Friday, September 28, 2012

Huwaaa my face is full of chillies


I'm feeling a LOT better. Stayed home and got most of my work done. Told the work partner about how the other half is suddenly playing "Me Tarzan You Jane" on me...and we had a heart to heart about my working at the firm given that he is doing all that, and we figured out that since the other half is now getting a lot busier with his university hospital and shouldering a lot more responsibility , being the only malay surgeon in the Uni that hasn't fully left and still faithfully teaching he probably just want the comfort of having his wife at home, being there for the kids, cooking homecooked meals for him...etc... Basically I do want to continue work, except I dont want to JUST do law and I do want to have some time to pursue my other interest, which includes conducting a thorough study on Korean life....ahem....which I have abandoned actually for a long time because I was too bz doing other stuff....anyway yes.

Must work right.(??).penat je belajar bak kata arwah atok I all those years I was a stay at home mom....but can I choose the files? Husband said no need to go in to office at all but karang boring lak... Work is fun (although clients can be %^*@) Partner and I get along, which is very strange because personality wise we are NIGHT and DAY. (Im the day) He he...but we are now more like siblings as well as friends in the sense that I can pau money of him for cabs and vice versa and I do get mad and yell at him and tell him I think he's SUPER KIASU and then I am ok . ..(although he never noticed ???!!)  I suppose we have known each other and each other's families for sooo long  that it really does feel like we are family. But kedekutnya dia dengan kids dia...tinggal kat rumah I kejap terus nak ambik..camana adek beradek cam ni aahhh. . 

And I've managed to get on top of work somehow..I guess less distraction and more discipline..I have to thank BNI for that...they are a great bunch and seing how they are focused and motivated to get more business in turn motivates ME. I got up at 4 this morning for the 6 am meeting and the energy was buzzing at the meeting . I want to quit all the time cause its the easiest thing to do but I know being around people who are disciplined is good for LAZYBUM like me. .

Anyway we have decided that I will cometo work as soon as the kids go to school and come back by 2. And then cook dinner for my kids and hubby. Like hubs has been hinting of late (who cooked tonight you or the maid? He asked and I shd say, for the first time ever) - So today I came home after meeting (with Partner's wife KG pulak) Anyway came  home early and started to cook and now my face is hot as I have wiped my face with my hands forgetting that I actually was pounding chiillies earlier..I have bunged a pot of lamb in the microwave with potatoes and tomatoes and ginger and carrots , I have made my very colourful sotong broccoli mushroom stirfry and I have made a very hot sambal terung hijau (hence my face !!!) - So there. Now I am off to fetch my daughter from her tuition. I feel like SUCH a good mom. How long I can sustain this god knows....hihihihih

And of course...I have to check that writing for newspaper angle would be a DREAM come true. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Am I stressed??

The other day my partner said - are you stressed?

you know, I came across some postingon FB that said that if you do something something Allah can curse you by making you feel you never have enough, you are always busy and you are always anxious. And I think that maybe that is the case here..I must have done something wrong cause I always feel that I have a LOT of work and I am actually having stomach ulcers I think! ha ha!

Hubs now asked me to fully stay home. Work from home and never go in the office. He has forgotten what he said I think becaue when I asked do you really want me to quit work he said I want you to do what You want to do. Work is not what I want to do, that's for sure! I think if you ask anyone not many would say they want to do what they are doing. And they are doing it for the wage. I keep telling my work partner that he should chuck in law and do ID which Im sure is his real passion right? But of course he says breadwinner etc for me, I asked the other half, if I don't work what do i do? he said, write, watch Korean movies, look after the kids ...why are their grades falling....

sigh...guilty ala mode. It was just a passing remark but I'm still (obviously) mulling over it. Brooding over it. To work from home?? I think thats the best option for now. half days. and make sure I actually work instead of lala-lalaing at Flora he he he. See the kids. Cook. 

And also,lets see if I can be abetter person so that I can chase this anxiety away...


