Monday, August 13, 2012

Raya to do

How do other moms with kids at boarding school do it ye? I haven't seen my eldest 2 kids since last Thursday and now am missing them not right without them. mealtimes also not complete. Of course there is less bickering. hehehe. They are still atUIA mosque.. will be joining them insyallah for one prayer. I got woken up by Nadine this morning for sahur! How nice considering that I was sotired I might have slept on if not for her call! 

Anyway yes. things to do:

1/ Change duit raya- i heard banks are running out or have run out . Have to find 
2/ get new baju raya- for the kids. I tak yah kot...rotate je yang ada. If only I remember which ones that my relatives havent seen yet. 
3/ start organising cookies.. without me realising it I have bought 4 jenis- tart, simpul kasih, batang buruk and one more I cant remember. I was thinking of baking (hah) but then no oven (GE Mall tak jual oso)

4/ start getting nasi impit packets--- and meat! 
5/ think about what to give to aunties and uncles-- duit?
7/read quran and know what you are reading.
8/ get fairy lights or pelita- tonight could be the night you know! 

How's your preparations? 

Btw i have no  new curtains or cushions to change that ok ah. 

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