Am I stressed??

The other day my partner said - are you stressed?

you know, I came across some postingon FB that said that if you do something something Allah can curse you by making you feel you never have enough, you are always busy and you are always anxious. And I think that maybe that is the case here..I must have done something wrong cause I always feel that I have a LOT of work and I am actually having stomach ulcers I think! ha ha!

Hubs now asked me to fully stay home. Work from home and never go in the office. He has forgotten what he said I think becaue when I asked do you really want me to quit work he said I want you to do what You want to do. Work is not what I want to do, that's for sure! I think if you ask anyone not many would say they want to do what they are doing. And they are doing it for the wage. I keep telling my work partner that he should chuck in law and do ID which Im sure is his real passion right? But of course he says breadwinner etc for me, I asked the other half, if I don't work what do i do? he said, write, watch Korean movies, look after the kids ...why are their grades falling....

sigh...guilty ala mode. It was just a passing remark but I'm still (obviously) mulling over it. Brooding over it. To work from home?? I think thats the best option for now. half days. and make sure I actually work instead of lala-lalaing at Flora he he he. See the kids. Cook. 

And also,lets see if I can be abetter person so that I can chase this anxiety away...



You'd be a great writer...have ur own column in the papers..seriously.think about it..think abt the concept and pitch it to the papers ...ramai followers! Seriously! You write as witty as ida nerina. go have a read :)
I consider that SUCH a compliment thank you!!! She writes so well and I dont think withmy Manglish I can only dream to be as eloquent as her he he
Anonymous said…
I second that! you ARE indeed a very good writer, no doubt about it! Think about it and go see Yushaimi (orang kuat Malay Mail tu) hehe...

You think Khairina?? Wow that would be a welcomed thing actually! Nanti I tanya...
Anonymous said…
Hi SW,

You can do writing as part-time and slowly make it full-time when you are confident.

Definitely you cannot be your own judge and always think you are not good at it. I am sure you are good at it.

Dont worry. The journey to a thousand miles begins with the first step :)

You are a motivator..Sha..I will take your advice...just hope I dont procrastinate again
Anonymous said…
Shila, your blog is more interesting & funnier than that Mary Schneider of Star.

Awww I love you Jah- move aside minah salleh! hehehehe

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