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whats new

Hubs and I are now taking arabic classes. every sunday 8-10 am

wish us luck!

rupanye just the 2 of us

husband of course much the terrorer than me..his handwriting was better...nicer..faster...he asked a lot of technical questions....whereas I terhegeh hegeh - lama tak tulis arabic woit

Best gak belajar balik ni..

In the meantime, baby brother has left for the UK for his masters. With his wife. nak itot....

satu gerabak hantar dia haritu...i was the anxious sister, anxious to push him into the departure thing...because I remember how long the security thing took, and sometimes tak sempat nak sampai kat gate, and you rush and rush hehehe

anyway yah. mom is now not well.

missinigg him kot...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's read the paper

Read a horrific story about a girl throwing her new born baby from 3 floors up.Paper siap printed  the horrific picture..URGHH! Adek...benda tu bukan toy ok, nak buang buang...orang. ! Hidup, alive! got nyawa ! You throw throw , meh I throw you around sikit..I know , she was stressed but really?? dont lah  throw the baby...

And then read in the UK couple on trial for killing their daughter. Pakistani couple who was so horrified that the daughter was so westernised that they killed her. She was so pretty and 17 and had her whole life ahead of her. cannot expect to put her in a UK school adn into the UK system and then come out not touched by things western!! And killing the daughter??  Not in the quran, mate. Or any parenting book

Egggghhh lets not read the paper lah ye....

gossip world--- anything??

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Faux pas

committed a corporate faux pas at wedding yesterday. Sat next to a big wig .Didn't know how big. I asked  him...Uncle buat apa sekarang..he said I'm do you find retirement uncle...he said oh I still do some things...What do you do to keep you bz , uncle ....(persistent, me) and he said:

i sit on the board of khazanah, maxis, etc etc as a non exec director


i said to him- I should call you by your title (still have no clue who he is ok) and not uncle, so sorry

he said- no, I like it. Uncle is fine. 


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Education plan for the 5

Dear hubs: I'm putting down my thoughts regarding our kids's education ok:

A. Nadine:

SPM in December - after that--- A levels...or Foundation course....A levels either locally or - locally lah who am I kidding, Uppingham sent me a fee quotation and it was scary. Perhaps taylors. but then she is going to the National service so she can't do anything until after result I suppose

After that: Play by ear. Local or abroad depends on her...and you. Sure you don't want to go private full time,dear? ALL up to you....while those hands are steady..sure you don't want to maximise earning potential? hmmmmmm?? no? hehehehehehhe! 

B. Sara

Junior Level Assessment this October- this is an internal exam set by the school. So far..she is studying..she's doing ok - she can do better and as you and I discussed (ok I talked and you snored) we will help her by getting her books and tutors. After that, in 2 years, IGCSE (I never know why she can't sit for this next year ke, why must wait for 2 years) Sara needs attention..she cannot focus..come to think of it, neither can I since I am supposed to be drafting documents and decided to write in the blog instead. But hey! I was also researching the tutors etc! 

C. Sophia

Same education pattern as Sara.. I know, I know, what was wrong with them taking SPM and PMR right....what's good for you should be good for them kan..but I think SPM is too hard for them! And IGSCE would be better for their development holistically...(oh who am I kidding, the easier than SPM bit got me) 

D. Dahlia 

UPSR dah habis and she thinks she can get 5 As...thanks to Teacher Nafisah's daily tution in the last 2 weeks before the exams..I am now pondering rather seriously to put her in a local government run school now..what do you think - sekolah elok Khadijah's school ke..after the 2 above her going private..i think maybe we can do with a breather and govt assistance ha ha ha

E. Johan

He sits for the UPSR next year. I totally don't know about him..ashik main je...suruh buka buku taknak..ustaz pun macam tak bagus I will help him this year and then I think he will do better in a gomen school..yang urban area so that kalau dia speaking spocking he would not be ridiculed so much. I bet his Malay will improve so much with gomen school. Even Somalians here in Adni speak local BM. And I'm sure he would love the extra curricular activity ...nanti boleh lah join football and tennis..MCKK?? please. 

