are zikirs in between , lots more people, etc/ But I do  have to say that Taman TAR ustaz read his surah very very quickly.mengah dibuatnya! Apa hal tu, got to catch a train ke? I met my cousins (unplanned) at the mosque later on and they said that was why they go there for their terawih..because its short and fast! When I remarked on how fast this ustaz read, they told me the usual other ustaz reads even faster! Qulhuwallah je! 

Hmmm.. I dont think I like it so fast. The point of terawih , is an additional ibadah kan. Although funny that for the non wajib prayers lots of people want to pray together , but for the fardhu prayers not so many want to come to mosque (me included). This terawih is all about extra pahala etc right..and is the least I can offer. Since I dont memorise all the long long surah, I hope my imam would be able to do it and I can at least get the pahala of a makmum /follower right? If you also do the short surah, I oso can do right. Anyway is the point of terawih , to finish fast? I am far from being a holy person  but I thought we are supposed to better ourselves. so if we don't understand the surah, we shouldn't then ask for the imam to read surah that we understand only right, we should take it as a challenge to understand the surah. Having said that....its not easy! Its a long journey and it takes work. Much much easier to stick to the surah that you know  ..but hey! Im 43 (my cousins pun dah 30 plus) -takkan still at that level right?? Must improve ourselves. I am envious of my kids because they know so many surah by heart. Nadine has memorised the Yaasin I believe .The others too, can go quite long without referring to the buku yasin tu. Habis mummy dia , takkan tak pandai jugak kan?? Entah-entah , this is my last ramadhan No more chance to better myself

heheheh im not lecturing ni, im just saying...despite me not understanding and having problem concentrating on terawih prayers that are long, I don't think the solution is to reduce the surah to MY level, but rather I should try to elevate myself to the Imam's level right??

before terawih, there was a hadiah giving ceremony for the orphans. They got packets, and money packets as well. Alhamdulillah. They were soo cute..ada yang besar. ada yang kecik..can i bring one home?? Oh yeah A funny thing happen during the giving of the gift. My auntie called my 2 youngest kids to stand in the queue ...i panicked when i saw Jojo and Daya in the line belakang the orphans..Oi tu anak yatim punya lah!! hihihih..mak b later said its ok, she had extra and in the end she gave to all the kids (sophia included , and she was left at home sbb tak sembahyang) - terbelalak gak lah the eyes of the puan sri etc hihihihi takut we take the orphans's right..I hope I didn't embarrass her too much..

Anyway anyway after that we went home- but then the other half suddenly headed to Ampang Point..apa hal lak ni.. I have like a million agreements to finish looking at so I was like NOOOOO go HOMMMMEEEE and he said "BASKIN ROBBINS bagi icecream free!" ... Aiaaaa ...they insisted so we all went. parked the car and let the girls go get their icecream..ahahahaha ingat kan just a quick dash in, and then come out with a free cone..rupanya ada LINE PANJANG!! Just to get ONE SCOOP of icecream! heheh I told them look kids mummy will BUY YOU EACH A CONE boleh tak?? Time is money ok, do NOT get in the queue please! hehehehe but then it WAS fun to see what the commotion was about. Jangan jangan ada yang tak terawih punyalah nak icecream free. heheheh

Ok itu lah sajaa...oh yeah, Nadine and Sara asked me if they can go iktikaf ...10 days at the UIA mosque ...I finally said yes ...my worry is that Nadine will be missing class...and she has SPM this year...but she said she has a schedule and she is going to be with a group of non giggly girls. Nadine...I can only send you to school..I cannot study for you ok. It is up to you to push yourself..if you want to help the ummah, you need to have money and to have money, you need to get a good job or rob a bank and even to rob a bank you need to have brains but anyway if you dont want to rob a bank you need to get into a good school and unless your dad wants to open a university anyday, you have to get fantastic grades..no pressure or anything..but this is all in your hands ok. 

yeah, no pressure. Sara- you too! You have so many things to study for and Twitter or Tumbler is not one of them hokay! You can go on the computer but not more than 40 minuts can or not..or else like we agreed, as much time yougive to the internet, thats as much time you should be studying. Fair kan?? 

