Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya

Hari raya oh hari raya

I just came back from visiting a friend, at another friend's house..he lives in England now, having married a local lass and now has 3 kids...sorang macam dia , macam Pakistani sikit, sorang macam mat salleh, the youngest and only girl- kulit matsalleh tapi can pass as Melayu. Anyway yeah from morning the plan was to go visit this friend. First, hubby said we can visit him at his holiday apartment (he is only back for a few weeks). Then hubby lak went to work and by the time he came back, it was after zohor so we prayed first, then it was after asar then we prayed that too, then I started getting annoyed takkan nak tunggu maghrib lak kan, bila lah nak kluar ni. LETS GO! Slight problem- Maid lak went  out yesterday - [I let her because of Raya but she did say she was coming back by 1 by 5 also no lah to leave - since she didn't take the keys (i wouldnot let her) and she'd be stuck outside in the rain if we went out and she couldn't go in wait we the end she sauntered in past 5 pm...why never call ? got no phone is it for entire KL hah. senang sikit plan kan, if we know for sure what time you come back..bebel bebel bebel.....] Anyway since she came back, we could finally leave to visit this friend, but then he told us he was no longer where we thought he was, could we perhaps meet him at ANOTHER friend's house. This other friend is his good friend and we know him too (from uni) but the last time WE saw him it was 5 years ago I think(unless lah he is my husband's patient- he treats people and never tell me) . So off we went but then husband said hey since we have time to kill, why don't we visit your auntie first. Terkezut my auntie ..we were their first visitors since they just came back from their kampung (my uncle's hometown in PD) -- 

I taknak pergi actually.

This is the thing about me. While I am very spontaneous, if there was a plan that had been agreed, I would be upset if we don't fulfil that plan ..and the plan was to SEE THIS FRIEND! might i remind you , my dear, that this friend was YOUR housemate and I don't particularly mind if we don't see him , except that THAT was the plan...! So  not that i didn't want to go see my aunt, it's just that there was a plan, the plan the plan!

BUT on the other hand, ahh never mind in the end we did go visit my aunt, had a lovely time and also solat maghrib there and THEN we left to see this friend (Finally) 

It was good, of course, I over borakked lah kan...first time jumpa I want to tell you my life story dah..hissshhh shila, shila bila laaa nak belajar cool and elegant ni...

It's apparent how different our lifestyles are , my friend's wife and I..mat salleh, duduk kat UK, no maid, - she was most anxious to help out and took plates to the kitchen, opened the drawers. While I, sat down like madam .and let the maid do the work. In my defence, this was my first time in the mutual friend's house. Takkan nak bukak almari dah kan. Kalau tak I pun rajinnnnn(eh ehe defensive lak) 

Balik je, Johan counted his money and rushed to put his money in his wallet which he had hid in the drawer upstairs in my room. I went in, surprised to find that the maid had come in to send clothes. (i forgot to lock room) and then johan said his wallet is gone! RM300 plus he had in there. Aiyooo...i went to the maid's room and rather politely (i rasa) said that I was going to have to check it. She stepped aside.  Of course I couldn't find it. I told Johan to pray hard, if it is meant for him, it will be found. And my daughters' IC are gone too. Misplaced I hope. If stolen also I cannot prove.

Sigh....i was talking to the other half- we agreed we need the maid. Otherwise who is going to mop. Only thing is be more vigilant lah.  I asked her and she swore (of course) on the quran that she did not take it. I hope so, lady. 

Anyway yeah now feel very full...ate too much..tomorrow must fast, other than offering it to the Almighty it can also reduce this gluttony....

How's your raya going?


Anonymous said...

Salam aidilfitri, Maaf zahir batin, ma'am. BTW, did you get something from my parents?


Anonymous said...

Hi SW, Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family.

Be careful of all maids, even if they look like angels. It is good to have one safe box in your house, like the one u have in hotels to dump all ur impt belongings and cash.

These ppl can steal IC and use it for some application etc.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Anonymous-Selamat Hari Raya! Yeah...well i have no proof thats the thing...but sapa lagiiiiii..anyway yeah i will get one now.

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