Ok so thats it ye? boleh ah...

How did she manage to look so cool in the blazinig heat??

Her skin is glowing. I want her skin care. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Will n Kate and other stuff

Sooo Will and Kate were here.

Did you know ke? No? Yes? Couldn't care less? 

I saw the pics of Najib showing them durians- the article said Wills looked "curious" - I think he was probably thinking- phoaaaaaaaaaaawarrrr these people KEEP pushing this thing to me!

You know, I used to think that the perception that Mat sallehs don't like durians is false...and then I met Bob, in BNI, who told me durian smells like DIRTY SOCKS! I can't imagine! And I told him, how is it that you can eat rotten cheese quite happily, and yet cannot even SMELL durian?? Strange! When I love it so much I can eat awhole basketful! 

Speaking of eating, I had an impromptu get together last night. Sis in law (hub's sister) flew to Hong Kong this morning (for 3 years! Uhuhuhu- without her baby! and her husband! (although i dont think he minds so much heheheh).  As she would be driving from Kelantan down to Sepang, we asked her to stop at our place first for dinner . Mom and dad in law were allready here, so after dinner my sister in law can take them over to Sepang as well. (hub's brother is there) . Hubs also called his other sister and his auntie and his cousin on his dad's side - all of whom live close by. It was very impromptu . Like 2 hours notice. (this is important to mention ---so that other aunties do not get offended at not being invited! Sorry! ). Then my parents called me, so  I invited them also. Then my dad said what about my 2 brothers and their wives  living with my parents.ok lah come as well. Then I cannot NOT invite my other brother right..Hubs wanted me to cook rice with several dishes but seing that my stove is very lemah lembut...the flame is sooo soft and slow and fickle..i terus call KAK SENAH!! My trusted caterer!!!! So I told her 40 people would be coming and can I have (1) nasi tomato (2) char k teow and (3) laksa penang - like 3 hours from now 

What's the occasion you ask- well, it was to say byebye to sis in law and also have a do for my own baby brother , and his wife. They're off to the UK for a year for his Masters. 

I got all 3 yay!! And of course as usual I over ordered-- there was so much food because 

1. Mom in law cooked also. White rice, beef curry , prawn etc etc..
2. My sis in law never showed up! At 8 we heard she had JUST left Kota bharu, to drive down to KL ! And her flight was at 9 am! Aishhhh...She had to go straight to my other brother in law's house in Sepang...
3. my other brother (not living with parents) called off as well..can't blame them-  too short a notice...

Anyway so the end result was....there was a lot of food left...but no in law went to Sepang as well and I think she carried enough food for my sister in law, my brother in law and their even if they couldn't come to dinner, dinner went to them he he he

I'm just amazed I could host 20 plus people on a moment's notice!

Anyway to's wishing you all the best....3 years without hubs and baby- wow you are one very strong hearted lady...I would be jello. But for the sake of your future, it's the best thing for you now. 

To Shah and Syieda- well! Go 2 of you..come back....4?? heheheheh 

Ta for now guys...have a good weekend ......

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Ada satu dilema

We are going somewhere. We have booked a house for 7. I had asked  my cousin who works there, what she thought of that neighbourhood. She didn't reply and I went and booked based on the internet. Siap bayar booking lagi...Tibatiba she replied and said she will not be around that time we are going, but we are welcome to stay at her place..she only has 2 bedrooms lah but ada gak living room-- is that ok? 

IS that OK? I would save so much moolah you know! Of course lah its ok kan?? I could rent a car with that savings..of course I will pay my cousin lah for this or buy a nice pressie ke

The dilema?