Ok then ...better stop membebeling...eh melalut lak kan..bababbabababaaiiiiii

Monday, August 06, 2012

Ramadhan Sunday

Hi there 
How's the raya preparation going?? It's almost middle of puasa allready! eeps. ! Have you finished reading the quran?? Have you done terawih everynight?? have you sadaqah ? No, no and yes. Terawih , I try. Went the day before , did not go yesterday . On account of feeling unwell..slept for 12 hours. We took the girls to Shah Alam earlier, to visit our cousin's Emma's shop Elzahraaa..dah 2nd outlet dah.well done to you Emma! She's a banking and finance graduate who started out small sewing her own scarves, then opened a shop in Seri Kembangan, then now, second outlet in Section 7! Wah, so cantik her shop...we all went and had fun try this and that...harga pun reasonable..managed to get 6 jubahs from emma and 3 pasang kurta (baju kurung and seluar)- the nice thing is the seluar tu gelobosh- so sedap lah if pakai. Kesian Daya - she could not get anything sbb she's too small. this is her link: elzahraa.com. 

The kids ingat ni "random" baju raya sbb ada " coordinated colour " baju raya..berapa banyak baju raya daa..but then this is the fun part for me when I was growing up..shopping for clothes for Eid! 

Kesian my mom tak dapat nak join sebab my dad said tak payah kau dah berapa banyak tudung dah ni heheheheh

Anyway then balik and nadine and hubs wanted to eat indian for break fast, and they suggested Passage to India...by the time we arrived it was 7 and we were told that the buffet was full, sorry. We could only go ala carte. Haa? Full?? but you said can buka puasa (break fast) ?? Im here to break my fast what..should be allowed in..so what if its full- those there were allready eating and not fasting, so even if its full, they shouldnt count what...! I manage to get myself pretty worked up by then until my husband shoved me none too gently in and said ala carte is fine...and in the end, it was a LOT cheaper hehehehe . My muka very the sour though as I get very sensitive with food hehehe....the waiter was so anxious , and everything got served in 10 minutes I think ! Now thats what I call service and maybe I should make a scene more often. Entah entah got "special" stuff in my food though!! erks!!

Since I very rarely get mad, (only food can make me mad) I ended up with huge headache and went home to crash out ....! We all missed our sahur this morning because mom didnt wake up ! 

Anyway that was our 2nd eating out for ramadhan..we try not to do it too often..husband is also challenged this ramadhan..tiba tiba pulak he is so mega busy....the more you need to concentrate on spiritual matters, the more the worldly matters beckon (me and Cirque du Soleil for instance) hehehe.. 

On the terawih front..i read an article on understanding the surah read during the terawih prayers..yeah lah..its all my doing one..where got will , got way right...so have to try ler to paham...

On the sadaqah..heard that to get under the shade during the judgment day...when the sun is a mile away , we need to be one of those who qualify and one of the criteria is ..to give sadaqah in a way that the left hand did not know what the other is giving... ni tak..give a little bit, tell the entire world..terus habis pahala hehehehe...

Ok then catch you later...! Have a good ramadhan guys..! 

Saturday, August 04, 2012

The ArabStreet Experience

Oh did I tell you that the Cirque du Soleil thing didn't pan out? I got  a call from the concierge telling me that he went to the ticket booth and found out that there was no show on Monday, the day we wanted to go. There was a show on Tuesday though,  would I like to go? No lah kan, since that was the day we were flying home. Aww .,,,,oh well. Maybe it was too expensive and God wants us to save money! (SGD 150 each) or maybe it's to save our souls! It IS bulan Ramadhan right... astaghafirullah...

