The ArabStreet Experience

Oh did I tell you that the Cirque du Soleil thing didn't pan out? I got  a call from the concierge telling me that he went to the ticket booth and found out that there was no show on Monday, the day we wanted to go. There was a show on Tuesday though,  would I like to go? No lah kan, since that was the day we were flying home. Aww .,,,,oh well. Maybe it was too expensive and God wants us to save money! (SGD 150 each) or maybe it's to save our souls! It IS bulan Ramadhan right... astaghafirullah...

(We saw paper headline later that implied it was the end of the line for the show after 20 years! there you go. not meant to watch it)

Anyway instead of going to a show - - we went to Arab Street to break fast  There was a bazaar of some sort- a few stalls smelling so yummy..jual shawarma , jual nasi briani, jual air kathirah etc. Of course nothing like our pasar ramadhan, which would have about 200 times more stalls and more people (and i still dont go  on the grounds that i dont like crowds!). They told me that this was because it was a Monday. I kept being told to go to Geylang . One chinese cab driver told me I should go there because I'm a Muslim. (??) Appealing though it was, there was no time to go to Geylang and I thought - how different can it be from our own Jalan Tar and Masjid India right??(which i have not been to in years)

We walked down various streets trying to find this Halal french bistro  that KG's husband recommended(he's a real food tourist guide)'s really pleasant walking around Arab Street...not many cars, somehow it was cooler than KL (whats up with that?? Is Singapore NOT just under JB? Why is it cooler? Its those trees eh..the ones my husband is convinced are fake ha ha just cant believe how green they are! ) - tengah carik carik this french restaurant (on Baghdad Street) - we saw this  restaurant nasi padang having a buffet kat luar - murah je SGD12 per person and more importantly, food dah ready! apa lagi, DUDUK lah -- so crowded but they managed to squeeze us next to this couple Ramdhan and Dina - over dinner we chatted (ok, I chatted while hubby went to get food) and found out they were teachers and going to get married and been to KL twice and all they know of Malaysia is Sunway Lagoon and Genting Highlands.- I told them go to Terengganu! go to Penang! We have so much more to offer !(than Singapore) in terms of natural resources- Cameron lah, Frasiers Hills lah, kalau boring hills, Perhentian lah, Kapas lah, Redang lah, - eh I sound like Tourism Malaysia lak. 

On the way back, we found the French bistro! Yay! However, it was crowded, and we had to sit outside ! We had a coffee and a strawberry shortcake which was nice. Did not speak to anyone, so husband was relieved. Managed to go home without chatting up more people. Although I did give Dina and Ramdhan our contact numbers. 

Yeah, that was our Arab St experience. Full of makan makan and jalan jalan and borak borak. Langsung tak beli kain or carpet or what. But at least orang cakap Arab St ada apa, kita boleh join lah. Next trip=Geylang.

Oh, the Tuesday I finally got some compulsory shopping done. Dina had recommended this place called Bershka in Ion Orchard for the kids. I pun pergi (around 2pm) - woi macam Pavillion je so I was wondering what shop she meant. Rupanye ada Basement 1 to 4 yang more "retail" and not so high end. I pun pergi...satu satu kedai I went in. NOTHING suitable at all for my girls! Most sleeveless, or sheer, generally very young clothing and not at all what I imagine my girls would wear. Actually , come to think of  it, the girls around us that we saw, were dressed up well too, but more like going out rather than going to work. Hmm maybe in Singapore people are dressier? Could not see many malays though. funny cause when I mentioned it to Dina and Ramdhan they told me to go to Geylang if I want to see Malays. And they said nowadays there are a lot of immigrants in Singapore, kalau nampak Malays pun they most likely  are NOT. That's one difference between us kan?  In KL we do see a  mixture of races right? Tempat mahal or tempat business district or tempat office je-- you do see all races there and I cant imagine telling a Chinese- go to Petaling Street if you want to see chinese. It's nice that Dina and Ramdhan don't seem to think anything of this. I would totally mind. Dina said most Malays have gone to Australia! is it??

After 1 hour of "shopping" I decided to go back. Expected hubs to come back at 5 so if flight at 8, theoretically can lah jalan kan .. but then hubs balik and then asked if we could go to the airport terus. Rupanye he wanted to go back early. SO DID I. After 2 days I had enough of the host country..hmm bukan tak best..just not Malaysia...with our flaws etc..still home is the best. Anyway we did get the 6 something flight and voila by 9 we are home! And the train in KLIA rosak pintu dia and would not open for 5 whole minutes! And the automatic passport gate also got problem*! Ahhhh welcome home indeed! heheheheh

* the autogate tu takda problem apa , just that it takes time lah for it to process. I was in line and the kiasu people inf ront of me was so impatient and then decided it was not working ..aiyaaa we are not in kiasu country lah..relax and chill lah..sure worked fine for me and hubby...

the train rosak tu? I got nothing. malaysia maintenance memang problem.



Anonymous said…
Hi SW,

Geylang is well known for red light district area. But another part of Geylang is famous for awesome, delicious malay food. You can find briyani, soto, rojak, etc at the food stalls there.

Not much clothing in singapore is suitable for malaysian girls, especially the clothes that need to tutup aurat. Most singapore girls buy those sleveless, etc dress, but the malay girls will wear a type of bodysuit to cover aurat, then on top of that wear the dress. sometimes this looks fashionable, but not suitable in hot weather country :)

arab street sells a lot of good materials which you can buy to make baju kurung :)
Hi Anony!Is it?? Red light?? waah never know one...anyway must go next time..since everyone is telling me to go hehehehe....

yeah, i did look at the sleeveless clothes in case my girls want to wear them..but then yah, its too hot to wear the inner kan? Oh well maybe ada if i had more time to go shopping !
Anonymous said…
Hujan batu pun hujan batu lah... My heart belongs to Malaysia. That green grass on the other side? They can have it.

Yeahhh malaysia is the best ,walaupun BANYAKKKK i can comment..hihihih....

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