Suami ku taknak...husband is refusing point blank - jangan susahkan orang kata dia.  dont trouble her..but honeyyyy she's my COUSIN lahh bila lagi nak susahkan orang we WILL pay her ...

no, he says, nanti kena bayar letrik tinggi..we use up a lot of water and energy...but HaHNEEE she said her office pays for it all...waaahhh

So anyway what do you guys think. To susahkan or not. And its a nice neighbourhood to boot..of course lah the house that we have booked is about 1 km away from the city so thats a plus too

in the end i told her, you ask your property manager if its ok to let your cousins stay for a few days..if yes, we will stay and if not, then I will keep the house we booked. Husband is still shaking his head no, though. Yeah I know what he means..I oso thought..are we going to hear  of this at every other family wedding ? which will SO not make this thing worth it. I dont want to feel indebted for the rest of my life (although in terms of favours I think weve done quite a few for them)  . I called my auntie yesterday and took great pains to tell her that it was OFFERED to us rather than us ASKING for it he he and I do have an alternative..and she was a bit appeased, I think, especially when i said , if the property manager said no, then no lah. I have a BETTER house than your daughter's flat actually. She was going to tell me about how strict the managers are there, and how fussy etc so if they come and inspect and find us there, boy are we in trouble! But i told her, everything has to be above board and everyone must be informed otherwise we will just stick with our house. So there. (but then guys, I would reallyyyyyy save if stay at her place!) 

Hissshh sedara , oh sedara...

Monday, September 10, 2012

So the BB just died....

I am very clever. Clever sampai memandai-mandai..

the other day my phone died. Tengah pakai one minute, the next thing mati. diam sediamnya.. i charged the phone dah baik baik so it was fully charged..but it still refused to do anything

What did I do:

1. First , I went to the office and moaned to all 
2. Then a spare phone was given to me- thanks boss
3. then i transferred the sim card 
4. then i spent the  next 2 days wondering who the heck called and asking loads of annoying questions like"who is this?" accompanied by grovelling messages like this :"So sorry to ask I lost all data" 
5. In the meantime I asked the office staff to send the BB to be repaired
6. then they came back to tell me, nope, cannot repair one
7. before that one colleague had tried to download software (as if i know what that meant) and still cannot
8. then on friday i discovered i left the spare phone at home

9. then I thought HECK it! I will go and get a new phone
10. then I spent long minutes browzing online -thru both Ma#xis and Slowcom to check who can give me a cheap phone (you will find out why I called it Slocom)
11. Also i found out i can join any other data packages as I have no more contract with slocom. 

12. I decided to get the RM399 merdeka bb package by Slocom. Hubby called and said he will chauffeur his princess wife around come with me . 

13. I went to slocom, need to line up JUST to get a number before can go to the counter
14. Anyway no point , as they DO NOT HAVE STOCK of any new BB (or Ipad, or Iphone or anything resembling a communication device at all )
15. And no, they can't repair my BBeither, I have to go to the centre 2 km away. 
16 Dengan penuh geramnya, feeling frustrated, I said to hubby- JOM kita pergi MAXI#S!

17. So we went....but first have to pay the bill lah kan....and after that we have to stop the car (we paid through the drivethru walhal I was IN THE CENTRE- i had to queue just to get a number to PAY so i malas and left )- and once we paid we could not just go thru, we had to pay parking pulak..for that we had to stop the car and GO TO the AUTOPAY machine to pay,which is normal except this one autopay machine SEBELAH the barrier and dalam sikit, so kena go through the parking lot, and park, and then walk up to the machine, and pay. The autopay machine is disorok(hidden) in what used to be the booth to collect payment for the ticket (manually) - since the parking lot where we had to stop is SO SMALL, we had to wait behind cars and so many left their cars running and run to pay the ticket . LAIN KALi can or not put the autopay machine sedikit jauh daripada the actual BARRIER. 

18. then we went to Maxis- Simple- I said I want a new BB package= the person said alaa we only have X model (not my model) - but its RM199 upfront - Maxxxxis ni everyone was super efficient and smiling. 