(We saw paper headline later that implied it was the end of the line for the show after 20 years! there you go. not meant to watch it)

Anyway instead of going to a show - - we went to Arab Street to break fast  There was a bazaar of some sort- a few stalls smelling so yummy..jual shawarma , jual nasi briani, jual air kathirah etc. Of course nothing like our pasar ramadhan, which would have about 200 times more stalls and more people (and i still dont go  on the grounds that i dont like crowds!). They told me that this was because it was a Monday. I kept being told to go to Geylang . One chinese cab driver told me I should go there because I'm a Muslim. (??) Appealing though it was, there was no time to go to Geylang and I thought - how different can it be from our own Jalan Tar and Masjid India right??(which i have not been to in years)

We walked down various streets trying to find this Halal french bistro  that KG's husband recommended(he's a real food tourist guide) ...it's really pleasant walking around Arab Street...not many cars, somehow it was cooler than KL (whats up with that?? Is Singapore NOT just under JB? Why is it cooler? Its those trees eh..the ones my husband is convinced are fake ha ha just cant believe how green they are! ) - tengah carik carik this french restaurant (on Baghdad Street) - we saw this  restaurant nasi padang having a buffet kat luar - murah je SGD12 per person and more importantly, food dah ready! apa lagi, DUDUK lah -- so crowded but they managed to squeeze us next to this couple Ramdhan and Dina - over dinner we chatted (ok, I chatted while hubby went to get food) and found out they were teachers and going to get married and been to KL twice and all they know of Malaysia is Sunway Lagoon and Genting Highlands.- I told them go to Terengganu! go to Penang! We have so much more to offer !(than Singapore) in terms of natural resources- Cameron lah, Frasiers Hills lah, kalau boring hills, Perhentian lah, Kapas lah, Redang lah, - eh I sound like Tourism Malaysia lak. 

On the way back, we found the French bistro! Yay! However, it was crowded, and we had to sit outside ! We had a coffee and a strawberry shortcake which was nice. Did not speak to anyone, so husband was relieved. Managed to go home without chatting up more people. Although I did give Dina and Ramdhan our contact numbers. 

Yeah, that was our Arab St experience. Full of makan makan and jalan jalan and borak borak. Langsung tak beli kain or carpet or what. But at least orang cakap Arab St ada apa, kita boleh join lah. Next trip=Geylang.

Oh, the Tuesday I finally got some compulsory shopping done. Dina had recommended this place called Bershka in Ion Orchard for the kids. I pun pergi (around 2pm) - woi macam Pavillion je so I was wondering what shop she meant. Rupanye ada Basement 1 to 4 yang more "retail" and not so high end. I pun pergi...satu satu kedai I went in. NOTHING suitable at all for my girls! Most sleeveless, or sheer, generally very young clothing and not at all what I imagine my girls would wear. Actually , come to think of  it, the girls around us that we saw, were dressed up well too, but more like going out rather than going to work. Hmm maybe in Singapore people are dressier? Could not see many malays though. funny cause when I mentioned it to Dina and Ramdhan they told me to go to Geylang if I want to see Malays. And they said nowadays there are a lot of immigrants in Singapore, kalau nampak Malays pun they most likely  are NOT. That's one difference between us kan?  In KL we do see a  mixture of races right? Tempat mahal or tempat business district or tempat office je-- you do see all races there and I cant imagine telling a Chinese- go to Petaling Street if you want to see chinese. It's nice that Dina and Ramdhan don't seem to think anything of this. I would totally mind. Dina said most Malays have gone to Australia! is it??

After 1 hour of "shopping" I decided to go back. Expected hubs to come back at 5 so if flight at 8, theoretically can lah jalan kan .. but then hubs balik and then asked if we could go to the airport terus. Rupanye he wanted to go back early. SO DID I. After 2 days I had enough of the host country..hmm bukan tak best..just not Malaysia...with our flaws etc..still home is the best. Anyway we did get the 6 something flight and voila by 9 we are home! And the train in KLIA rosak pintu dia and would not open for 5 whole minutes! And the automatic passport gate also got problem*! Ahhhh welcome home indeed! heheheheh

* the autogate tu takda problem apa , just that it takes time lah for it to process. I was in line and the kiasu people inf ront of me was so impatient and then decided it was not working ..aiyaaa we are not in kiasu country lah..relax and chill lah..sure enough..it worked fine for me and hubby...

the train rosak tu? I got nothing. malaysia maintenance memang problem.


