Thursday, August 23, 2012

My kids could be monsters but they're not

I love my kids.
They are so happy. Rarely do they fight ..well, i lie obviously. Of course they fight. Usually it involves Sara. Somehow. Either she causes it, or she is offended by someone or she annoys someone or she makes someone cry. She is the most sensitive of all my children! What might go over Sophia's head, is taken to heart by Sara. She hates it when her younger sisters (usually Sophia) don't say please or show respect, She hates it when Nadine is bossy (and she IS)  But she is also very cheeky! She will sakat Daya and Johan , poking them lah apa lah and they will wail maaaaaaamiiiiiiii! And she will giggle hilariously. Other than that, usually they are happy. I love to hear them chat. They can talk about One Direction lar , their teachers lah etc etc. I think it's to do with their ages being so close together, they can talk to each other as equal. Even Johan can join.
Whenever we travel I would be in front chatting to their dad and they would be at the back playing games lar, chatting lar, or singing. This is music to my ears indeed, coming from a background where I would always fight with my brothers for space in the car. Nak letak tangan kat mana also can fight. Yelah sekarang cars are bigger kan. Dulu kecik je.

The last time we were out they were teasing Johan. Johan writes songs. And he wants us all to hear it. He sings it often. So far he has written 4 songs. Then when we were on the way to somewhere he started singing and the girls went NOOOOOOOO and then they started to re-sing his song, using different styles, soul lah, rap lah. It was very funny. but the thing that struck me was, they all know the lyrics of his song! So nice. All of the songs lak tu. 

Nadine is also a good sister. I'm very grateful that she likes her siblings. She is 17 after all (next wednesday) and she could be full of angst . But I 'm so happy that she can lead them in games, and chat with them

All of them can chat with me, I hope. I am very manja with them as well as manja-ing them. They sigh having to go rub my feet . They roll their eyes when their parents are lovey dovey. They find our arguing and calling each other hunnybunny while arguing funny. I can be very strict and loud with them. But I also can be friends with them.

I am grateful for my children being who they are, I hope they will remain as they are: good natured, obedient children. Of course lah ada benda yang tak perfect- malas nak bangun, nak mandi kena nag 1000 kali, nak solat pun.., ingat terror (thats you kak long) and always think mommy salah (you too, Kaklong) , always wanting me to get them stuff for cake making (sophia, thats if you get Kitchenguardian as a mom you'd be in heaven) ..suruh study , dia pi surf internet..(daya and jojo) 

But on the whole- Thank you God! 

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