19. So cheap! But then one person came and said ambik Iphone lah Kak...

20 I don't exactly remember what happened then, because it's a blur. I believe I was still pondering on "converting" from BB to Iphone and while I was pondering my other half must have nodded or what because very swiftly we were WHISKED AWAY and gotten all the registration down..SLOCOM----take note of this! 

21. before we knew it , we had to pay the price of a holiday to Perth , for the phone

22. Oh yeah. Another thing. If i wanted to change carrier, and retain the old number , it would take another 2 days.. so in my haste and hatred of waiting - i said OK LAH take NEW number.. sigh...

23 Then the guy took us to a secret place to do secret things to the brand new phone

24. Then we were instructed that we cannot click "UPDATE" at all, ever. EVER

25.  In the meantime other half and I had roticanai, and copious coffee and said wah its a nice date eh? (RMxxxx the poorer sobs) 

26. Then I had fun trying to talk to the Siri - but the SIRI failed to understand what I said..hihihih...the sales guy said into the phone "Good night!" and in his chinese slang..and the SIRI repeated "Good nine" kekekekekkekehhh so funny. I discovered SIRI is actually SIRIusly annoying

Then on the way back tothe car we discovered every other tom dick and harry has this phone..mamat lepak pun big deal...hehehe

But , everytime I bring it home, I don't see it. It will get kidnapped. And the next thinng I know, there's 3 or 4 new downloads on it. or Apps. 

I should have just bought a new BB...senang...

Friday, September 07, 2012

Wedding in my neighbourhood!

My neighbour's son is getting married

Yesterday I saw a big lorry parked outside and with various men carting things in and setting this huge (huge for my house  biasa je for this neighbour's house) - tent. 

So I skipped over and said HI I AM HERE TO MENYEBOK there anything I can do??

And she said no she has handled everything....and we started chatting - how upset she was that the kadhi is having to rush off to another nikah right after her son and therefore this means her son's ceremony will have to be brought forward...sighhh i sympathise with her..when you are a person who fixes appointment and your words are as good as gold, you get frustrated when people do this to you or not honour their promise, and leave you to kelam kabut accommodate them- oh well! Cest la vie attitude must be there I guess when you are planning huge event ? Otherwise go mad? 

The daughter in law to be is so lucky-- she is a chinese revert so the nikah is at the boy's house and boy her momin law to be has sorted ehverythingout allready. And it's gonna be so grand. I made her laugh (natural instinct is for me to break into comedy) when I told her to make sure she smile and not grin when she is on the dais and certainly not wave to her friends and silently mouth "Thanks for coming!" or "wait later I talk to you!" while you are on the dais being fanned by the best man and the brides maid ! (yeah, that was me) .. 

Hmm nothing for me help apparently- bunga? dah. Bunga telor? dah. No longer macam dulu dulu I guess, potong bawang ramai ramai...But then....I takkan nak datang macam guest tak - macam tak sedap  but if I were to go and try to help macam bzbody pulak?

TAKPA!! I'm going to just redah saja later and show my face and say Hi is there anything I can do?? hehehehe 

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Hmm Merapu @3 am

Bestnyaaa I'm watching this drama with entirely non malay actors , speaking entirely in proper malay. No "lah" or "lor" or "meh" etc ...all proper words and proper nouns and --- I'M ASHAMED OF MYSELF WAAAAAAA- 

We are so used to rojak malay or speaking in english - tengok lah drama melayu sekarang..kalau ada korporat scene je, mesti ada orang cakap english. (and wear suits) - semua malay businessman pakai suit ke ah? 

Also, kalau ada macam urban scene where the family is slightly better off, MESTI ada speaking speaking...and campur lak tu..And sometimes SALAH! The other night I heard Mustapha Kamal rubbing his chin and saying "What comes around, goes around..." with a little smirk  and I went - BUKAN TERBALIK , KE?

