Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nak kitchen baru

I have always loved a big big spacious kitchen

Which I know is funny considering I don't cook. 

But I might, with the right kitchen? (blame the kitchen hehehe)- the house we were in before had this huge kitchen where you can put a dining table and sit and watch tv and eat breakfast etc. It was surrounded by huge windows that overlooked the trees and pokok pokok kat luar. The dining table proper was only used for mengaji or tution or if we had guests. 

Anyway this house has a small kitchen- alaa more than adequate, except that we have been cooking outside. And attracting sang lalat . And other stuff. I hate flies. So I am very the rimas and want to besarkan the kitchen so that we can cook inside.  Mula-mula pikir nak carik duit dulu then I thought hey why not get quotations right..at the same time, can extend above kitchen to make Johan's room. 

Waa so far I dah speak to about 3 contractors. 1 of them said he is working elsewhere can I wait for 2 weeks . 2 of them gave me their ideas. One thing I find is that they can be quite bossy. They want their ideas. Its MY kitchen, suka hati aku lah aku nak wall camana ek?  i dont want a feature wall or what. Feature wall??With fountains?? Where did THAT come from kan? I don't want to concrete the remaining grass outside . Lagi kita nak tengok hijau lagi laa contractor ni nak simen kan. All i wanted is a big space where I can have the family eat and watch tv . I dont want a wet kitchen dry kitchen. I want a kitchen. 

I spoke to my neighbour who has just completed her nth house and she sighed in agreement - she said you have to insist with the contractors on what you want...otherwise they will either use the fastest easiest money making idea or they will impose their idea on you...on the other hand she built a mansion, me only want to build kitchen...

in the meantime hubby is getting worried....dok pikir bajet and surat cinta dari income tax ...get quotations je bang oiiii relaks la...  hehehe


DocYana said...

I love a huge kitchen! and what with cheap labour and property prices here in the East Coast, we were able to design our own home at the fraction of the cost of buying a terrace in KL. and no nonsense of wet and dry kitchen - satu kitchen cukup la kan? Where everybody can gather while slicing onions and carrots.

and I too hate the fact that nowadays people tend to take a short cut and cement the lawn....I love having a bit of a garden - tapi kena rajin la pagi2 weeding and hoeing and stuff.

Good luck with the kitchen!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Doc Yana!

Selamat Hari Raya!

Eee jealous nye ..kat KL ni mahal kan? takut cecah 100 k je

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