Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Privacy and the social media

My husband does not do facebook, or any form of social media. His friends are MY friends on FB because that's how they get to see what he's up to and he is not averse to looking over my shoulder and seing their status and posts etc.

His justification: privacy. 

In fact this blog is just barely tolerated I think hehehe and I have a feeling he would be happier if I don't do personal posts. But  my other posts are bawwwrrrring....anyway anyway

Imagine how horrified he would be if he knows.....that he is found on this other website that tracks your genetic history. And the picture put there (i lah yang put sebenarnye) is one I don't think he wants to show his patients. (it's him with a huge flouncy hat)  So off I have gone to change the profile from public to private. But then, there are other pics that other relatives have put-in flickr , or faceboookkk for eg. That, I can't do anything about and they shall remain in the internet world forever (or until I can persuade relatives to take them down). I don't think he minds so much , unless he remembers then he minds heh.

Anyway I think it's something he has to live with lah in this modern world. I can set profiles to private but somehow or other you can be tracked. I have an appointment with someone this morning and thanks to google and the like, I know what he looks like, that he's married, has a child, who just celebrated a birthday , came from Kluang and is young! Creepy stalker , kan  I ni? But it wasn't difficult at ALL! 

I wonder what you would get if you google ME. Jangan jangan this blog would appear? if friends, ok lah...if clients- EEEEEPP!!

So now betul lah what they say: be careful. You are being watched. (Allah swt is watching you , tak pulak takut kan heheheheheh) 

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