So it's so nice and memalukan to watch this drama...semua pakai baju batik and kebaya  lak tu..of course lah kan, I must be about the only person watching this (me and all the security guards in KL) as they HAD to show this at 3. am ... cuba kalau tunjuk at prime time ke?? Sure orang ramai akan use the language more (Groaaannn see my own language..teruks nyeeeer)

(BTW The actors are cute & the gals are pretty lah in this drama) 
Update: contoh dialogue- kenapa kamu datang sini? Kamu telah menghancurkan hati saya! Jangan peduli kan saya lagi! 


Ok I am hungry. I am going to raid the fridge....wish the kitchen is inside and I can fry something (the sausages sound good) but unfortunately cooking would involve me unlocking the double doors etc etc and it IS 3 am....maybe i will not go down... maybe I will wake the hubby...teman i turun....

Hubbs is asleep on the MATTRESS on the FLOOR..sedeh sedeh..our BED is conquered by the 2 "kenits" (to borrow Kitchenguardian term for her 2 youngest) or rather "Perasan Kenits" in my case , since they are 10 and 12 years old allready!! -terbongkam dengan sedapnya on the bed..apa hal ni?? 

Apa nak buekkk..

Tata guys...

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Raya Hecticness

Over the weekend-I had a taste of what most people have been going through ,  ie , going to open houses! 

It's been a quiet Raya so far because the other half was working but on Sunday things got hectic again. Ok lah morning it was still family time-  we went to the Bakery for breakfast at 8 - finally got the kids to wake up and get ready before 11 am- usually they would lounge around in their jammies until its past 2 or I scream blue murder whichever comes first. But lately I told them bedtime is at 11 no arguments and that means lights out and computers OFF. And up and ready by 6.00. (now, really) - baru lah segar right..!

Anyway yeah back to the Bakery- we haven't been for a long time to this little breakfast cafe in Jln KolamAir AmpangJaya and boy has it changed! It's gone really proper cafe like with nice tables and chairs inside, new decor, new menu used to feel like your friendly neighbourhood kedai matsalleh jual roti . We arrived 5 minutes before the rest of the world. Of course the kids made a lot of noise lah kan...and even though sumer orang dah kenyang giler they still eyed the tiramisu lah, lemon meringue lah etc. And all the time people were walking in wanting our spots! he he !

Anyway then we went to the hospital. Konon2 to get my mom roses for her birthday but actually to see some patients ha ha - 2 very short visits to patients of course became 1 hour but finally we managed to leave , with my bouquet of 12 roses for my mom , (thanks Poetry of Flowers) . Mom was in the midst of entertaining orang . After a short visit we went to get me a new baju kurung (come on, you have seen all of my ltd collection) - Tetapi! Oh! Tersekat!! All of us had fun trying on clothes - its a small boutique that was having a sale, (next to Maybank Melawati) and kitorang borong..and I tried to justify to other half that his 4 girls and wife were buying for Aidil Adha as well...heheheh...only thing was Daya was still as fussy as ever , not wanting the kiddy designs that we showed her but rather went for the beaded dresses. Sophia pulak kept choosing batman type caftan yang SO OLD FOR HER but she liked them so much (daddy said NO) . 

Then we went to visit Auntie Rozila and Uncle Sofian (actually they are younger than us , but Nadine and Sara and Sophia went to Auntie Rozila's kindy dulu)- unfortunately they were not home but the open house was in full swing so we terjah je lar..ada kambing he he..i malu sikit nak makan (there was a queue) but the other half happiness as they had a fridge full of icecream potong (square icecream) - Me and the girls all put on our brand new clothes (macam advert tau masa jalan cause semua wearing from the same shop) 

And then off we went to my auntie hasnah's house all the way to Seremban. At this point the kids begged off, citing exams. Nadine has SPM, Sara was having her trials and Daya UPSR and teacher was allready at home by the time we reached home (she is having some majorly last minute teaching by Sophia's old teacher) =so we went just my husband and I. Mak datuk traffic .....! Anyway we reached jugak and it was very nice to see all (almost all) of my cousins there- i thought only Mak Ngah and Pak Ngah ada situ but the entire KL residing family members were there yay! I also met an uncle with his 3rd wife and actually he has a house betul betul in my neighbourhood so when we saw him we started going "Eh duduk dekat but jumpa kat sini pulak" or some such statement to say how funny it was that we met here in Seremban and not in our neighbourhood , when he pushed (pushed!) us both outside and whispered that THIS wife is not the one living in our neighbourhood and does not know where the other 2 wives are staying so can we NOT mention it? 

