Ada satu dilema

We are going somewhere. We have booked a house for 7. I had asked  my cousin who works there, what she thought of that neighbourhood. She didn't reply and I went and booked based on the internet. Siap bayar booking lagi...Tibatiba she replied and said she will not be around that time we are going, but we are welcome to stay at her place..she only has 2 bedrooms lah but ada gak living room-- is that ok? 

IS that OK? I would save so much moolah you know! Of course lah its ok kan?? I could rent a car with that savings..of course I will pay my cousin lah for this or buy a nice pressie ke

The dilema?

Suami ku taknak...husband is refusing point blank - jangan susahkan orang kata dia.  dont trouble her..but honeyyyy she's my COUSIN lahh bila lagi nak susahkan orang nih..plus we WILL pay her ...

no, he says, nanti kena bayar letrik tinggi..we use up a lot of water and energy...but HaHNEEE she said her office pays for it all...waaahhh

So anyway what do you guys think. To susahkan or not. And its a nice neighbourhood to boot..of course lah the house that we have booked is about 1 km away from the city so thats a plus too

in the end i told her, you ask your property manager if its ok to let your cousins stay for a few days..if yes, we will stay and if not, then I will keep the house we booked. Husband is still shaking his head no, though. Yeah I know what he means..I oso thought..are we going to hear  of this at every other family wedding ? which will SO not make this thing worth it. I dont want to feel indebted for the rest of my life (although in terms of favours I think weve done quite a few for them)  . I called my auntie yesterday and took great pains to tell her that it was OFFERED to us rather than us ASKING for it he he and I do have an alternative..and she was a bit appeased, I think, especially when i said , if the property manager said no, then no lah. I have a BETTER house than your daughter's flat actually. She was going to tell me about how strict the managers are there, and how fussy etc so if they come and inspect and find us there, boy are we in trouble! But i told her, everything has to be above board and everyone must be informed otherwise we will just stick with our house. So there. (but then guys, I would reallyyyyyy save if stay at her place!) 

Hissshh sedara , oh sedara...


Anonymous said…
Hi SW,

Maybe follow your hubby's decision? If you stay at the place you originally booked, you can do anything you want, ie, make the place messy and don't bother to clean up and no one will say anything. But if you stay at your cousin's place, maybe you need to make sure you clean up etc. Maybe she could have just said it out of courtesy. Best not to be indebted to anyone, for any reason. In case, next time they ask you a favour and you are not able to turn it down :)

Anonymous said…
Malays love to tumpang2 rumah saudara lah, sepupu sepapat. Your husband has a point there, no need to trouble ppl lah. When i stay abroad, i really hate it when friends came over to stay, cannot afford to pay hotel kah? If cannot afford, why bother spend money for vacation?
Hi Anonymous! - im afraid in this case its a global fondness which can be categorised as "saving money" he he ..when we were in the UK, I had this couple from Australia (chinese ) whom we put up, first for a weekend then for a MONTH! Now THAT's thickskinned! For my cousin, we would never even think about bunking with her (purely because we have so many of us!) except she offered and her flat will be empty at that time.But somehow I think having 7 ppl in a flat for 2 will not be allowed by her manager - even with the large living room! - so this is going to be moot! And you said kalau cannot afford to pay hotel why holiday- were you listening to my hubs?? he said the same thing! What is Rm4000 he said (which is the saving we would make!) Aiyoo the 2 of you..banyak tauuuuuu , can sewa car, can buy my cousin nice pressie, can even pay my cousin boarding sikit...what you think> betul tak? :)

DocYana said…
I will agree with Ally because kalau rumah tu bersepah and apa la, at least you tak payah clean up....and what if terpecah something or tercalar whatever expensive surface ke apa ke? but then, if you will only be needing a place to mandi kejap and just tidur malam, i can see how the savings can be tempting.........

Ehhh, now i pun tak tahu....hehhe.
ectopy said…
i suke je kalau org datang tido rumah i...the more, the merrier! tapi kalau orang yang tak close to me tiba-tiba nak tumpang tu, macam weird sikit lah...still, i wouldnt mind. love the company!
Anonymous said…
I never stay with family if I can when I travel. One is you need to be careful your kids don't break anything, and really, like one commentor mentioned, if you can go for a holiday, you should be able to pay for the accomodation. The feeling of being obliged to the person later, even if it was offered. And you know our culture, we always feel we NEED to offer even when we probably don't really want to.

fulltime mom
MrsNordin said…
Babe, if it really bother you, just stick to the house you booked.

Firstly, you're not paying for it. Husband is. So, don't worry about saving. He can afford it.

Secondly, a bigger place would be more comfortable for all. Yes, you can use the money for other things.. but if it meant you have to worry about the landlord, the electricity consumption, tidying up, the cousin's mom (ie your aunty) and people talking at every wedding (as you said it), forget it.

Isn't that enough pointers already to help you decide? Hee.. Hee.. Now, don't go against what your readers have said here and say YES pulak to your cousin!!
You guys are so great he he he

doc yana..empat ghibu ghingget woiiii ...tempting tempting...

ectopy- i suka gak..if orang stay dengan i tu berhemah..ada yang sangkut suardalam dalam toilet pun ada ...tension, tension... tapi ada gak yang beli groceries walaupun tak dimintak hehehe

bj- yeah...eh i kan operate polisi his money is my money heheheheh....tapi tulah karang kena minyak kat dinding.stress pulak...however doc yana is right....will i be at home much?? maybe not...

TENGOK LER!! heheheh it may all be moot - tengok tengok property manager dia kata NO..kan dah..

FTM!! you still come here! yay!

Yeah...munngkin menanam tebu di pingggir bibir..phwahh my bm . maybe the mouth is sweet lerr (jab tanya apa english version dia ye)

Hmm berhati hati with relatives..kalau ambik gak..kena TEBALKAN muka..i think i will see how much are we goin to actually be in..if just at night..then i will take up the offer....I tak malu! (hahahahahah)

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