Monday, August 06, 2012

Ramadhan Sunday

Hi there 
How's the raya preparation going?? It's almost middle of puasa allready! eeps. ! Have you finished reading the quran?? Have you done terawih everynight?? have you sadaqah ? No, no and yes. Terawih , I try. Went the day before , did not go yesterday . On account of feeling unwell..slept for 12 hours. We took the girls to Shah Alam earlier, to visit our cousin's Emma's shop Elzahraaa..dah 2nd outlet dah.well done to you Emma! She's a banking and finance graduate who started out small sewing her own scarves, then opened a shop in Seri Kembangan, then now, second outlet in Section 7! Wah, so cantik her shop...we all went and had fun try this and that...harga pun reasonable..managed to get 6 jubahs from emma and 3 pasang kurta (baju kurung and seluar)- the nice thing is the seluar tu gelobosh- so sedap lah if pakai. Kesian Daya - she could not get anything sbb she's too small. this is her link: 

The kids ingat ni "random" baju raya sbb ada " coordinated colour " baju raya..berapa banyak baju raya daa..but then this is the fun part for me when I was growing for clothes for Eid! 

Kesian my mom tak dapat nak join sebab my dad said tak payah kau dah berapa banyak tudung dah ni heheheheh

Anyway then balik and nadine and hubs wanted to eat indian for break fast, and they suggested Passage to the time we arrived it was 7 and we were told that the buffet was full, sorry. We could only go ala carte. Haa? Full?? but you said can buka puasa (break fast) ?? Im here to break my fast what..should be allowed what if its full- those there were allready eating and not fasting, so even if its full, they shouldnt count what...! I manage to get myself pretty worked up by then until my husband shoved me none too gently in and said ala carte is fine...and in the end, it was a LOT cheaper hehehehe . My muka very the sour though as I get very sensitive with food hehehe....the waiter was so anxious , and everything got served in 10 minutes I think ! Now thats what I call service and maybe I should make a scene more often. Entah entah got "special" stuff in my food though!! erks!!

Since I very rarely get mad, (only food can make me mad) I ended up with huge headache and went home to crash out ....! We all missed our sahur this morning because mom didnt wake up ! 

Anyway that was our 2nd eating out for ramadhan..we try not to do it too often..husband is also challenged this ramadhan..tiba tiba pulak he is so mega busy....the more you need to concentrate on spiritual matters, the more the worldly matters beckon (me and Cirque du Soleil for instance) hehehe.. 

On the terawih front..i read an article on understanding the surah read during the terawih prayers..yeah lah..its all my doing one..where got will , got way have to try ler to paham...

On the sadaqah..heard that to get under the shade during the judgment day...when the sun is a mile away , we need to be one of those who qualify and one of the criteria is give sadaqah in a way that the left hand did not know what the other is giving... ni tak..give a little bit, tell the entire world..terus habis pahala hehehehe...

Ok then catch you later...! Have a good ramadhan guys..! 

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