O-kaaayyyyy..... tu lah sapa surruh carik nahas hah??? 

Anyway then we rushed back to Auntie Nita's and Pak Teh's house-my dad's brother so it's considered a CAPITAL offence if I don't go, so we made it 10 minutes before Maghrib (thank you traffic on Highway- looked jam but somehow made it!) and then we went to Las Vacas for dinner for Mom's birthday..that was very nice too, all my brothers appeared with the entire family and I think mom and dad had a good time. Ate a lot of Wagyu beef (halal) and lambshoulder etc etc  and today i had a headache which I am sure had something to do with the amount of meat I had...anyway when it came to pay it was all "Thank you kaklongnnnnggg !!mwah mwah mwah !! " by my 3 brothers so kaklong ni pun terpadamlah hasrat nak mintak share the bill he he he (nasib baik lah laki aku understanding ! :) )  Itulah bahananya jadi kaklong ..heheheheh

PHEW!! I am recovering still! And apparently this is NOTHING, some i hear goes to 5 open houses etc etc ! 

Anyway..selamat hari raya and berhati hati di jalan raya (pesanan poyo) he he

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Morning ramblings

I have a gripe

I don't feel connected to our independence day..I didn't feel choked up and proud that we reached Independence 55 years ago..of course lah I am grateful, and I appreciate how far we have come..but it's on a cerebral plane, you know, Im not choked up the way, say, I was with the Bernas Hari Raya commercial..I don't FEEEL the love. I got to think a bit. The perasaan patriotic takda.

And you know what, I think most of us pun sama. I don't think we are sitting here thinking of how much blood was lost etc and how much sacrifice was made, to reach this place we are at. Okay we are not perfect- The non malays gripe that they are not treated as equals . the malays keep saying you were never supposed to be equals, equals would be boring..everyone gets something that offset whatever disadvantages one race feels it has- if the scholarship is now open to all race. then let the political leadership of Penang go to a Malay then. Equality must be for all and at all level. But at least, we have the luxury of complaining about this because we are a free country. We are independent and have independent problems. Even if (to me) the corruption is rife- this means that there's enough to go around (and more) to enable corruption in the first place right?  But we don't feel that, the appreciation . The patriotism...takda lak nak wave flags or what. Only lip service je. 

But let's not go there. Dah jadi political dah pulak. But on the other hand perhaps my gripe is political. The independence day was SOOO political that an apolitical person such as me, pun raasa turned off. I don't read Harakah like my dad or go to Umno events so I don't support any party (but if push come to shove I would say I am pro government- if only the jokers draining the country of funds would leave) but I did not like the way the independence was managed. 

There was no push for people to feel the love. Not all of us remember our history about how Malaysia was formed. Were there banners showing our fighters? Were there? Or I missed it? Did I also miss the adverts that show our struggles and how much we suffered under colonial masters? Did they show that? Any articles in mainstream papers about how demeaning it was to have to call other people Tuan and make sure they get a lot of your revenues back to the ol' blighty? Please tell me where. The shopping malls? Any events on merdeka? Ok we have raya. but raya was 10 days before independence day. So can lah do something. 

Anyway....maybe its not important..we need to remember that independence is a blessing....entah entah tak can easily be taken away , as everything can! 

Eh political pulak pagi ni ek..ok ok lah i have to blitz my house this morniing. SOOO Semak. 

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...