Thursday, August 09, 2012

Terawih at Taman Tar and other membebeling

Yesterday Mak B jemput kita join majlis iftar at Masjid Taman TAR where she has sponsored for Iftar last night. Hubby picked me up after 7, nak pergi how right.,,but go we did, we went home, coralled the kids , got to the mosque in time to pray Maghrib , and then suffered the embarrassment of being shown special treatment by the ever kind Mak B my husband's auntie who goes by the title Datuk..we were shown to our table where Im sure the seats were allready taken (it was a full house last night) but anyway we were thankful we could share iftar - ada Orphans from Rumah Anak Yatim and they were being celebrated as well, donations were given  . Someone had sponsored a whole lembu (cow) and therefore we had sup tulang , kurma daging etc. 

That was the first time this month that I got to pray in a mosque. Selalukan kat my friend's house. Much though I enjoyed it, its different when in a mosque kan. because there are zikirs in between , lots more people, etc/ But I do  have to say that Taman TAR ustaz read his surah very very quickly.mengah dibuatnya! Apa hal tu, got to catch a train ke? I met my cousins (unplanned) at the mosque later on and they said that was why they go there for their terawih..because its short and fast! When I remarked on how fast this ustaz read, they told me the usual other ustaz reads even faster! Qulhuwallah je! 

Hmmm.. I dont think I like it so fast. The point of terawih , is an additional ibadah kan. Although funny that for the non wajib prayers lots of people want to pray together , but for the fardhu prayers not so many want to come to mosque (me included). This terawih is all about extra pahala etc right..and is the least I can offer. Since I dont memorise all the long long surah, I hope my imam would be able to do it and I can at least get the pahala of a makmum /follower right? If you also do the short surah, I oso can do right. Anyway is the point of terawih , to finish fast? I am far from being a holy person  but I thought we are supposed to better ourselves. so if we don't understand the surah, we shouldn't then ask for the imam to read surah that we understand only right, we should take it as a challenge to understand the surah. Having said that....its not easy! Its a long journey and it takes work. Much much easier to stick to the surah that you know  ..but hey! Im 43 (my cousins pun dah 30 plus) -takkan still at that level right?? Must improve ourselves. I am envious of my kids because they know so many surah by heart. Nadine has memorised the Yaasin I believe .The others too, can go quite long without referring to the buku yasin tu. Habis mummy dia , takkan tak pandai jugak kan?? Entah-entah , this is my last ramadhan No more chance to better myself

heheheh im not lecturing ni, im just saying...despite me not understanding and having problem concentrating on terawih prayers that are long, I don't think the solution is to reduce the surah to MY level, but rather I should try to elevate myself to the Imam's level right??

before terawih, there was a hadiah giving ceremony for the orphans. They got packets, and money packets as well. Alhamdulillah. They were soo cute..ada yang besar. ada yang kecik..can i bring one home?? Oh yeah A funny thing happen during the giving of the gift. My auntie called my 2 youngest kids to stand in the queue ...i panicked when i saw Jojo and Daya in the line belakang the orphans..Oi tu anak yatim punya lah!! hihihih..mak b later said its ok, she had extra and in the end she gave to all the kids (sophia included , and she was left at home sbb tak sembahyang) - terbelalak gak lah the eyes of the puan sri etc hihihihi takut we take the orphans's right..I hope I didn't embarrass her too much..

Anyway anyway after that we went home- but then the other half suddenly headed to Ampang Point..apa hal lak ni.. I have like a million agreements to finish looking at so I was like NOOOOO go HOMMMMEEEE and he said "BASKIN ROBBINS bagi icecream free!" ... Aiaaaa ...they insisted so we all went. parked the car and let the girls go get their icecream..ahahahaha ingat kan just a quick dash in, and then come out with a free cone..rupanya ada LINE PANJANG!! Just to get ONE SCOOP of icecream! heheh I told them look kids mummy will BUY YOU EACH A CONE boleh tak?? Time is money ok, do NOT get in the queue please! hehehehe but then it WAS fun to see what the commotion was about. Jangan jangan ada yang tak terawih punyalah nak icecream free. heheheh

Ok itu lah sajaa...oh yeah, Nadine and Sara asked me if they can go iktikaf ...10 days at the UIA mosque ...I finally said yes worry is that Nadine will be missing class...and she has SPM this year...but she said she has a schedule and she is going to be with a group of non giggly girls. Nadine...I can only send you to school..I cannot study for you ok. It is up to you to push yourself..if you want to help the ummah, you need to have money and to have money, you need to get a good job or rob a bank and even to rob a bank you need to have brains but anyway if you dont want to rob a bank you need to get into a good school and unless your dad wants to open a university anyday, you have to get fantastic pressure or anything..but this is all in your hands ok. 

yeah, no pressure. Sara- you too! You have so many things to study for and Twitter or Tumbler is not one of them hokay! You can go on the computer but not more than 40 minuts can or not..or else like we agreed, as much time yougive to the internet, thats as much time you should be studying. Fair kan?? 

Ok then ...better stop melalut lak kan..bababbabababaaiiiiii

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