Friday, August 03, 2012

The payback for Singapore

I finally found out what it's like to be a patient in Prince court medical centre- not me rather, my kids.

it's ike being in a hotel, except nurses will come and check you out.

they even come to change the linen--boleh?? 

and they come to take the food order which included - lambchop with gravy for mains and dessert and starter.

Ok ok the reason why Im here is because when we came home from singapore, our 2 daughters told us they were still sick. Daya and Nadine..had fever and were lounging in their rooms being miserable complaining of joint pains etc. Since this was day 5 of their fever (counting from Saturday) we thought- dengue ! So both of them were quickly bundled to hospital yesterday morning and we got them checked out by the doc. The doc said- let' s take some blood and admit you guys since if it is dengue you may have to stay for awhile. Off we went to the ward and my 2 daughters then slept and generally were ill while I relived my experience (not so nice) of being here before , by working by the window.

 Anyway there was a time when Daya made a fuss by not wanting to have her blood taken again (the first time they forgot to take enough- adake) . I texted the husband who apparently was around the hospital cutting some other people up - I told him- your daughter doesn't want to have her blood taken, your nurses are dancing around her, Ive sent them away can YOU doi it instead. and all of a sudden , the nurses told me the hubs had called and said the MO will take his daughter's blood and then later this doctor came to put the cannula in and I was thinking you're a bit too old to be an MO and then he started sticking stuff in daya and I thought what the hey- you want to put a drip on my daughter who refused to have her hand touched by the nurse?? thinking , who IS this inexperienced MO? and this "MO" said,  well thats what the doctor in charge of them told me to do and i said are you SURE she said to do it to daya as well because this girl is superscared to take blood and now you put a DRIP in? And he said- well now we did both, take blood AND put drip in.  and it was later that I found out this "MO" (medical officer) is not an MO at all but a super senior consultant.... ooooooooopss. and he put this cannula in for my kids?? (by the way this is a cannula)

Anyway anyway...then finally hubby came to visit us at 9 pm and then we went home (me and my hubby) to take clothes for the girls..He was surprised that I wanted to stay the night at the hospital - helloooooo takkan mak tak stay with the kids kan..dah lah adjoiniing rooms 2 girls..nadine in one and daya in the other and me going from one to the other ..and answering emails and calls etc . Between husband and kids eh?? anyway he asked if we can break fast at his friend's cafe (doctor jugak) and we were there until 9 plus and then we went home and the other kids were allready ready wanting to go visit their sisters. Macam excursion pulak . Sara had taken clothes for them and included a soft toy for daya. No toothpaste or shampoo though. hehehe

Dad dropped the kids and me back to the ward and then went off. They opened the sofa chair bed for me , and the kids (all of them) made themselves completely at home and spread blankets on the floor at the rooms . the dad went off to operate on someone until 1 am and then he came back to get the kids ( by this time they were all sleeping ) to take them home. After which I heard he went off to operate some MORE on this horrific accident case  in his government hospital until 4 am (so he really really really earns his salary there folks)  and then he came home  and then I called him and then I found out they all sahur at mc donalds.- he had another operation at 8 this morning in his other government hospital (he has 2! serdang and gh -- other docs have more than 1 private practice, my husband has more than one government practice ha ha!- kesian dia dua dua sebok lak this fasting month)

Anyway we are now dressed and waiting for the doc now...the girls seem to be miles better today, it must be the enforced stay and the drip! 

And now the doctor has come and discharged my girls and declared that it was infection- mycoplasma?and to expect the other 3 to get it too..whooppeeee..

all in glad to be going home I hope the partner is ok with me crashing at home...


Anonymous said...

Hi SW,

I am sorry to hear that. I hope both your kids have a speedy recovery and hope the rest will not get infected.

Your husband seems to be hardworking. I think I will not be able to "tahan" or bear such a hectic schedule. You are one strong and independent lady. If my husband worked late in the office and came home around 10pm, I dah mengamuk dah.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Nina

Srry lambat reply you! My kids are well now, thank goodness..although we are on the lookout for any other kids falling ill...anyway yeah..on the hubbs...memang tak tahan..after a while akan mentantrum kan diri...for now...sabar je lahhh hehehehe

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