Saturday, September 15, 2012

Education plan for the 5

Dear hubs: I'm putting down my thoughts regarding our kids's education ok:

A. Nadine:

SPM in December - after that--- A levels...or Foundation course....A levels either locally or - locally lah who am I kidding, Uppingham sent me a fee quotation and it was scary. Perhaps taylors. but then she is going to the National service so she can't do anything until after result I suppose

After that: Play by ear. Local or abroad depends on her...and you. Sure you don't want to go private full time,dear? ALL up to you....while those hands are steady..sure you don't want to maximise earning potential? hmmmmmm?? no? hehehehehehhe! 

B. Sara

Junior Level Assessment this October- this is an internal exam set by the school. So far..she is studying..she's doing ok - she can do better and as you and I discussed (ok I talked and you snored) we will help her by getting her books and tutors. After that, in 2 years, IGCSE (I never know why she can't sit for this next year ke, why must wait for 2 years) Sara needs attention..she cannot focus..come to think of it, neither can I since I am supposed to be drafting documents and decided to write in the blog instead. But hey! I was also researching the tutors etc! 

C. Sophia

Same education pattern as Sara.. I know, I know, what was wrong with them taking SPM and PMR right....what's good for you should be good for them kan..but I think SPM is too hard for them! And IGSCE would be better for their development holistically...(oh who am I kidding, the easier than SPM bit got me) 

D. Dahlia 

UPSR dah habis and she thinks she can get 5 As...thanks to Teacher Nafisah's daily tution in the last 2 weeks before the exams..I am now pondering rather seriously to put her in a local government run school now..what do you think - sekolah elok Khadijah's school ke..after the 2 above her going private..i think maybe we can do with a breather and govt assistance ha ha ha

E. Johan

He sits for the UPSR next year. I totally don't know about him..ashik main je...suruh buka buku taknak..ustaz pun macam tak bagus I will help him this year and then I think he will do better in a gomen school..yang urban area so that kalau dia speaking spocking he would not be ridiculed so much. I bet his Malay will improve so much with gomen school. Even Somalians here in Adni speak local BM. And I'm sure he would love the extra curricular activity ...nanti boleh lah join football and tennis..MCKK?? please. 

Ok so thats it ye? boleh ah...

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