Friday, August 03, 2012

The payback for Singapore

I finally found out what it's like to be a patient in Prince court medical centre- not me rather, my kids.

it's ike being in a hotel, except nurses will come and check you out.

they even come to change the linen--boleh?? 

and they come to take the food order which included - lambchop with gravy for mains and dessert and starter.

Ok ok the reason why Im here is because when we came home from singapore, our 2 daughters told us they were still sick. Daya and Nadine..had fever and were lounging in their rooms being miserable complaining of joint pains etc. Since this was day 5 of their fever (counting from Saturday) we thought- dengue ! So both of them were quickly bundled to hospital yesterday morning and we got them checked out by the doc. The doc said- let' s take some blood and admit you guys since if it is dengue you may have to stay for awhile. Off we went to the ward and my 2 daughters then slept and generally were ill while I relived my experience (not so nice) of being here before , by working by the window.

 Anyway there was a time when Daya made a fuss by not wanting to have her blood taken again (the first time they forgot to take enough- adake) . I texted the husband who apparently was around the hospital cutting some other people up - I told him- your daughter doesn't want to have her blood taken, your nurses are dancing around her, Ive sent them away can YOU doi it instead. and all of a sudden , the nurses told me the hubs had called and said the MO will take his daughter's blood and then later this doctor came to put the cannula in and I was thinking you're a bit too old to be an MO and then he started sticking stuff in daya and I thought what the hey- you want to put a drip on my daughter who refused to have her hand touched by the nurse?? thinking , who IS this inexperienced MO? and this "MO" said,  well thats what the doctor in charge of them told me to do and i said are you SURE she said to do it to daya as well because this girl is superscared to take blood and now you put a DRIP in? And he said- well now we did both, take blood AND put drip in.  and it was later that I found out this "MO" (medical officer) is not an MO at all but a super senior consultant.... ooooooooopss. and he put this cannula in for my kids?? (by the way this is a cannula)

Anyway anyway...then finally hubby came to visit us at 9 pm and then we went home (me and my hubby) to take clothes for the girls..He was surprised that I wanted to stay the night at the hospital - helloooooo takkan mak tak stay with the kids kan..dah lah adjoiniing rooms ..my 2 girls..nadine in one and daya in the other and me going from one to the other ..and answering emails and calls etc . Between husband and kids eh?? anyway he asked if we can break fast at his friend's cafe (doctor jugak) and we were there until 9 plus and then we went home and the other kids were allready ready wanting to go visit their sisters. Macam excursion pulak . Sara had taken clothes for them and included a soft toy for daya. No toothpaste or shampoo though. hehehe

Dad dropped the kids and me back to the ward and then went off. They opened the sofa chair bed for me , and the kids (all of them) made themselves completely at home and spread blankets on the floor at the rooms . the dad went off to operate on someone until 1 am and then he came back to get the kids ( by this time they were all sleeping ) to take them home. After which I heard he went off to operate some MORE on this horrific accident case  in his government hospital until 4 am (so he really really really earns his salary there folks)  and then he came home  and then I called him and then I found out they all sahur at mc donalds.- he had another operation at 8 this morning in his other government hospital (he has 2! serdang and gh -- other docs have more than 1 private practice, my husband has more than one government practice ha ha!- kesian dia dua dua sebok lak this fasting month)

Anyway we are now dressed and waiting for the doc now...the girls seem to be miles better today, it must be the enforced stay and the drip! 

And now the doctor has come and discharged my girls and declared that it was infection- mycoplasma?and to expect the other 3 to get it too..whooppeeee..

all in all......im glad to be going home I hope the partner is ok with me crashing at home...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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